Title: Halfway to Anywhere

Rating: PG

Pairing: Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, Heather Morris/OC

Disclaimer: The people are real. The story is purely fiction.

Author's Note: This fic is inspired by the song "Anywhere" by Evanescence.

Chapter 1

Heather is nervous. She doesn't know why, she just is. Her stomach feels like it's in knots. She paces from the kitchen to the den to the living room and back.

She sent Naya a text message to come meet her at her house. It should have only taken her 20 minutes to arrive. An hour had passed and still no sign which helped Heather a bit. It bought her some time to gather her thoughts.

She was wracking her brain, practicing words aloud trying to figure out how to lay everything out in the best possible way. "Naya, there's something I have to tell you...", "I have to tell you something...No, There's something I want you to know."

She was scared now. Why scared? She shouldn't be scared. This is Naya, her best friend. She can tell her anything. 'Not this, though.' Heather was getting cold feet. She didn't want to open up and tell Naya anything anymore. 'Will it push her away? I don't want that. I can't lose her. What time is it? Shit. She should be here. I'm gonna call her and tell her not to come. No, I have to tell her. No, I don't. I want to tell her so bad, I just don't know how she'll take it. Will she freak? Why am I stressing?'

She wipes her palms on her jeans, perspiration emerging. Heather knows that this will affect her friendship with Naya, maybe even her work relationship. Good or bad, she's not sure.

She can't hold this in any longer. Days of pretending nothing is going on...she just can't do it anymore.

Heather hears a car door shut. She peeks out the window to see if it's Naya. 'Oh my God, she's here. Breathe. Just Breathe.' The doorbell rings. 'Okay, it's now or never.'

Naya has her own key. Heather knows this so she's in no hurry to answer the door. She stands in the middle of the living room, waiting to hear the deadbolt click. The nob turns in tune with Heather's stomach. The wooden door opens. "Oh God."

"Yoohoo, Hemo!" The brunette pokes her head in to look around before fully entering. She sees Heather and opens the door wider to allow herself in. She shuts the door behind her and starts walking towards her, cell phone in one hand, house key in the other.

"There you are. Why didn't you answer the-" Naya's words were lost on Heather. She could see her lips moving and hands making motions, but nothing was registering. All Heather could think about were the right words.

Naya walked closer and hugged the taller blonder, with a quick kiss on the cheek before she sat down on the leather couch, placing her key in her purse, mouth still moving. 'This is it.'

"...and the idiot cut me off on 43rd. I was about ready to kick him square in the-"

"I'm getting married." Heather blurted out in a rush. Naya immediately stopped talking the second she heard the blonde speak. She searched Heather's face for any signs of jest. All she found was a worried/sincere expression.

"What?", Naya squeaked out, hoping she heard wrong.

"Taylor asked me to marry him...and I said yes." Heather wasn't smiling. This is great news. She should be happy she's revealing this to her most cherished friend. Then why was she was feeling something other than joy? Was it guilt? Was she ashamed? Why were these things roaming around in her head? They shouldn't be there.

Nay just sat there, clutching her cell phone. Her face was blank. Heather couldn't get a read on her. Naya just stared into blue eyes, mouth slightly agape. Then with a sharp intake of breath, Naya's eyes widened and she finally cracked a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Congratulations, Hemo." Naya rose to her feet and opened her arms to envelope Heather in a tight hug. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks." Heather replied, slightly confused.

Naya pulled away. "Well... let's see it."

Heather hesitantly lifted her left hand to reveal her engagement ring.

"That's beautiful." Naya said as she delicately took her hand into hers.

"Yeah.", was all Heather could reply.

Naya quickly released her hold on the dancer's hand, letting it drop. "Ooh sorry, my cell's on vibrate. Hang on." She swiped to unlock her and put it to her ear.

"Hello? Yeah. No. Here at Heather's. Okay. Yeah. Sure, I'll come with. Yeah. Okay. Bye." She locked it then turned to the awaiting blonde.

"That was Telly, he wants to go..." she hugs Heather then backs away. "...to this thing in um, I forgot, but, yeah, he's waiting, so I'll talk to you later and we'll celebrate. Cool? 'Kay, bye."

She is halfway out the door. As the door is closing, Heather hears Naya's cell phone ring. 'She said it was on vibrate.' Heather thought to herself, clearly baffled by Naya's abrupt departure. Then she realized... 'She lied.'


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