Chapter 1

As I walked down the street I read my book. There is no other book in the world that would ever be as good as this one in my hand. As I read the pages, songs that would go along with the scene play in my head. I always wondered what it would be like to be a character in the stories of otherworld. My friends would be so jealous of me it that happened. And they know that it would be my wildest dream, hopefully one day it becomes my wildest dream come true! But I shouldn't even bother. All I have of that world is the books and my dreams. Well and my fan fiction stories. My user name online was Otherworldluva101, but my real name is Lucy, my friends call me Mew, just because I love cats. I would figure they would give me a nickname that proves I'm in love with the main character of the otherworld books, Jason Andrews.

I continued walking towards my house while I read the second book of "Otherworld". I couldn't take my eyes off the book for one moment that when I got home my sister, Katelyn, said hi and I didn't even reply! I was too busy reading the book, then I headed straight for my room to continue reading about the wonderful world of Jason! I spent the rest of the day-except when my mom forced me to do homework, and then eat dinner- I read my book.

In the middle of the night I woke to a noise in the street outside of my window. Had I forgot to close the window or was the sound just that loud? I went over to the window and looked outside. I could make out a dark figure running down the street, being followed by someoneā€¦or somethingā€¦