She found Firetail still curled on the remains of the Ether Bomb, regaining his strength. As she turned her gaze to the room she sighed sadly, the place was a complete loss, no longer fit to use.

"This place took a bit of a beating." Christie said as she out the former window.

"Fire is the hardest element to control but we needed it's fury to make sure the bomb could never be used again."

Further conversation was halted by the arrival of Rakarth through a portal. He gazed around briefly before fixing his gaze on Monzel. "You're wanted at the Committee Chambers." He said.

As she emerged into the chambers with Christie behind her, Monzel saw that the entire Haunter Committee was seated at the table.

"Ah, Monzel!" Balam cried, pleasure filling his voice as he waved her towards the table. "Quite an impressive achievement for such a young Ghost Master, defeating the Ghostbreakers like that."

"We've had word from Zulban that the witches have vacated the town as well." Drycha cut in. "Though it seems they left when word of the bomb reached them. Probably didn't know what it might do to their powers and didn't want to find out."

"So they'll probably be back." Monzel murmured, more to herself then the Committee. "We'll be ready for them. We just need a few days to recover our energy." She said, glancing at Balam.

"Granted, of course." He answered immediately. "Zulban can return to scouting the city in the meantime."

"There is one more thing Balam." Monzel said before he could continue. "The only reason we had any warning and were able to stop the Ghostbreaker's plans was because I'd left Christie to watch the Ghoul Room." She began as the Committee gazed at her.

"She has already proven capable of quick thinking under pressure and shown herself to be a priceless member of the team. So, with the Committee's permission, I'd like to reward her by making her my second in command. As well as having Rakarth teach her everything he knows of tactics and strategy and other useful things."

"A young Ghost Master with a powerful spirit at her side. A good plan I think." Balam decided after a moment's thought.

"The Committee must decide though." He said, turning to face the table. "All in favor of Ghost Master Monzel's proposal?" Many hands went up, including Rakarth's and Drycha's.

"All opposed?" Half a dozen hands rose. "That's settled then. Congratulations Christie."

The Thunder Spirit was stunned by the turn the meeting had taken and could do nothing but smile as her mind worked to process everything…

As the portal opened and she stepped through, Christie stopped suddenly in amazement and Monzel smacked into her.

Regaining her balance Monzel's face took on an amazed look as well. The room, which had formerly been charred and burnt, had been restored to its former glory. Large, dusty books sat on the shelves while moonlight shone through the colored glass of the window once more, reflecting off the table which was empty aside from the Ouija board, candles and a sleeping Firetail.

Rakarth laughed at the expressions on their faces. "There was no way you could operate out of what was left of this place so I called in a favor, had one of the Temporal Clerks restore the place."

"I definitely prefer it this way." Monzel said as she settled into one of the chairs. Cuare flapped down from a shelf and perched on the back of the chair as Christie moved over to the window to gaze out at the moonlit city…

From a vantage point outside the University's gates a mortal had watched the battle and seen its results. Turning her back on the building the mysterious woman headed back to her car. Closing the door behind her she gestured to the driver and the car zoomed off towards the busier streets of Gravenville…