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Sleepless Nights

Chapter 15

A Visitor from the West

"What the hell do you mean "Kazekage-sama is coming over?" " Sasuke set his jaw and made a conscious effort to stay calm so as to not upset Naruto who had been actually excited by the arrival of his mentor.

"Exactly what it sounds like, brat, Kazekage-sama is making a visit to the leaf to discuss the terms of the treaty with Godaime and since you have so much space here he's staying with you." Jiraya shrugged and took a seat without being invited into the house. "Tsunade's orders."

"No. I don't care what Tsunade said he can't stay here."

Naruto, who was seated just on the other side of Sasuke, pried the raven's fingers out of the couch cushion lest he rip them apart.

"I would have agreed had she asked me before just forcing a guest on us. She should not have given our home like this." Naruto frowned at his mentor who refused to look him in the eye. The old man knew he'd done something wrong. Usually Naruto was more than happy to accommodate guests, especially Gaara, but since Sasuke was back in the picture there were a few issues to work out. Sasuke still didn't have much of a tolerance for people other than Naruto and the both of them remembered what animosity had bloomed the last time Sasuke and Gaara got together.

He turned to Sasuke, putting a hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

"I'll talk to her –"

"Good," Sasuke interrupted, "I'll not have that monster living in my house. There's no telling what he'll do."

Recently Naruto had sold his own apartment and moved all his things into Sasuke's home. As the number of people who knew that the two were together grew Naruto became more and more lax about keeping their relationship a secret from others. Therefore they could do a few more things that were classified as "couple activities" even though Tsunade had made it clear that the majority of the population was not to know the truth.

"That… monster?"

Sasuke's head snapped to the side as he realized his mistake. Naruto's head hung a bit and looked as though we were going to cry. Calling Gaara a monster was as good as saying the same thing to Naruto.

Apologize. Now.

The raven needed no more prodding from Kyuubi to know that he'd done something horribly wrong. He all but pounced on Naruto and pulled him into a hug.

Neither of them noticed Jiraya disappear in a cloud of smoke vowing to return later with their guest.

"I'm so sorry Naruto! I didn't mean it, you know I was just talking… right?" he gathered Naruto's face in his hands and kissed him, "Right?"

Naruto pulled away and used his sleeve to wipe the tears from his eyes and sat back on the couch, pouting.

"So… can he stay?"

Sasuke snorted to conceal laughter as he watched the adorable blonde across the couch. Naruto was still dabbing at his eyes while sitting cross legged and his bottom lip sticking out.

"Yea, he can stay. On one condition though."

Naruto glanced up from under his eyelashes cutely and sniffled. "What's that?"

Sasuke shoved the blonde down on his back on the overly fluffy couch and straddled his waist. The raven twirled his hips seductively grinding his ass on Naruto's growing erection.

"Have sex with me. Right now."

A groan from Naruto was the only form of permission he needed.

Sasuke's lips crashed into Naruto's and their teeth clinked together as one tried violently to gain control over the other.

Sasuke growled and bit Naruto's lip. "It's my turn, dobe."

Naruto complied and laid back allowing Sasuke to strip him of his shirt and giving him full access to Naruto's body.

The blonde sucked in a sharp breath of air as Sasuke tortured his taught nipples and Naruto's hands delved themselves into Sasuke's midnight black hair, tugging him up into a bruising kiss.

Naruto pulled away and flipped their positions. The blonde hastily unzipped his pants and tossed them to the floor before ridding Sasuke of his clothing as well.

The raven frowned, the only reason Naruto was going so quickly was because he didn't want Gaara to walk in on them. Well that's just fine, thought Sasuke, but I hope he doesn't expect a quick fuck to be gentle.

The raven kicked his leg up intent on becoming top but Naruto had other plans. Starting at the base of Sasuke's neck he licked a path down his chest and abdomen, making sure to touch every plane of his pale skin and suck certain spots on the Uchiha that made him shiver and moan in pleasure.

The blonde gave Sasuke a foxy smirk before sinking between the raven's pale legs and giving his sex promising hips a quick squeeze before suddenly taking Sasuke into his mouth.

Sasuke had thought to ask Naruto exactly what he was doing but the exclamation ran into a groan of "Ohh… shit." As Naruto's head began to hurriedly bob up and down in his lap.

With both hands Sasuke held the blonde's head in place as he arched his back and squirmed at the sensation of Naruto's hot mouth around his throbbing member. The blonde swirled his tongue around the head quickly before swallowing all of the pre-cum that had gathered there.

The raven's moans directed towards the ceiling as he tossed his head back against the cushions. Suddenly all the heat pooled in his crotch became too much.

"Na-Naruto, if you, ahhhnn! Don't st-op I'm hnn! I'm gonna come!"

Naruto smirked around Sasuke's length, suddenly taking all of him into his mouth at once and purring huskily for Sasuke in the back of his throat.

The raven's toes curled and he arched even further off the couch as he came spurting hot streams of semen down Naruto's throat.

Naruto pulled away, cleaning up any of Sasuke's come he may have missed. The blonde looked up at Sasuke and licked his lips. His sexy raven stared back at him, eyes half lidded and breathing hard with a thin sheen of sweat covering his body.

Naruto crawled up to meet Sasuke face to face; sure to rub various parts of his body against Sasuke's eliciting more of those sweet moans from the raven's throat.

"Are you ready?" Sasuke shivered beneath him at the mischievously sexy tint to Naruto's voice.

"I thought I said it was my turn." Sasuke breathed. Naruto chuckled and reached behind him, grabbing the base of Sasuke's dick and squeezing. The raven jolted and moaned as he had not been expecting that at all.

With a quick lick to Sasuke's lips Naruto lifted his hips and angled the glistening tip towards his entrance.

"You're still so hard and after all that coming you did, how do you expect me to not do something with this?" with one final squeeze administered to Sasuke's length Naruto began to lower himself forcing the thick head into his unprepared ass. "Be gentle with me, Sasuke-koi."

Naruto stopped only when Sasuke grabbed his hips in an attempt to keep him from going down any further. The raven bit back a strangled moan before he could speak.

"You don't have to do this Naruto, I was just joking. We can do it after Gaara leaves –"

"This has nothing to do with him, now shut up and fuck me!" Naruto slammed his ass down, completely impaling himself on Sasuke's cock now rigid inside him. Sasuke nearly screamed in ecstasy as Naruto's anus seemed to be trying to suck his dick in and swallow it whole.

The blonde wasted no time trying to get comfortable with having something so big buried inside him. Despite the initial pain of his first penetration Naruto rocked his hips quickly causing Sasuke's cock to slide in and out of his ass at a delicious pace.

In response to Naruto's expert riding Sasuke bent his knees giving the blonde something to lean back on as well as shoving Sasuke's cock a bit further into the blonde.

Sasuke was in heaven. With every movement Naruto made he could feel every inch of the blonde's slick insides convulsing around him and relentlessly sucking and rubbing his dick. Above him Naruto shuddered and moaned as Sasuke's penis brushed against his prostate.

"Ohhh, Sasuke! Right there, do-don't stop – ahh!"

The raven reached out and laid Naruto on top of him wrapping his arms around the blonde and thrusting wildly into his partner, intent on making Naruto's first time as uke something he would remember throughout his whole life.

Naruto moaned and writhed on top of Sasuke, occasionally capturing the other's lips for a kiss only to be forced to pull away as another moan tore through his throat.

"I love you so much Naruto!" Sasuke's voice crescendoed as Naruto's muscles clenched around him and the blonde came violently on their chests and stomachs. A moment later the spazmatic fluttering of Naruto's anus caused Sasuke to come as well, his white hot essence filling Naruto to the brim and after a few weaker thrusts to ride out the orgasm both boys were spent.

Naruto gingerly lifted himself off of Sasuke and collapsed at his side, snuggling into the raven and nuzzling the crook of his neck.

"That was… amazing." Sasuke whispered. Naruto giggled and placed a kiss on the raven's cheek before closing his eyes.

"I love you Sasuke."

"I love you too."

Just as the two were succumbing to sleep the doorbell chimed across the room.

Sasuke shot up immediately. "Gaara's here!" the raven had expected Naruto to be more excited than he but the blonde pulled Sasuke right back down next to him.

"It won't kill him to wait until we're done sleeping."

Sasuke grinned at the sleepy fox and wrapped his arms around him.

"No I suppose it won't."


"You left me outside. In the rain. For three hours." A soaking wet and very much pissed off Gaara sat fuming on the couch on which only those three hours ago Sasuke and Naruto had just had sex. Sasuke snickered at the fact that Naruto had said nothing about it to the Kazekage.

Naruto, who was fully dressed once again bowed slightly to the Kazekage and shrugged.

"My apologies, I don't usually leave guests out in the cold I suppose I didn't hear the bell. And how was I supposed to know it was raining? I was sleeping you know."

Gaara nodded towards Sasuke. "What about that one, could he have not opened the door for me?"

Naruto grinned and slipped his hand beneath Sasuke's. "Nope! He was sleeping with me."

The lovers giggled to themselves at the falsity of Gaara's charade, both could easily see that behind that languidly calm mask the Kazekage was smoldering.

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