Zulban risked a glance behind him as he fled. All it did was allow him to see the spell a moment before it hit, trapping him. Though he knew it was pointless he struggled against the magical bonds as his pursuer reached him. As she approached he could see the amulet hanging around her neck as she extended a hand toward him. Zulban writhed in pain as tendrils of light hit him.

A flash of green light burst from the center of the tendrils as the spell completed its work. The spot where Zulban had been was empty…

Zulban was still writhing when he appeared in the middle of the great courtyard. After shaking off the effects of the banishment he collapsed onto one of the benches sitting nearby.

The headquarters of the Haunter Committee rose above him while Haunters of all types floated, crawled and walked between the many buildings that surrounded the courtyard. Stopping one of the Messengers Zulban sent a message to the Committee outlining his findings.

Alrik zipped quickly along the halls within the Committee building as he carried Zulban's message. Pausing outside Balam's office he knocked before heading through the door.

The head of the Haunter Committee turned from the window. "What is it Alrik?" he asked as he crossed to his desk and sat down. "A message from Zulban, he said it was urgent." Alrik replied as he handed the message over.

As he read Zulban's words Balam looked up at Alrik, his face betraying his concern. "Assemble the Committee. We have a situation that must be rectified immediately." Balam ordered. With a nod Alrik took off through the door to carry out his orders.


As Balam entered the Committee's meeting hall he was pleased to see that the rest of the members were already in their seats. As Balam took his seat at the head of the table the other members quieted.

"Thank you for coming everyone. We have a serious problem that must be addressed. My knowledge of the events is brief so Zulban of the Bureau of Astral Affairs will give us the details." As he finished Balam signaled Alrik who admitted Zulban to the room.

"As you know I was sent to the Mortal Realm to scout the town of Gravenville and see if it would warrant haunting. It is more then ready but many of the inhabitants have little belief or fear of the supernatural. Due to being banished by a Witch I was unable to acquire more information." As the Committee thought over what he said Zulban stepped back to show he had nothing more to say.

"I do not see what there is to discuss." Drycha said. "If the town is ready for haunting then all that needs doing is to assign a Ghost Master." "Who would you suggest?" Balam interrupted. "All of our Ghost Masters are already assigned to other towns and cities."

"I may have an idea." Everyone turned to look at the ghost who had spoken. Rakarth was well-respected in the Spirit World since he taught the art of haunting to potential Masters. "One of my students has shown great promise since entering my classes. Though she has yet to start field training she has proven herself an exceptional strategist. I believe she could be right for this assignment."

"I'm not fond of the idea but if we wait we may lose our chance." Balam said as the rest of the Committee nodded agreement. "We'll try it. If she runs into trouble then we'll have to rethink this situation."

With the decision made Balam turned his attention back to Rakarth. "Tell your student…" pausing he looked to Rakarth for a name. "She goes by Monzel." Rakarth answered. "Tell Monzel the news then send her here to meet her team." Rising from his seat Rakarth left as Balam and the other members continued to talk.

Monzel glanced up from her book as Rakarth entered the library. "Balam would like you to report to the Committee Chambers at once." He said as he stopped next to her. "The Committee has decided to make you a Ghost Master in order to address a problem that has arisen." Monzel was already heading out the door as Rakarth hurried to catch up.

As Rakarth and Monzel arrived Balam waved them over to where the Committee was gathered. "Welcome Monzel, your team has been assembled. Due to the number of Masters currently in the field we could only find a couple of experienced Haunters. The rest are new arrivals. Follow us and we'll get everyone introduced." Balam and Drycha led them into a side room where several ghosts were waiting.