Maya's Blessing

My love has gone off to war

He'll be home with me no more

I must strive to do what's best

For freedom stirs within my breast

Calling forth to sundry and all

Earth's past and future mustn't fall

Reminders of our days of yore

Living in Arcadia, nevermore

My voice must forever shout

Reminders of what we are about

White Rose shall be my calling name

A secret life forever, moth to flame

I must strive to do my part

As my love fights from his heart

A wife's' support, ever true

Never would I ever rue

Remember our promises when we'd begun

Two hearts to be ever only one

Stay true to your purpose and I will trust

That you'll be careful - that you must!

If I should be caught and you are free

You will not try to rescue me

For they will try to make you mold

Into their foolish, political fold

Promise me! My Harlock, my love

That should gauntlet and glove

Be tossed to your feet, pick up it not!

Our love to serve as a Promise Knot.

When we've finished, completed, done

Both ready, together, on the run

Off to the deep, the dark, the Black

Never once be looking back

When Earth is ready and needs no more

The words of promise to endure

Then may we safely, quietly go

Let our home world begin to row

Onward, upward, evermore

On to its wondrous future lured

Satisfied we did our best

To grant blessing, our bequest

The stars our home, our search at end

in happiness for us to blend

I want to be with you, love eternal

Bear our child and be maternal

It is not to be! Our future flies;

I've been caught by political lies

Yet must I send you off with hope

You must learn, my love, to cope

Without me now; my life fades

Drawing inward, down in shades

I leave from loving arms so dear

To go alone, journeying not near

Let my life serve to you a goad

E'er with you on your eternal road

Kiss me now, red rose on my breast

Remember my heart's last request

I take our child, our love, our life

Onward out of this physical strife

Safe in my heart, my human womb

Our child is lovingly entombed

Do not grieve, do not fuss

Things you go to do, you must

They need you now, our planet home

To be their goad, a light who shone

Remember hope, remember peace

Childlike, chasing through the trees

Cling to who I know you to be

Always, ever, eternally free

We are together, heart and soul

Our love shall grow never cold

With my warm heart afire in yours

Lit by love's promised hope, evermore

I will love you, always, my Harlock.

But go you now and be their rock!

Fly to the diamond bright stars, my love

And I shall be blessing you, here above.

Author's Note: Again, not the best poetry, but it serves as a bookend for the other one, "A Pirate Knight's Vows". I still think that the reason he did not go back to save her was because he promised her he wouldn't do so. And we all know how he is about promises!