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Tony watched from his seat as Abby tenderly hugged Ziva after they had rescued her from Somalia. He would do the same for Ziva what he did for McGee. She looked bad on the plane and knew that she would have nightmares after what she had been through.

He had been watching as Abby and Ziva interacted and how the others welcomed Ziva back. Ducky even hugged her and then stood beside her. Gibbs had told her to go down to Ducky to let him check her out. He watched as Ducky steered Ziva back to the elevator to go to Autopsy. He wondered if Ziva would be okay after her captivity from Salem. When they went to seek revenge they never thought that they would see Ziva alive. They thought she had died on that ship.

Ziva made her way towards Autopsy and let Ducky check her out. She then went to the showers and changed her clothes and then after that she went back to her desk. She sat there for a while and then Gibbs told her that she could leave. He watched as Ziva got up and make her way towards the elevator again.

He had brought home Chinese food instead of pizza this time. He had sat down and watched a movie that he had put into the player and ate while he watched the movie. When he was done he paused the movie and took his things into the kitchen. He threw away the containers and the silverware. He then went back to the couch and pressed play on the remote. When it was done he got ready for bed. He went into Ziva's mind ready to change it when she had a nightmare.

Once more the dream started and of course it was a nightmare. He changed the dream to include a cabin right by the lake. The team was there as a family. They ran around playing tag and then suddenly they all were sitting on the pier all with fishing poles in their hands. They all sat there fishing and all of them caught a fish. At night they made a fire and even had smores and they sat around watching ghost stories.

The next day Tony was sitting at his desk when Ziva came in that day. She was seeing the NCIS shrink, but she looked well rested. He was glad that he could do that for her.