Well I guess I'm back in one of those "let's see how many fics I can write without going insane?" moods. But it's always fun to nerd it up and post new fanfics in your college classes, amiright? This will mostly be a Danny/Jazz bonding fic, no incest, bleh. Enjoy! :)

"Jack, you really shouldn't install the anti-ecto microchips until we've completed the analysis on the belt's defense mechanisms!"

Jack Fenton beamed at his wife. "Aw, Maddie, I know you like doing things the 'right' way, but you gotta trust me on this one!"

With that, he popped the tiny microchip inside the buckle area and shouted his battlecry as he held it up to the luminous white lights in the lab. Nothing happened. Not even a fizzle.

With a sigh of disappointment, Jack tossed the belt off to the side, where it landed harmlessly on a nearby table. However, just after it landed, there was a tremendous explosion sound. Jack ran for cover in the Anti-Ecto Pod, but the lab was oddly calm.

"Danny!" they heard their daughter's panicked voice coming from a few floors above.

"Jack, the kids! What if there's a ghost in the house?"

"I'm on it Maddie!"

The couple grabbed a few lightweight yet deadly weapons and charged up the stairs, ready to save their kids from whatever evil ghost threat was attacking them this time. As they reached the first floor of the house, they could hear a boy's muffled yells and grunts of pain intertwined with ghostly laughter. And another explosion.

Maddie, being the faster of the two, made it to the top of the stairs first. Jack nearly ran into her, however, as she completely stopped when she reached the top. Elbowing her obnoxiously panting husband in the ribs, Maddie turned to him and flattened herself against the wall and readied her weapons for attack.

"Jack, it's the ghost boy! In our house!"

Jack's expression turned from that of exhaustion to rage. "And he's attacking our kids!"

Maddie shushed him and peered around the wall once more. Their kids were nowhere in sight, but the ghost boy was there, facing off against some giant ghost with metal armor and fiery green hair. How on earth either of those two had managed to escape the Ghost Zone was anyone's guess. But Maddie was positive she had heard Jazz scream Danny's name. The only problem was finding her son without getting overpowered by these two ghosts. She hoped he wasn't injured; Danny had enough injuries of unknown causes as it were.

Just as Maddie targeted two of her ecto-weapons at the ghost boy's head, Jazz's door opened. Maddie would have screamed for her daughter to run for safety if it hadn't been for the completely calm expression on the girl's face. Not only that, but she had a Fenton Thermos in her hands. Who had given her one of those? Maddie kept her weapons ready to fire at the ghost boy, but now that Jazz was just behind the line of fire, Maddie couldn't risk missing her target and shooting her child instead!

"Say goodbye Ghost X!" Jazz said excitedly, sucking the enraged ghost into the thermos with ease.

Maddie could feel her jaw dropping. Not only did Jazz know how to work a Fenton Thermos better than Jack or herself, but she had chosen to capture the "Ghost X" specter and instead of catching the other ghost in the proximity, she was now putting the lid back on the thermos! Shooting a glance at Jack, Maddie could see that he was feeling as dumbfounded as she was. Neither of them dared to move. Jazz didn't look as though she was in any danger; if anything, she was much too comfortable with her current circumstances for Maddie to believe this was the first time her daughter had ever aided in ghost combat.

Then, like most things that happened in Amity Park, the situation went from bad to worse.

"For the millionth time Jazz, it's Skulker. Remember when they used to call me Inviso-Bill? Hated that, and I'm sure Skulker would grant your pelt a better location in his lair if you start calling him by his name. Other than that and the completely unwitty banter this time, I'd say good work, you're definitely improving."

Jazz's smile widened at this and- much to both of her parents' horror- she took a step forward and hugged Danny Phantom!

Neither Maddie nor Jack could see the expression on the boy's face, but Jazz's told them everything they needed to know. When the ghost boy and their daughter released, the boy's body swayed a little to the side and he held the side of his back tenderly. Jazz's content expression transformed into one of concern.

"What's wrong?"

The ghost boy shook his head, clearly in pain. "Just a little sore. Skulker improved his aim, that's for sure. I'll be fine."

Maddie, Jack, and Jazz collectively gasped as the boy pulled his hand away from his side. His glowing white glove was coated with green ectoplasm.

"You don't look fine, come here," Jazz grabbed the ghost boy's wrist and pulled him into her room to get her first aid kit.

"NO!" Jack and Maddie yelled as they ran for the door. Their daughter may be a kind and caring individual, but when it came to dangerous ghosts like Danny Phantom, she could be walking into a death trap.

The couple ran for the door, with their weapons ready to go. They reached Jazz's room just as the door was about to click shut and Maddie kicked it open.

The ghost boy and Jazz hadn't gone very far into the room, and were completely knocked over by the force of the door slamming into them. Danny Phantom landed on top of Jazz's stomach with a startled yelp, and Jazz shrieked as his elbow accidentally hit her in the face on their way down. When the chaos had subsided, both of the teenagers looked up at the Fenton couple with wide eyes. Jazz looked horrified and the ghost boy had been so caught off guard that even his mouth was hanging open.

Jack and Maddie expertly trained their weapons right on his face, with their fingers waiting eagerly on the triggers.

The silence was painful to bear.

Danny laughed nervously. "Uhhh, this isn't what it looks like?"

Let me know what you think! I've never written much about Jazz before, even though I really like her character and adore sibling bonding! Reviews of any kind are greatly welcomed and appreciated! :)