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Okay, so I was a bit of a morning person. I was not, however, so much of a going to school person. Good thing it's Friday, right?

Oh how I wish. Glaring at my calendar, I stared at the big fat 'MONDAY' that I had circled in red. I made a face at it, before turning away pointedly, searching for my clothes. Changing quickly into my school uniform, I took some time finding my bow, since I had tossed it somewhere the previous night. Finally getting my hands on it- it was under the nightstand- I went to the restroom and fixed my bed hair. Tying my ribbon into my bow, I found my toothbrush and began brushing my teeth.

At this point, one would think there should be an adult screaming at me for being late. But it was silent in my house, as always, and I found myself longing for a scolding. It's been a while since I've had my parents talk to me after all.

Kissing the family photo I kept in my room, I hurried outside-snatching my book bag- jammed on my shoes and started for school. Now one last thing I had to accomplish...

"One…two…three…" I whispered expectantly, a slight grin on my face. Ready?

"RRIINNNNNEEHHHHHH!" Miki ran for me, her hair flying behind her. I skidded to a halt, closing my eyes and braced myself for impact. Smacking into me, she squeezed my middle and spun me around, making me scream a little.

"Good morning to you too!" I snorted, pushing her off lightly, she giggled and shoved me back. Being my best friend since grade 1, Miki, her mom and working dad were my second family. I loved her. Sort of. You know, when she's not trying to squeeze me like a lemon.

"So what's new about Piko" I asked when she finally calmed down. Piko is Miki's obsession. He's like her big ray of sunshine after rainy days. Her moon on lonely nights. Her twinkle in the stars. All that stuff. Plus, I swear the last time we saw him he was looking at Miki with those eyes, but she thinks I'm lying. Of course she does, but would I stop telling her? No. Why? Her reaction is absolutely priceless.

"W-what do you mean!" she squeaked, "w-we hardly talk, s-so I don't know!" I laughed a bit, and she looked at me with fierce eyes that completely vanished with a small hesitant giggle. Miki is the definition of cute, if you can get past her... other side. We continued our jabbering until school was visible. I could see Miki looking to our left, peeking at a silver-headed boy on the cross-country team. I snickered. She started drifting towards the fence, watching as the team ran their mile on the track.

"Miki!" I hit the backside of her head lightly, "you're starting to get bug eyed."

"Am not!" she argued, but kept her gaze on the boy.

"Please, you're practically drooling," I nudged her with a wink, to which she elbowed me for.

"Shut up, Rin. It's Piko," she sighed.

"I know," I patted her head, "you love sick lady."

"He's so cute..."

The bell rang and she jumped, causing me to laugh at her. Huffing at me, she began dragging to the building, forcibly shoving me into my class.

"See you!" I called to her as she left. "Don't stare at Piko too much, okay?"

"Shut up, Rin!" Miki shrieked as she left. I chuckled and got out my stuff, facing the front where Ms. Megurine was already starting.

"Class!" there was a lot of shuffling around as the sharp voice of the teacher rang out. A tall, and proud woman with flowing pink hair, Ms. Megurine looked particularly stiff that morning. Mr. Kamui must have talked to her earlier. "I'm taking roll, and if I hear anymore dawdling, I'll have you after school."

"Yes ma'am!"

"Okay, let's start- Hey! You! Talking already?- No, I don't want to hear it! You know the drill, see me at three today."

You know, I like Ms. Megurine a lot.

Time skip to lunch

"Food!" Miki and I jumped aside as a horde of boys shoved people away like tackling targets, each one of them arguing about who got to the lunch line first.

Well. They're pretty savage.

"To class?" I asked her. She nodded in agreement.

"To class."

We both walked away from the line-having brought lunch from home- and scooted into our next period room. We both waited until everyone was done rushing out before choosing our seats by the window of the class. Sitting inside was better than outside, in my opinion. I unpacked my messy, yet still edible rice-shaped-thing while Miki set out her neat, delicious, and overflowing lunch box. Her mom is a master cook.

"Want some?" she chided, looking at my craving eyes. I felt myself go red in embarrassment.

"N-nah, I'm good" I showed her my lunch and bit into the rice ball. Well, it's not great, but you know, food is food.

"You sure?" she opened the box revealing rice, slices of chicken, bits of crab stuffed eel. I shrugged nonchalantly. I took another bite out of my meal, looking out of the window pointedly. She chuckled at me, and began to eat slowly, and deliberately. She's taunting me. Hurting me. What kind of best friend was she?

"I hate you," I growled, taking the bit of meat she offered me.

"I knew it!" she laughed as she moved the box closer to me. As I chewed the delicious delicacy, I was dimly aware of that feeling you get when you're being stared at. It was coming from outside the window, but I was too busy inhaling Miki's mom's heavenly food to care if an earthquake hit.

"It's so good~" I swooned, my mouth practically died with all the flavor. Miki giggled and began to eat a little too.

But you know, thinking about it, I should have paid more attention to that uneasy feeling I had earlier.

School was done in a matter of…hours. Very long, drawn out hours indeed.

But, hey, now I was at home, just lounging on my couch flipping through channels on the Television box. Normally, I'd be at work, a café, but today was my day off. I would be at Miki's but her relatives are over and I don't like being in the middle of family events. So yeah, here was my humble home. Drinking from a glass of orange juice, and munching on a bag of chips, could this get anymore relaxing?

With a chip half way to my mouth, I froze when someone knocked at my door.

I guess I was right, that was my peak of relaxation, and now back to getting off the couch. Grumbling under my breath, I rose to the door. I peered through the peep hole at the top and almost fainted.

Two big guys in suits, with sunglasses and holding very official looking folders. Oh goody.

Dropping my chip, a cold sweat ran down my back and suddenly my door looked really scary.

Did they found out I was living alone? I knew I would regret turning down Miki's mom offer on becoming my guardian.

Knock knock

I tensed my back muscles, and straightened myself. I opened the door a peep. Okay Rin, calm down, it's all good! Yeah, they can't do anything to you!

"H-hello?" I squeaked, "c-can I help you with s-something?" They stared me down. I shrunk considerably.

"Yes? Ms. Shion?" one asked in a really deep voice that sent chills down my back.

"Y-yes sir"

"May we talk to you inside?" Really, it felt more like a demand than a question. I hesitated at the thought of letting two large, and suspicious men into my living room.

"W-what will we discuss?" I dared myself to ask, they remained stark and stiff.

"We have come from a offer from Kagamine Enterprise," he showed me some of his papers and I recognized the uncanny design of a bass clef with a large 'K' next to it. Along with the signature of the…the p-president of the company, Leon Kagamine.

Well. Um. Okay. So there were agents of the biggest manufacturing company outside my doorstep. Sure, why not?

Seriously, everything was made from Kagamine. If you randomly pick up an object in any store and looked at the maker, 95% of the time it will be from them. They're products ranged from tooth-brushes to plushies, which included, clothes, nail polish, other cosmetics, blankets, and even food! These aren't breakable or cheap by the way, they are really good quality and come at an amazing price. But, they specialize in music, if you get music instruments, instrument repair, supplies, or anything dealing with music you have to get a Kagamine product, they are the best quality of them all. So obviously, this company is nothing small, and yet there are people from there at my house.

"P-please come in" I bowed, and opened the door for them. An offer they say, did I win something?

"Thank you," they both nodded and stepped inside my house. Walking around, they stood in my living room-not taking off their shoes, mind you- where they continued to watch me. Fun.

"I-is there something you would like to drink?" I tried.

"No, we must get into business," one replied as his partner gave me a piece of paper. I took it, but continued to watch them. He continued, "First, you must understand that this is not an offer to be taken lightly."

"I see," so I didn't win a brand new car. Now what? He gave me a good long stare.

"Have you heard of the CEO's son?" he asked, and I nodded, of course I did. After all, Len Kagamine was a singer, pretty popular, with a big fanclub at my school. I know him enough.


"This directly relates to him," the man stepped closer, no scaring me at all, and motioned the paper. I narrowed my eyes and looked down slowly.

From the CEO of Kagamine Enterprise,

In order to broaden the experiences of Mr. Len Kagamine, I hereby offer Ms. Rin Shion financial relief of all home taxes on the condition that she takes the former into her house and agrees to provide care and knowledge for him. This document states the-

Holy citrus. You've got to be kidding me.

~End Chapter 1~

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