The whir of the helicopter rotors made a constant thrum, deafening its occupants, but that didn't stop the news anchor from doing his job. He still yelled out commentary through the noise, and buffeting winds, hundreds of feet above his story. Heroes gathered on the ground.

"Welcome to Hero TV! Today we bring you breaking news unlike anything we have ever seen before," the news anchor yelled into his mike, the camera beside him zooming in onto the scene playing out below. "Out of nowhere, a giant wall appeared on the outskirts of the city, and around eighty to one hundred people appeared out of thin air! The hero's don't even know what to do!"

Below, said hero's where standing around confusedly, wondering why they had been called if there had been no crime committed. They upheld justice, not mysteries.

Across from the hero's, a large group of people stood around confusedly. One particular lady closest to the hero, Wild Tiger, was looking around, trying to piece together what had happened. One moment, it was night, and all hell had broken lose. Syndicates fighting each other in a mass war for dominance in front of Heaven's Gate, Contractors and Dolls were dying left and right, and then, suddenly, it was day, and they were someplace unknown.

Kadence shook her head, holding an injured arm that was bleeding slowly, but steadily. She had tied her brown hair in a tight pony tail, knowing that there was going to be a fight. She was also dressed in sneakers, a pair of jeans for maneuverability, and a casual shirt, all of which was streaked in blood, bother hers and other peoples. Her grey eyes glinted dully, exhausted. Her brain had been working since the transportation – what else could it be?- and she was the first to act.

"Cadenza Syndicate, retreat!" She yelled out to her group, a plan already forming in her mind. They couldn't continue to fight in this kind of situation. They had to regroup, and figure things out.

Her command broke the stupor. Chaos ensued as her syndicate members broke off, running in every direction, trying to hide themselves amongst the city. The enemies of the Cadenza leapt into action as well. A few took Kadence's lead and fled as well, preferring to fight another day, others wished to finish what they had started, striking at exposed backs or dueling each other.

"Hey, wait a moment!" Wild Tiger yelled as people ran past him and his comrades, who were frozen in confusion. He caught Kadence as she tried to run by. "Oi, wait a moment."

"Let me go!" Kadence yelled, and her eyes glowed red, and blue hue appeared around her body. She activated her telekinesis, and flung the armored man backwards into Fire Emblem, knocking them both to the ground.

The newscaster had zoomed in on this, exclaiming, "It would appear that there are NEXT mixed in, but something seems odd." He directed the camera to a fight between Contractors. "I've never seen NEXT's eyes glow like that before, aren't they supposed to be blue, not red? What does this mean?"

Meanwhile, the producer of Hero TV, Agnes, was relaying instructions to Wild Tiger and Barnaby. "You can't get all of them, there's too many, so just grab one. We need to ask them questions."

"Right," Barnaby said, fixing his gaze on the girl that Wild Tiger had grabbed. While her NEXT power was intimidating, she seemed to be weak. She was hunched over, breathing heavily, and her eyes were dark and sunken. He just needed a glance at her arm wound to know it was blood loss. They just had to wait until she passed out.

"Hey, miss, that wasn't cool," Wild Tiger said, getting back up, and helping his friend up. He walked over to stand beside his partner.

Kadence stood her ground. She couldn't have run if she wanted to. Instead she glanced behind her, noting that most of her people had run off; they were safe. Another look around told her that these dressed up freaks had their eye on her. Why? She wondered. Was it because she had spoken up first? No matter, she could gain knowledge on the situation by being caught.

"Will you give yourself up?" Sky High said loudly, pointing a gauntleted finger at her.

She looked at him wearily. Her legs collapsed underneath her and she fell to the ground.

"I'll take that as a yes. Let's get her to a hospital," Wild Tiger said, walking up to her, lifting up his faceplate to reveal his dark skin and masked orange eyes beneath.

He knelt down, and picked her up. She made no move to resist, letting him carry her slowly away from Heaven's Gate. "You can't die, got that?" He said suddenly, looking straight ahead.

The statement shocked her. She looked up at him. "What, are you some kind of hero?"

"Yes," was his response. She expected him to laugh, or to hear a trace of sarcasm in the answer, but none came.

Tired now, Kadence rested her head on his chest. These people were weird, that's for sure. "Don't worry, I can't die yet," she said. If she had looked up, she would have seen him smile in relief. "I don't suppose that suit of yours can play music?" Kadence asked wearily. How she wished she could let sleep claim her, but it was too dangerous. She meant what she said when she told him she can't die yet.

"Eh? Actually, I'm not sure," he was taken aback by the question. "What kind of music do you want?"

"Country. Please, if you're able to, do so. If not, take me by someplace that can before the hospital. It's tantamount," Kadence said cryptically.

"Um, Saito, can you do it?" Wild Tiger asked through the suits communicator. A couple seconds later, country music blared through his PA system, and the girl relaxed in his arms. He was genuinely curious, but noticed that she was drifting off, and quickened his pace to a run. He could always ask her later.

A/N: The story will be switching from Third Person POV to First person POV. Whenever First person POV shows up, it'll always be from Kadence's point of view, third person will be dealing with everyone else. I know it makes no sense, but I'm experimenting LOL. Please don't let that scare, and read on ^_^ Enjoy