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Author's Note: Kind of a sequel to Alpha's. This will be only two chapters.


Tony knew that it had been a bad experience that McGee had been in by shooting the cop. He knew that he needed cheering up and he had been there the night that he had shot him. He had told him what happened to him after he shot his first person. It really was terrible the first time he had shot someone and it almost killed him. That night and the next couple of days he had nightmares about what happened. He knew just the thing to make sure that McGee would have a good and restful sleep. He could go inside his dreams and not be visible to him, so that he would know exactly when he would have his nightmare.

After Tony had eaten the pizza that he had picked up on the way home. He put the leftover pizza away and put the box into the garbage. After that he settled down on the couch he had started the movie that he had put into the DVD player. After it was done he got ready for bed and settled down to sleep. He got into McGee's head and waited for him to dream.

The dream started and it started out as a nightmare and that's when he changed it. The dream started out as a big place with a couple of TV's and different game consoles hooked up to them. There was also a computer and different electronic gadgets that McGee would love. He watched as McGee looked around in wonder. Tony grinned at McGee's delight. He saw McGee go towards the gadgets and pick up each one of them and then turn to the different TV's. Next to the TV's had thousands of games in a bookshelf for the console that was in front of the TV. Before each TV there was a couch to sit down. He watched as McGee look through each bookshelf and then finally pick one and start playing. After the game he went to the next one and played another one. He also played with the different gadgets and with the computer. The next day he saw that McGee was smiling as he came in and he looked like he slept well. Tony grinned at McGee's happy face and he was glad that he could do this for him. McGee was like a little brother to him and he hated for his little brother to be unhappy.