They stood in the very field that she had hoped to pick wildflowers from, the ground was a beautiful array of purple and green. All of the Labyrinth's inhabitants stood silently mourning the loss of their beloved king. The friends that had come together to fight in their time of need, came together to show their respect for him. Under a beautiful oak tree they laid their fallen king to rest, where had been erected a beautiful stone effigy in his honor.

The Monitaurs, Pixies and Kreans made such an odd group of friends, but that he had made them. They would keep in contact with one another, help each other in their own times of need, and just be there in others. Jareth had done more than just fight his own fight, he had created a new life for them. They showed their gratitude by helping her, she having taken up the position he had always intended for her, queen.

Kynias stuck around long enough to help her to learn to use her powers, teach her to care for the goblins, to make sure she could care for the Labyrinth properly, and keep them protected from the Fae Council. They were always there for her, but in the end, when she took his throne, she was alone.

The End

Don't kill me! I'm sorry. Let me know how you liked it, didn't like it, or whatever. There is already a sequel I will begin posting soon. Don't worry this isn't the end of Jareth, like that would ever happen.