Chapter 24

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So it's Sunday morning, the sun is barely starting to get up, and I'm sleeping on the side of Rin's house as we're waiting for our ride to get here.

This is why I wanted a hired man to drive us. Someone paid has a higher chance of actually getting here on time than some mysterious person whom Rin has not informed me of yet. But no, this keeps the 'Princess' in her comfort zone; this is because 'Miss Shion Rin' does not like the view of other people's envy while inside a sexy-in-red sports car.

The things I do to keep her happy.

"Don't sulk; it'll ruin your goddess complexion," she teased, pushing me lightly.

"Oh, we can't have that, can we?" I yawned. "I'd lose my only asset." Rin laughed, winking at me.

"Please, I'd be shallow if I thought that."

"Then it's settled, Rinny. You're just a shallow and stingy person," I grinned teasingly.

"Give me some credit, you jerk, you do have some other attractive points," she flipped her hair dramatically.

"Care to elaborate?" I smirked, which she returned fully.

"You're very rich."

"There's this saying, you know, called love is without pay."

"Well, I do need a secure retirement plan, Lenny," Rin drawled. "And speaking of money; how much cash do you hold in your room?"

"You're so stingy."

"Yeah, yeah," she waved her hand dismissively. "And about my question? How much moolah are you willing to give me?"


"Which is…?"

"Enough," I said with finality. She rolled her eyes.

"Enough for what? Another castle?"

"Enough… To finance your plastic surgery," I decided aloud, she snickered.

"Finance my…my what?"

"Oh you know, to juice your oranges- if you get my drift," I winked at her, indicating her flat chest none-too-obviously. She blushed.

"Hey now!"

"I know one doctor, an expert really, he makes it look like a natural growth."

"You're funny. My chest is fine the way it is."

"Oh Rinny, I beg to dif-"


"Alright, alright," I chuckled, elbowing her to take the sting out of my joke. "So where's our ride? Miku's certainly taking her time."

"I never said it was Miku," Rin replied simply, glaring at me.

"Okay," I scoffed, "then she's-"

"I didn't say it was a 'she' either."

"It's a guy?"

"It is," she smiled innocently at me. I stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out any male car-owner she might know.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

"Did you called Rei to pick us up?" I snapped as my mind wrapped around the fact. Rin shrugged.

"I did," she said matter-of-factly


"Why not?" she gave me a look from the corner of her eye,

"He's rude," I grumbled, straightening my back grudgingly.

"So are you!" Rin nudged me gently.

"I'm not rude, I am superior. There's a difference," I sniffed. "Besides, Rei has never liked me for some reason. Not that I mind since I don't really like him either, but still..."

"Oh lighten up, he offered a free ride and he's a friend," Rin added sharply. "You pick any fights and I'll throw you out the car."

"And if he picks fights?"

"Len, we'll cross that mountain when we get to it."

Well. Picking favorites, are we? Though, that makes no sense since I'm obviously her favorite.


I went back to my sulking, not even bothering to hide my displeasure. I was supposed to be her shoulder to cry on, her pillar to cling to, and now I have a taller, older black-haired guy in the way of all that.

"At least," I added grudging. "Tell me he won't be flirting with you the whole time."

"Why? Jealous?" she smirked. "Afraid that I'll be swept away by Rei's tall manliness."

"If it's masculinity you want, I can give you plenty," I snapped. Rin rolled her eyes but snickered anyways. "I just don't need to see him giving you kissy-faces."

"He isn't much of a 'kissy-faced' person, Lenny," she assured. "He likes winks and side-hugs." She began cackling at my groan.

"You're a horrible person."

"What can I say? I grew up with heavy influences," Rin snorted.

"Back onto the topic," I waved through that impatiently. "If you think I'm going to let Rei get away with however he treats you-"

"Calm down, it's okay," she shushed, patting my shoulder. "Rei isn't going to steal me away into some dreary tower and leave me there with his pet dragon. Besides, the way I hear it, he's trying to go for Rui now."

"Ice cream shop girl?"


"…He changes through girl-interests quite fast."

"No, no, I hear that he's liked Rui for a long, long time. I don't think he ever liked me that way."

"..And the fact that you can say that so easily."

"Says the one who gets love notes every day!" she retaliated, nodding to the trash bin where the last of my letters had gone.

"I'm famous and loved, so it's expected! You, on the other hand, are not as loved," I smiled happily having already expected her glare.

"I'm honest. Rei didn't really like me. I'm not like you who suck up to your ever-growing fan club only to reject all of their confessions," Rin gave me a light punch on the shoulder. "And guess what? You're still thenumber one 'Most Wanted Boyfriend' in the tabloids."

"Well, excuse me," I glared down at her. "But unless you want to share me with my fans, which I wouldn't mind, then you had better be grateful for my faithfulness."

"Threatening me with a harem, ah, you're such the sweetheart," she clutched her heart dramatically.

"Only and always for you," I took a deep bow, a little surprised to see her smiling. "What?"

"Oh nothing, you just seem to be in a good mood again," she shrugged. "You're awfully bitter when you're sulking around." I blinked, straitening my back.

"Wow, I didn't know you were capable of being sweet," I nudged her.

"Yeah, well, Rei is coming, so lighten up, Lenny!"

I'm going to shoot that man.

My smile dropped and I groaned loudly. If anything could put knots of discomfort in my gut, it's this guy.

Using a smaller car than last time, he pulled up smoothly onto the driveway, stepping out and meeting Rin with a hug.

If anything woke me up; that did.

"Good morning," I smiled forcefully at Rei once he had finally let her go. He gave me one look, scanned my body completely and narrowed his eyes. He turned to Rin and she shrugged.

"Morning," he replied grudgingly. "I see you're still leeching off Rin."

Well. That's what I get for being polite.

"I see you're still wearing contacts," I shot back instantly.

"What? Thinking about getting one the same color as your wig?" he snorted.

"It's natural, jealous of it?"

"Oh, so then it's your skin that's the funny color."

"Nah, I can keep my skin creamy without your spray-on tan."

"I run cross-country, everything you see here is healthy, which more than I can say for you."

"I don't need your beauty tips; I've got fan clubs world-wide."

"Oh, I'm sure all of them would love to paint your toes and buy you a new skirt."

"Go kill yourself."

"After you."

"And now you're done," Rin cut us off, stepping in between. "Len-don't give me that look-I told you to keep your attitude in your gut. He started it but you didn't have to finish it." I was about to argue, but then she gave me a glare that forced me to back down and growl. Then she whirled on Rei. "You, I know you're mad at Len for that one time, but it's over. It's been straightened, fixed and it's fine."

Aha, wait. That one time? What 'one time'? I gave Rei a withering look, to which he ignored completely.

"How does something like that straighten out? He left you for a date with another girl!" Rei looked at her incredulously, talking loudly so that I could hear his every syllable.

"It just… did," Rin replied firmly, flicking a nervous gaze at me. I scowled.

"If you're talking about Tei," I snapped at Rei. "She had me go to her house and stay the night as friends, and why do you care about it anyway? I thought you were going after that ice-cream girl." Rei flushed, an interesting mixture of embarrassment and anger on his face.

"I might like Rui," he started, towering over me. "But that doesn't mean I can't worry about Rin."

"You can worry, but please stay a distance."

"Yeah, because you're doing a much better job of treating her," he gripped my collar. "You nearly made her cry, idiot!"

That again?

"I was not going to cry!" Rin shouted, pulling Rei back. "It's too late to be talking about this, it's done. Len, stop giving me that look- I'll throw you fifty yards. Rei, stop talking, we're going to my parent's. I know this is hard to do, but can we stay at least somewhat happy? Or, at the very least, polite?"

She was angry.

"…Sorry," I grumbled, trying not to stuff a sock up Rei's nose. He grumbled loudly, looking between Rin and me, and then resigned.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," he agreed, giving me another glare. Rin, still glowering at the both of us, stepped back. After a very brief awkward pause, Rei helped Rin into the car and then slid into the driver's seat, leaving me to sidle into the back with Rin. She had refused to go in the passenger's seat and I did not trust myself to not strangle Rei while we were on the road.

The car ride was more or less as tense as before. Rei kept glaring at me through the rearview mirror and I gladly returned the favor. Rin pretended not to see any of this and stared out of the window. I'll be honest, I grew fidgety after a while, the silence was deafening, not to mention, I really wanted to ask Rin about something- Did I really make her cry?

After a while, Rin sighed, signaling her exasperation, and I decided that I should probably say something.

"So, Rin," I began, thinking for anything distracting to ask.

"Hm?" she gave me a sharp 'this had better be good' look.

"How long has it been since you've been to your parent's?"

"Huh?" she blinked in surprise and once my words sunk in, I wondered if maybe I triggered something uncomfortable. But then she shrugged and answered. "Maybe… a year now," Rin admitted. Rei stopped throwing me mental daggers and listened to her quietly. "Maybe even longer, actually, I'm not sure. I used to go a lot in the beginning, since Teto would take me, but I got busy with school and work so I just stopped."

"Good thing we're going now, then," Rei asked, turning the corner.

"Yeah, it kind of is," she agreed with a smile. "Though, it'd be better if you two would stop hating each other already."

"It's not hate-"

"It's hate," Rei confirmed, cutting off my denial. I scowled at him and he gave me a similar look. Then, we came to a mental agreement.

Fine then. Truce it is.

The moment we're done, though, I'm wringing his neck.

"Crazy, the both of you," Rin snorted to herself. Then, instantly, she brightened up completely. "We're here!"

Rei nodded and drove in and parked. Excited, Rin practically threw me onto the ground as she got out of the car. I snorted, following her, rubbing my back as she ascended the steps.

"Rin, you go ahead!" Rei called to her, grabbing my arm suddenly. I got ready to punch him when he gave me a serious look. "I want to talk to Len for a minute."

"I don't want to talk to you!"

"Is it going to take long?" she asked from the top. Rei shrugged and she rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll go ahead, just hurry up." And went behind the gate, practically skipping away from us.


I turned towards Rei, scowling, but his grip on me only tightened.

"Look, Len, I know we probably got off on the wrong foot but I've been feeling-"

"If it's a kiss you want, you could have just asked," I sneered, cutting off his sentence. He dropped my arm immediately, looking like he was going to hurl.

I'm telling you, it works every time.

"Do you want to die in front of a graveyard?" he snarled, red in the face. I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes.

"Not really, but I don't want to stay here alone with you, either. Hurry it up."

"I have no idea what Rin sees in you; you're just going to end up breaking her heart."

"Rin is a lot stronger than you think she is," I retaliated. "Besides, I don't plan on leaving her anytime soon."

"Oh yeah, because your recent chain of affairs with Tei Sukone is completely reliable," he nodded sarcastically.

"She's just a friend, and last time, I wanted to come back to Rin!"

"Yeah, but you couldn't, could you? Rin was hurt, you know that right?" Rei held my collar roughly. I snarled angrily, pushing him off.

"Of course I know that!" I snapped. "I've known that since the day I left for the movie shoot! I knew I was going to hurt her and I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything about it!"

"Not able to do anything about it?" he echoed.

"No, I was able to do something about it," I corrected uneasily. "I just didn't know how."

"Len, you're pissing me off," Rei towered over me, making a show with his shoulder blades. "You're telling me that you didn't know how to talk to her?"

"Not that! I was- stupid. I know. I get it," I stepped back. "I probably did ignore her for that time."


"What do you want me to do about it!? Hire a time-traveler and tell him to slap me in the face?" I threw off his hands. "What happened happened, so leave me alone about it."

"Then what the heck are you going to do the next time you leave her?" Rei glared at me. "Don't tell me you're planning to sleep in her bed for the rest of your life!"

"Why not?"

"You disgusting-."

"I am not going to beg for your forgiveness," I cut him off sharply, shrugging off his look.

"And Rin? Did you say sorry to her?"


"I didn't think so," Rei sniffed. "You idiot, what is wrong with you? You make her cry and then-"

"Did she cry?"

"I didn't see her," he admitted. "But once you look at her expression enough, you could tell she was lonely, even though I hung around her so much." I twitched.

"Well, thank you for giving her company, though now that I'm back, I would appreciate it if you now backed off."

"I would, if you did a better job with keeping her happy!"

"I'm trying now, aren't I?"

"Oh sure, she looks fine now," he grumbled.

"I couldn't do anything about it when I was away! I didn't know her phone number and I was busy," I grimaced inwardly, suddenly realizing how bad that sounded.

"Rin has no taste in men," he concluded bitterly.

"And you can do better?" I challenged dryly.

"What makes me really mad," he ignored me. "Is that she is easily influenced by you."

"Happens to every girl at some point," I shot back on instinct. He cuffed my ears, not enough to bruise, but it still hurt.

"Are you saying that Rin is just like one of your sick-minded fan girls!?"

"Of course not!" I snarled, shoving him away. "If you brought me aside here just to scream at me, then please leave. I thought you liked Rui, anyways!"

"I know that!" he scoffed. "But Rin is still a good friend to me; she's honest. It's just sad to see her being lead around by a guy who hardly cares." I growled.

"Who's saying that!?"

"I am," he glowered. "Prove me wrong. I dare you."

"I don't need to prove anything to you," I hissed. "I already know I love her."

Rei tensed, looking angry, and then slowly calmed down. He closed his eyes, sighed, and then frowned at me.

"You sure?"

Well. Duh.

"I have been," I messed around with my hair, watching him suspiciously. "I did confess to her first."

"Such a man," he remarked.

"Shut up, I don't need your approval," I growled. Rei shook his head, holding up his hands.

"Alright, sorry for that, I just had to make sure you weren't… playing around with her," he gave me another once over.

"I'm better than that!" I snapped. "Besides, Rin is pretty good at dealing with these kinds of situations herself."

"Yeah, but I can still watch for her in some way… like you hating me is actually for her, right?" he pointed out wisely. "So that she isn't stolen by some other guy."

"By some pedophile, you mean," I added darkly, grudgingly accepting his words into my mind.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, I'm still better looking than you could ever be," he nodded towards the graveyard entrance.

"Bet you can't say that straight to your mirror," I muttered and then raised my voice. "Rin's waiting for us and unless you want to bring up some other stupid topic, let's go."

"Nah, you go," he waved me off. "I need to go somewhere for just a second, I'll be back to pick you two up."

"So basically, you brought me here to accuse me for messing around with Rin, and then, you let me go off with her alone."

"Are you complaining?" Rei glared at me. "Just go, Kagamine, before she comes and check on us."

I shrugged, punched his shoulder in some form of gratitude, and then hurried up the steps. I stopped once I got up and threw a glance behind me, he snorted and walked off, giving me a half-hearted wave. I snorted.

Well. I don't hate him. Much.

Now that the sun was up, everything was glittering quite nicely, despite the small chill in the air. The graveyard was well kept and actually pretty small. Now and then, someone would pass me by, but it was very quiet otherwise. Rin was easy to spot out, with her giant bow and all, and she was kneeling between two small, but otherwise neat gravestones.

I crept behind her, noting her silence and position, and read the names of her parents.

Kaito and Meiko Shion. Died the same day of the same year.

"Miku told me that she was with my mother when she died," Rin, apparently having noticed me, spoke up. "She told me at the funeral that my mother's last words wasn't 'take care of Rin' or anything like that. All she wanted was to know if she would reunite with my father in death… I thought it was funny."

"Funny?" I prompted uneasily. "That's a little… dark."

"I laughed. You know, I was so relieved," she chuckled dryly. "The last thing I wanted to know was that my parents died worrying about me. It would make me guilty and I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself just for that. I think my mother knew that, but either way, that really saved me. I'm grateful for that." I crouched next to her, offering my own little prayer of respect.

"Do you think that she reunited with your father?"

"Yeah. No doubt," Rin smiled, crossing her legs and leaning back. "Where's Rei?"

"Dunno," I ignored her look. "He'll come back, though, to pick us up." She didn't question any further, just nodded, turning back to her parents. Her face suddenly turned smooth and peaceful.

No. I take that back. She didn't look peaceful, actually, she looked a little… sad.

"Hey," I purposely leaned on her, adding more weight than necessary so that she was starting to tip the other way.

"Hey yourself!" she groaned, pushing back against me. I grinned and practically fell on her, resulting in her face-planting the grass. "Len!"

"Rin!" I replied just as enthusiastically. "You know, this is a really, really nice place."

"You noticed," she commented dryly, shoving me off of her. She sighed. "I love it because it doesn't rain often here," she stood up, kicking me lightly on purpose. "I tormented Miku because I didn't want for it to rain during their burial. My dad hated the rain."

"He liked ice cream," I remembered. "So that does kind of make sense. You can't eat ice cream out in the rain."

"Well there's that," she agreed. "Also, he always got tired when it started to rain. His boss would yell at him all the time because he kept sleeping on the job."

"And he didn't get fired?"

"Well, he was a good worker when it was sunny out, so he wasn't punished too badly. Most of the time, he was just sent home to sleep," Rin paused, reminiscing, and then turned to me. "So what, Lenny, why did you want to come here? I appreciate it, but I'm pretty sure that you don't need to hear about my life story."

"I don't need to; I want to," I corrected, relishing in her embarrassment for the moment.

"That's a very sweet too say," she remarked. "So sweet, in fact, that I do not sense the truth in it."

"Why? I like listening about your family," I admitted. "They sounded fun. I wish I could have met them."

"Me too," Rin smiled. "They might have killed you, but I'm sure you would've loved them."

"I can tell," I snorted. "That's another reason why I'm here, I also wanted to introduce myself formally to your parents."

"Introduce yourself formally?" she repeated incredulously, smiling in confusion. "What are you going on about?"

"Oh I don't know, common courtesy, manners, respect- those good things," I stood up, walking up to between the two graves. "Don't girls usually introduce their guy friends to their parents?"

"My mom sure didn't," Rin pointed out jokingly. "So I never found the need to do it myself."

"Really? Well, my mom's father slapped my dad when they first met."


"I'm serious," I laughed, remembering the story. "My dad told me I should always introduce myself to the father of the girl I like and if I get on his bad side then I'm doing the right thing."

"That's rather… off."

"I thought so too," I shrugged. "Then again, I never listened to anything he ever said, except for now, because I feel like if I don't then I'll have your father's restless soul haunting me until I die."

"Alright then, for the sake of my parents, go ahead and do your thing, but I still don't see what you're getting at," Rin watched as I carefully got on my knees so that I was eye-level to both graves. I braced myself for my own humiliation.

"Mr. and Mrs. Shion, my name is Len Kagamine," I started with a low bow, making Rin snort. "I'm sorry that I had been forced to live with your daughter since it is kind of indecent, but I really don't regret being sent to her." I paused, glancing back at Rin. She rolled her eyes, but was obviously trying not to smile. "At first, I didn't think she was anything special. Actually, I think I really hated her. I caused her nothing but trouble and did it on purpose. Though, I know now that Rin isn't someone I can push around. She's a lot stronger than I am, emotionally, and it was stupid of me not to realize until now. I don't think I could do what she has been doing for so long." I paused again. Rin had stood up and was watching me closely now, her arms crossed and she looked like she wanted to say something, but kept quiet. So I continued.

"Even now, I'm probably giving her a lot more trouble than she needs, and I want to fix that. I know that I'm not the best guy Rin could have picked; I'm a narcissistic little idiot with tons of money- and I used to think that was a good thing because all the girls I met loved that about me. Rin was different, though, and she laughed at all these qualities and still made me kneel for my dinner. Instead of seeing what those other girls see in me, I feel like she's noticing all the little things about me that I thought didn't matter. She's making me show the dorky side of me that I tried to hide. She has treated me in ways that no one else has ever treated me before. She yells at me, hits me, and can be extremely frustrating to deal with at times. It hurts, but sometimes, I think that it just might be because she cares for me.

So thank you for allowing me to meet Rin, to live with her for as long as I have, I really don't know how I would have ended up without her."

There's no getting around it-I'm blushing down to my toes. I know Rin can see it, and I'm thinking that her parents are probably snickering at me right now. It was embarrassing, but at the same time, I don't regret a single word.

"That was awful," Rin shook her head, laughing to herself quietly. I puffed up, heat rising to my head.

"How so?" I defended crossly. "It was awesome!"

"It was horrible Len. You'll have to say it again."

"Again!?" I snapped, thoroughly humiliated. When my guard was lowered, however, Rin walked forwards and wrapped her arms around my middle, leaning on me heavily.

"Yes, again, it was that bad," she whined. I hesitated, but then slowly hugged her back, suddenly getting it. "You have to say it again."

"This is a very interesting way of showing happiness, you know," I noted aloud. She didn't even reply, a slight sound of panic went off in my head. "Hey, Rin? Are you crying?"

"Of course not," she mumbled. "I'm emotionally stronger than you. I don't need to cry." I patted her head, laughing to myself.

"I don't like this shirt too much," I told to no one in particular. "It doesn't matter if it gets wet or dirty or anything, since it's not important. Rather, it might even look better with water stains or something."

She didn't cry, but her silence and lack of fire was enough for me to get it.

"Thank you, Len, for coming," she finally managed to utter, her voice quiet. I rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Or rather," I corrected with a smile. "Thank you, for bringing me here."

Rin laughed and reached up to peck my cheek lightly.

"That's an apology," she explained, grinning at my shocked expression.

"For?" I dared hesitantly.

"I lied. That wasn't horrible," she admitted nervously. "It was actually really sweet."

"Oh, that? Yeah, I know that," I grinned, patting her bow as she giggled.

"Sometimes, I want to break your jaw."

"Ha-ha, must be love, Rinny."

And then I realized, that I had still somehow obtained the goal I had in mind originally; to become Rin's shoulder to cry on.

I am a God.

Rei arrived about an hour later and paid his respects briefly before he rounded us into his car. Rin sighed, looking like she didn't want to leave, but didn't give the graveyard another glance as we drove away. I pretended not notice, staring out the window as innocently as I could.

"So, where'd you go?" she asked to Rei.

"Breakfast," he replied cheerfully, looking happier than before. "Sorry, I would have waited, but I had a feeling that you two wanted to be alone."

"If I invited you to come, then I obviously didn't want to be alone with Len," she sniffed, but winked at me teasingly. "Well, anyways, can you drop us off a couple houses before mine?"

"Sure, I guess, why?" Rei whistled as he turned another corner.

"Friend's house, I need to do something over there for a little," she pushed me as I started to whine. "Calm down, Len, she won't bite you."

"You and I both know that she probably will," I groaned. "Can I go home first?"

"Nope. I don't trust you in the house alone," Rin and Rei started laughing-I didn't even want to know why-while I scowled and tried to turn to happier thoughts.

Like how I should ask Rin to be my girlfriend.

No doubt that she'll refuse-I'm Godly-but I want it to be something special. She deserves it, plus, it would look bad on me if I just went and asked her.

Then again, if it's too flashy, I have a feeling that she is going to reject me out right for the sake of it. So no blimps, skyscrapers or clouds. I have to be smart, crafty, and overall charming.

It's a good thing that I happen to be the living definition of all three words.


"Len, say thank you."

"Hm?" I snapped out of my thoughts, straightening my back. The car was stopped and parked on a curb. Rin was standing over me, my door open, and watching me with a slight glare.

"I said, say thank you to Rei who so kindly gave us a ride to and from my parents'," she added with unneeded emphasis.

"Oh, we're here," I quickly got out of the car and shut the door, finding myself face to face with a smug looking Rei.

"Well?" he asked.

"I still don't like you," I told him brightly.

"Ah! I wasted all that gas money!" he swooned. "I guess it is hard for a rich kid to understand how something as simple as gas money can affect the financial status of a normal person." I grit my teeth, hearing Rin giggle behind me. Sucking up my pride, I curtsied dramatically.

"Thank you, Oh Chivalrous Knight! May your path be filled of good faith and gas money," I swooned. Rei's eye twitched irritably as Rin scoffed, she nudged me. I sighed. "Thank you, Rei, for driving us."

"So funny," he commented dryly as he pushed my shoulder back. "Bye Rin!"

"Bye Rei!" she waved to him. "Thanks so much for the ride!"

"Anything for you," he winked, giving me a sneer.

"Good bye, Rei," I forced out with a smile. He gave me a thumbs-up and climbed back into his car, waving as he sped down the street. Rin laughed.

"See? He's not that bad," she told me, jabbing my arm.

"Not that bad?" I snorted. "Right. Awesome." Rin whistled, her eyes curious.

"Oh, that's right, he pulled you aside earlier, didn't he?" she smirked. "What did he say? Tell me, Len, tell me."

"It's not important," I waved it off hastily. She rose an eyebrow.

"Then it's fine if I know, right?" she pouted, "and it did look pretty important by the way Rei had been watching you when I left."

"Well," I smiled evilly. "If you really want to know…"

"I really want to know," she agreed firmly.

"Rei was actually quite jealous and he came to confront me about it. He told me how we didn't-"

"Jealous of you?" she scoffed, crossing her arms. I grinned.

"Nope. Jealous of you. Apparently, he has long since harbored feelings for me and confessed all this to me," I sighed dramatically, enjoying the look of disgust on her face.

"That is a very bad joke, Len," she remarked, though I could see the corners of her mouth twitching in amusement. "Seriously, what was it about?"

"I am serious!" I claimed defensively. "How could you not trust me?"

"Oh, I trust you," she patted my cheek a little too roughly. "But you'd have to be a girl first for me to believe that Rei is gay."

"You knew I was a girl!?" I asked in surprise. "I thought it was-"


"I'm joking, I'm joking," I snickered, very much pleased with the amount of shock in her face. "I'm one hundred percent male."

"I was about to say," she rubbed her forehead. "No wonder you're so defensive about your height. And hair."

"Shut up."

Rin cackled mischievously before grabbing my arm, dragging me towards Miki's house. I scowled as I shuffled my feet towards the gate.

"What are we doing here?" I whined bitterly.

"You'll see," Rin winked at me, though she was suddenly lookingnervous. Very nervous.

Oh boy.

She marched up the front steps and knocked on the door. I grew slightly panicking, looking at Rin in alarm, but she refused to meet my glance. This couldn't be good.

"Coming!" Miki called from inside and a second later, the door was swung open, a flurry of red hair popping into view.

"Just got out of bed?" Rin guessed. Redhead, though, didn't reply and stared at the two of us with skeptical eyes. Her gaze travelled down to our linked arms, making my neck burn uneasily. I coughed.

"Good morning, Rin!" she chirped, ignoring me completely. "You just came back from your parents', then?"

"Yeah, sorry I didn't drop by yesterday, I came back late from Len's house," Rin apologized, resolutely keeping her grip on me when I tried to let go. I shot her a slightly paranoid look.

"Oh? Did you now? That's unlike you, to forget the time," Miki smirked. "Were you so caught up doing such fun activities that you didn't notice the time?" I felt heat creep up my neck.

Deny it, Rin. Deny it to the point where you'll have to stamp the word 'NO' all over her forehead.

"Ah, well," Rin began, giving me a silencing look. "Yesterday, Len took my first kiss."


"Rin," I turned to her, but she was glaring to the side, her face bright red. "Rin," I added a bit more emphasis. "Why?"

"I… might've made a promise to tell her if it ever happened," she mumbled. "Miki made me." I snapped back to Redhead who brought her hand over her mouth, smirking victoriously.

"It's only fair," she told Rin with a giggle. "Since I tell you everything about Piko."

"Why couldn't I have gone home?" I glared back at Rin, who seemed to shrink under the attention.

"Like I was going to go admit this alone. Suffer with me!" she explained then went off mumbling to herself. "I'm an idiot. Why did I do this? I can't believe this…"

If you were going to regret it, then why did you say it?

I would have loved to spit those words at her then, but she looked pretty humiliated already, so I kept quiet, huffing to myself instead. Miki rose an eyebrow at my reaction.

"You don't seem to be curling in humiliation, Mr. Pretty Boy," she noted. "Had so many kisses that this is pretty much the norm?"

"Who's the pretty boy?" I glared, "and no, this was also my first kiss."

"Hoho, is that really? Then, why do you not look so embarrassed?" she tapped her lip. "Was Rin such a bad kisser?"

No, actually, she wasn't.

"Shut up, Miki," came a feeble response from a crouching Rin.

"Embarrassed? For what?" I snorted, unconsciously averting my eyes. "I don't see anything I need to be ashamed of."

"D'aww, isn't he sweet?" Redhead laughed. "Nice to know you have at heart, 'cause if you didn't then I'd have to commit an unnecessarily violent act on your lil' precious."

Oh joy. I blanched slightly, imagining the scenario and slowly took a step closer to Rin.

"Len, why can't you get along with anyone?" slowly recovering from her shameful cringing, Rin gave me a slightly amused glance.

"I don't know, why can't you hang around nicer people?" I retorted.

"Rin is the kind of person that attracts impossible people," Miki answered wisely.

"Thank you, Miki."

"No problem," she dismissed it quickly with a wave of her hand. "So, have you guys eaten breakfast yet?"

"I'm not eating in your house," I answered for the both of us. Rin elbowed me.

"We're actually going to go to the store right now to pick up something," Rin admitted. "I need to go home to get my purse though."

"Oh! Come inside for breakfast then!" Miki invited brightly. "Mom just finished baking some bread and I'm sure she won't mind if you guys come in for some."

"Well…" Rin looked unsure, licking her lips.

"No," I replied.

"We've got orange rolls," Miki slipped in.

"Thank you for having us."

Rin practically kicked my butt to get me into the house.

"Mom went to drop Dad off at work, so she'll be back in a couple of hours or so," Miki told us. "Before she left, she baked quite a bit, I think she was getting rid of our old flour." As we neared the kitchen, a fresh, warm scent enveloped us. Grudgingly, I had to admit that I could do worse than having breakfast here.

"I smell bananas," I breathe in deeply. "Are those muffins?"

"I thought you weren't hungry," Rin snorted. I ignored her, scanning the counter full of bread eagerly.

"Yeah, there's banana nut somewhere in there. Help yourself," Miki reached over the counter and grabbed a cookie watching us horde the pastries with much gusto. Cradling a muffin in each hand, I watched as Rin stocked up on some croissants. She barely set them down on the table before hurrying away, a hand over her stomach.

"You okay?" I asked, pausing as I saw her face contort in slight pain.

"I don't know, cramps," she muttered quickly, "just started right now. Be right back, bathroom."

"Good luck with that," I said solemnly, earning one of her signature glares. Miki snorted, watching her as she waddled off. There was a moment of silence and I continued to eat my muffins.

"So, how are you doing, Lenny?" Redhead piped up, chewing another one of her cookies. I rose an eyebrow.

"…I'm okay," I swallowed. "Why?"

"Oh nothing," she smiled innocently. "Just wondering, though."


"Do you mind sharing some details about yesterday's smooch?"

"Yes, I mind," I replied happily, popping another piece of the muffin into my mouth. Redhead pouted, drinking from a glass of milk deeply.

"Come on," she whined. "Rin isn't going to tell me anything, and I've been nice to you lately!"

"You threatened to crush my crotch not five minutes ago," I reminded dryly. She thought about it, nodding.

"Touché," she cracked a smile. "But we can both agree that if you hurt Rinny again, you'll need to be punished right? Besides, it doesn't hurt to ask. I was hoping to squeeze some itty-bitty bits of fluff from you."

"What did you say?" I rose my head sharply. Miki tilted her head.

"What? You're going to tell me about the-"

I shook my head, waving my arm. "No, before that. Everyone has been hinting that I hurt Rinpretty bad, what's that about?"

She ogled at me incredulously, "are you dense?"

"I know I might have… disappointed her when I left for the shoot," I swallowed some air, "but it wasn't that bad, was it?"

"Didn't you get the call from Miku?"

She misses you though.

… Right.

"I thought she was just trying to guilt-trip me," I admitted with a sigh.

"Yeah, I heard that she tends to do that to people," Miki nodded, "but Rin really did miss you a lot. I'm not sure if she really cried, I couldn't really tell, but she spaced out a little more than usual and always looked… not really there, you know?"

"So, I hurt her."

"Yep. Maybe not a lot, but it definitely did something to her," she smiled sympathetically, probably knowing how bad I felt. "Though, I must say, that kiss of yours must've really been special, Rin is always flustered-but never to the extent she was at earlier."

"It wasn't really… much…" I admitted, a little distracted. "It was a little sudden, actually."

"Not dramatic? First kiss and it wasn't dramatic?" she chortled. "You're awful!"

"Shut up. Drama's not good, you know!" I defended carelessly. "Besides, do you really think Rin would've kissed me if the mood was so thick?"

"Good point, she'd feel too awkward."

"There you go."

"Then, I'm also guessing you didn't man up and ask her to be your girlfriend yesterday either."

… It's not that obvious, is it?

I came back to attention, giving her a sharp look, "of course I-"

"Your face is bright red, don't even try to deny it," Redhead laughed. "You guys move so slowly, it's heartbreaking watching you two."

"Shut up, Redhead," I scowled. "I don't want to hear that from the girl who's fawned over the same guy for over three years." She flushed.

"Did Rin say that?"

"She did."

"Traitor. And here I was, going to help her get a boyfriend," Miku scowled and turned away, though it was very clear what she was hinting at.

"I don't need your help."

"Yes you do, don't lie to yourself," she dismissed me quickly. "Oh, yeah, and you never heard this from me, but Rin likes to snuggle. I know she doesn't look like it but she really does like being hugged by people. Maybe ask her out next time you two are cuddling, yeah?"

"Rin? Anti-social Rin? The one who won't even let me put my arms around her so that I could re-tie her giant ribbon?"

Miki laughed, nodding in agreement. "I'm serious! I'll bet that once you get her in a hug, she won't reject it at all."

She seemed pretty agitated about it when I pinned her down during the thunderstorm, though.

I mean.

I felt myself heat up in humiliation, a sudden flashback about that night coming across my mind. "Can I use an orange instead?"

"If you use an orange to propose to her, I will personally strangle you."

"Propose?" I looked up, glaring. "That's a little too soon, don't you think?"

"You blush easily."

"So do you!"

"Miki!" we both stopped as Rin came trotting out of the bathroom, "I really like your hand soap," she wiped her hands on her jeans hastily. "What's it called?"

"Tropical something-or-other. My mom buys it, I'll tell her to get you one next time," Redhead switched topics smoothly, not missing a beat while I, on the other hand, was hoping that she hadn't heard any of that.

"Len, your face is red," Rin reported, giving me a questioning look. I forced down some muffin.

"What are you talking about?" I retorted, avoiding the obvious question. "You took an awful long time in there."

"Did not!"

"Ten minutes at least," she pushed my head away irritably, giving me a dirty look.

"Go die, Len."

Oh yeah, she's real cuddly.

After a good, long, unneeded hour inside the lair of the red-headed beast, Rin finally decided that we had spent our stay.

"Miki, you are the best friend a hungry girl could ever have," they hugged-girls-while I stood awkwardly by the door, just a little impatient to leave.

"Likewise; how else would I keep my lovely figure without your stomach?" Miki laughed and nodded to me. "Keep her busy, Lenny, we don't want her to get too fat, now do we?" There was an undertone in there, a very slight, inappropriate one. I chose to ignore it.

"Thank you, Miki, for your food," I gave her a dazzling smile, a killer one, that she only scoffed to, thus proving my point that she was not an actual, functioning girl. Rin giggled and followed me outside, patting my head like a dog-owner.

"Look at you," she teased, "manners, ha, I knew you had it in you."

"What are you talking about? I've always been a good kid," I scoffed, waving to Miki as we were walking away.

Rin pushed me lightly, snorting, "Tell me, what other lies have they been telling you?"

"Bye Redhead!" I turned and waved, getting a smile in reply.

"See you, Pretty Boy!" Miki winked. "Rin, tell me everything that happens, okay?"

"No promises," came the retort, but Rin also grinned as we left. Satisfied, Redhead retreated back into her house and we started down the street.

I turned to Rin hesitantly, "please don't actually tell her every little thing between us."

"I won't."

I sighed in relief, my hand relaxing at my side, and then stopped walking.

"Wait, where are we going?" I turned around, pointing at her house behind us. "That's your house, right?"

"It is."

"Then why are you going this way?"

"I told you before right?" Rin raised an eyebrow at me. "We're going to the market today."

I groaned, reluctantly following her. "No way, that's too far."

"Not really, just a couple blocks," she assured, snorting. "You're a big boy now, right? You can take a little bit of exercising."

"Oh, I know I can," I agreed solemnly. "I just don't see why you didn't let Rei drop us off there and then we go see Redhead on our way back."

"Breakfast," she replied lightly, her voice was slow. Catching on quickly, I flashed her a grin and peered at her face.

"Liar, you probably didn't think of that idea, huh?"

She puffed up indignantly, "of course I did! I just didn't want to go shopping on empty stomach."

"Really? Well, we could have grabbed some bagels and eaten on our way back," I teased, seeing her turn a little red from embarrassment.

"Miki offered free food so-"

"Admit it, Rin, you didn't even think about it," I laughed, causing her to puff up even more.

"Shush, you!" she snapped. "I'll make you carry all the groceries."


"Oh, don't worry about me, Rinny, these bad boys can take down all the oranges you throw at me," I flexed my arms none-too-obviously, sighing dramatically. She pushed me gently, glaring.

"Don't test me- we need another rice bag I'm going to make you carry it, along with everything else," she added with a sadistic afterthought.

"What are you mad for?" I scoffed. "Do you not hear yourself? You are making The Len Kagamine carry around your groceries for you like some sort of manservant when I could be off somewhere else, hanging around with much prettier company."

"Ah, yes well, it's your own fault that you're stuck with me," despite herself, she flashed me a playful grin. "So sorry to keep you away from your would-be harem."

"You should be," I scoffed. "You're so lucky I like you."

"No, no, Lenny. You're the one who's lucky," Rin laughed, leading me into the supermarket. "Imagine what I could do to your food if I ever hated you."

I blinked, surprised. "So you're saying that what you cook now isn't some kind of punishment?"

"Jerk. You say that, but you still eat like a pig every night."

"Only because I'm forced to! What else am I supposed to do?" I gasped loudly, helping her pry a shopping cart from its place. She stepped on my foot pointedly.

"As if you could cook any better."

Good point.

I followed her around the store, shaking my head in defeat as we went down aisle by aisle.

"So, on the subject of my horrid cooking," she started again dryly. "What do you want tonight? Speak up now so I can buy what we need."

"Meat. Rin, you cannot force feed me your stews and plants forever," I took out the lettuce that she was placing in the cart, replacing it with carrots. Rin sighed.

"Fine, how about chicken? The chicken breasts here are pretty cheap."

"Anything but your vegetable medley," I grimaced, a bitter taste already seeping into my mouth.

Rin laughed, shaking her head. "I thought you liked my medley." I patted her head, right in between her bow.

"Well, Honey, they didn't make me an actor for nothing."

She pulled away from me sharply and even though it looked like she was trying not to, she pouted.

"You're awful, you know?" Rin paused for a second, recounting whatever else we needed. "Len, go be useful and get me some rice."

I stopped chuckling, looking at her and then towards the front of the store. "You want me to lug it all the way back here?"

"Yes, in fact, I think I'll be all the way in the back in the meat section so you can drag that rice bag and your pride all the way to me."

"…You're devil spawn."

"Love you too, Len," and then she turned me around and sent me off. "Remember what brand we have at home?"


After Rin was satisfied with the shopping and we had paid ("Hey, isn't that my debit card?" "No, your dad gave this to me instead of giving me payments. It's much more convenient, don't you think?" "What the- Liar! That's my name written on it! Where'd you get it!?") we started back to her house. It wasn't too bad of a walk and I probably wouldn't have minded, but there was the fact that we had to walk back with arms laden with groceries.

Yes, I was the one with the rice bag.

"You're too slow," Rin told me as we re-entered her house. "Come on, compared to you, I'm carrying more."

"It's heavy!" I grumbled, shifting it awkwardly so that it wasn't twisting my neck. "How many trips did you have to take before you were blessed with my presence?"

"Only one," she snorted. "As cool and strong as it would make me seem, there's no way I can carry all this by myself. I bought a whole lot less than I do now- all because of your stomach."

"Are you calling me fat?"

"Oh no, I would never," she shouldered the bags she was carrying, flashing me an innocent grin. "Come on, Lenny, put it in the kitchen. You say you've got muscles so put them to work!"

"Rodger," I grunted and dropped it down on the tile floor, easing my sore shoulder. I faced Rin, ready give a snarky comment when she held up a finger expectantly.

"Now, before you get mad at me for making you carry that thing. The gentleman side of you should be proud that you didn't make a lady carry such a heavy burden," Rin smiled as she slipped past me, peeling a newly bought orange.

I gave her a sarcastic look, "what lady? Aren't ladies are supposed to have big hearts and big br-"

"I dare you."

"Brains?" I finished smoothly. "Which, it seems, you have neither of." I got an orange peel thrown at me as I laughed. Rin was rolling her eyes at me, throwing away the rest of her trash.

"You can hint about how much you hate my figure all you want," she sniffed. "It won't encourage my chest to move any further."

"It was worth a shot," I winked and left the kitchen, patting her head as I passed.

Her eyes followed me and she folded her arms, chewing on her fruit. "Where are you going?"

"Putting on a movie or something, I don't know, I'm bored," I paused for a second, jumping onto her couch. "Join me."

I half-expected her to refuse and shuffle to her room like a hermit and sighed when she didn't immediately come over. After a few moments, however, she came and sat next to me, dropping a banana on my lap. I smiled at her, shocked and a little touched.

"What are we watching exactly?" she asked, leaning back on the cushion easily.

"I don't know, whatever's on," I peeled the fruit, chewing happily. "Do you like horror movies?"

The answer was immediate. "No."

I turned to her, a little surprised. She scowled, obviously uncomfortable with the topic.

"Are you scared?" I smirked, nudging her. "Are you, Ms. Man, afraid of ghosts and demons?"

"Yes. I am," she snapped, "and if you dare put one on, I will punch you so hard they'll have to feed you through a tube."

"Sounds about right."

I flipped through the channels, slightly disappointed, and Rin leaned in a little closer, snatching the remote from my hand. I rose an eyebrow inquiringly, but she only sprawled across my lap on her belly, turning to a specific channel number.

"…Romantic dramas?" I asked distastefully, looking at the movie that was currently on.

She turned up to me, smiling, "do you have a problem, Len?"

"Yes," I huffed, reaching for the remote that she was keeping away from me. "I didn't think you would like these types of movies."

"Girls normally do," Rin explained wisely. "Besides, the guys in these are usually really cute."

"I was under the impression that you didn't like hot guys," I scowled, bitterly remembering the many times she has hit me over my own profile.

"Not that much, but even I can appreciate a good face when I see one," she nodded at the screen where a male actor had come in-clean shaven, young and attractive."

Please, I looked better than he did.

"Liar, you're just trying to make me jealous," I sighed, shaking my head. "It's pretty pointless though, no other guy can ever compare to me."

Rin blinked, smiling coyly, "Rei could." I glared at her, a hot bubble in the pit of my stomach, and as if she could feel it too, her smirk widened. "Aw, is poor pretty Lenny still jealous over big brother Rei?"

"What do you mean still? Is there a reason for me to be jealous of someone like him?"

She laughed, shrugging, and then made herself comfortable on my lap, apparently not caring about the fact that I was now immobile under her unless I shoved her off. Which I wouldn't because, you know, I'm just a perfect gentleman like that.

"Oh, a kiss scene," Rin announced cheerfully.

"Kiss scene," I agreed, turning away in a little disgust.

"Funny, I figured that you, of all males, would like chick flicks," she joked, or I hoped she was joking, and tossed the remote onto the floor, a sign that she was not going to change her mind anytime soon.

I huffed, a little offended. "And why's that?"

"I dunno, I just thought you were that type of person," she batted my cheek, forcing me to glimpse at the two shameless actors who were mindlessly devouring each other's faces.

So, how do girls find this attracting again? They're chewing each other like five year old children trying to eat ice cream- the sticky mess included.

If you ask me, that's pretty disgusting.

"If I watch the rest of this," I groaned, shielding my eyes lazily. "Then we have to watch just a little bit of the paranormal channels."


"Then we settle with the History channel."


"Rin, I'm not going to sit here to watch this-"I motioned the screen, "for nothing!"

"It's not nothing. You will oh-so-lovingly deal with my girl shows since I have graced you with my warmth and presence."

I laughed and drew a finger under her chin, tilting it upwards. "And it's with my warmth and presencethat I will take with me if I have to be subjected to this stupid show."

"…Does it have to be the haunted videos?"

"Yes, it does, because I'm a guy and this is the side of me no one else has seen-you should be honored!" I pointed out, huffing. She hesitated, looking slightly hopelessly and then opened her mouth slowly.

"Will you agree to let me use you as a shield against whatever nonsensical hallucination I may or may not see after watching your scary crap?" she asked solemnly, I nodded.

Ha, I was going to offer to be her shield in the most chivalrous way possible but this works too.

So I smiled, like the knight I was, and touched her shoulder, "of course." Rin seemed to know what I was getting at and scowled, blushing, before turning back to the screen.

"As cute as may seem for me to be clinging onto you," she grumbled, "it's not quite like that."

I seriously doubt that. Rin was, first and foremost, a girl and when girls are scared, they tend to clutch the first thing they can reach and bury their faces into it, squealing all the while. I would know, I'm me, and I have all the codes to cheat with a girl.

…Not actual cheating on a girl because that involves another girl and that is a completely different game to deal with. Besides, I have a knack for attracting very violent, temperamental girls (i.e. Rin, Tei, Redhead, Miku) and I do not feel like two-timing because that would only result in a very slow and painful death.

"You look constipated," Rin peeked a glance at me, sneering. "If you got to use the bathroom, just say so and I'll get up."

"I'm perfectly fine," I assured, leaning back tiredly. "Just waiting for this to be over."

"The movie?" Rin shrugged. "It's actually not that bad, see? Look, they're going to be separated, isn't that sad?" Sure enough, on screen, the couple was sobbing in each other's arms, a sort of twinkling piano in the background foreshadowing their break-up.

"Utterly depressing," I commented dryly. "I've seen worse."

Heck, I've been through worse. We've been through worse.

"Doesn't change the fact that it's still depressing," she didn't even sound like she was watching it properly, more like trying to prove to me that chick flicks can be enjoyable; which is not remotely possible, by the way, since the only thing good about the movies is that the female actors are always fun to see.

So, driven with determination to see Rin's cowering face, I forced myself to sit through the entire of her romantic drama, occasionally drifting off to sleep before being pulled back by a sharp prod to the stomach. Once the credits started rolling, I wiggled out of the hold that a somewhat-panicked Rin was gripping me in and headed for the remote.

"I changed my mind," she said uneasily. "I really don't want to watch anything remotely scary."

"We had a deal," I reminded her, flipping through the channels, "you can't go back on me now."

"But… It won't be pretty…"

"I'm in the mood for watching some exorcism and you will watch it with me because it is too freaking scary to watch alone," I told her firmly, finding the paranormal channel and turning to it.

An enlarged, bleeding, dead animal head was staring into the screen, waiting for us.

I jumped, shocked because I really didn't expect it and because I was right next to the screen. Rin, on the other hand, flat out shrieked and covered her eyes, snarling at me.


"Sorry! Sorry!" I yelped, immediately jumping right next to her, my heart pounding. The moment she detected me on the couch, she leapt at me, her arm wound around my neck. I paled, expecting for her spew of anger but she was silent and clutched at my stomach as well, her legs wrapped around my torso.


So this is what she meant when she said it wouldn't be as cute as I thought it was. Rather than having her clutch my shoulders and having her face buried in my chest, she had me in a spider grip- all of her limbs wrapped around me. Her head was next to me, facing over my shoulder, and I could hear her breath loud in my ears. In fact, this was fairly awkward, because my arms were stuck to my side.

"Um, Rin-"

"I told you, I told you, I told you," she was murmuring into my ear, as if in a trance and I turned my head to see her face, a little surprised to see her craning her neck to stare at the screen.

"Just look away," I chuckled nervously, trying to bring my hands free.

"I-I can't."

"Yes, you can-"

"No, you don't understand," she said softly. "I can't look away."

Oh. So she was that kind of move watcher.

With some effort, I managed pulled her off, trying to keep her from strangling me and placed her properly on my lap so that I had my arms around her and so that she wasn't breaking her neck trying to watch. On screen, there was something going on about a haunted barnyard with decapitated and mutilated animals strewn everywhere in some sort of grotesque pattern. According the narrator, all the bodies were fresh and nothing had started to rot quite yet, but at the same time, these animals have been dead for weeks.

The narrator muttered something about a cult, a massive sacrifice as well as a surprising lack of blood in the animals.

Rin stared, wide-eyed as the screen panned out to view the entire farm, the picture was captured at night, surprise surprise, but it gave a good view of what it looked like and how far the massacre stretched to. I shivered a bit, the sight of so much red and so many unmoving bodies was really horrific.

"This is brutal," Rin squeaked, clutching my shirt tightly. It's going to leave a wrinkle.

"It's about to end though," I assured, "the next program looked a bit more promising."

"What do you mean by promising!?"

By promising, I meant broken down mansions with hidden booby traps and restless souls.

Oh yes.

"We should visit this place," I told Rin, jolting slightly when the host nearly impaled himself with a spear that came shooting out of the wall. There was a groan from the house, as if angry that it missed before it went back to silence.

"No, we shouldn't. I'd much rather jump into a nuclear reactor," she said firmly, clinging onto my neck.

"That's awfully drama-whoa!" I shouted in surprise as a dead, half-decaying mummified thing dropped from the ceiling and practically onto the camera man who also gave a little shriek. Upon looking up, the camera panned out quickly to show that at least a dozen more of these hanging mummies were dangling from moss-eaten ropes.

This was apparently too much for Rin.

She scrambled upwards, her arms moving from my neck to my head, nearly smothering me as she threw her body over my shoulder in an attempt to look away. She let out a small grunt as her stomach collided with my shoulder blade, her legs kicking out violently.


I bit down a shriek, cringing over where her knee was digging into my groin, the red flower of agony blossomed from it smugly.

"I can't do this," she whimpered, I let out my own feeble sound, biting down tears of pain. "Len, aren't you scared too?"

"I'd hate to bother you," I said hoarsely, trying to lift her leg weakly. Rin took this as a perverted action, apparently, because she shifted her position quickly, making me cry out and tear a little as the pressure increased.

"Is this the time to be making an advance on me, you pervert!?" she shrieked, sounding terrified yet furious at my misunderstood action. She tried to get up and resulted in putting even more force to her legs as she pushed up, unknowing of the inexplicable pain she was causing for me.

"Rin!" I finally screeched, grabbing her shoulders blindly and tried to throw her off, "get your knee out of my crotch!" There was a brief moment of silence, of realization and of my hoarse whimpers before it sunk into her.

"…Oh," and then Rin lifted off, tossing herself to the side as I fell into a fetus position on the floor, breathing unevenly. "Sorry, Len."

I didn't reply, too busy rocking back and forth in anguish, trying to ease the poor thing that was my manhood. God, it's going to hurt to pee later.

"Turn it off," I groaned, "the T.V… please. Just off."

She obeyed, watching over me in deep concern. I felt her stare grow hot on my back and then I felt her hands help me back up, sitting me down on the couch where I let out a long, suffering sigh.

"I told you," she pointed out, not drawing away. "You shouldn't have switched to that channel."

"If I had known that you were going to try to deprive me of children-"I snapped, "then I wouldn't have done it." She laughed nervously.

"I'm sure your future children will be quite alright- probably," she added gently, though I could tell that she was smiling.

"What do you mean 'probably'? I asked grouchily, pulling myself up straighter and then carefully tried to stand. I winced.

"Ouch," she noticed my expression and the stiffness in my body, suddenly looking guilty. "Sorry, Len, really. I didn't mean to hurt you that time."

"Yeah, whatever," the words come out a lot ruder than I intended for them to be but I'm too busy trying to shuffle to the bathroom to notice.

"W-wait!" Rin calls out to me, stammering. "Where do you think you're going? After talking to me like that?"

"I don't know," I retorted. "Take a shower, find an ice pack, go see if I can wrap a bandage around the wounded area of my-"

"Y-You-if it hurts that much, you shouldn't be walking around the house!" she told me, standing up a lot quicker and rushing to my side, supporting me with an uncharacteristic kindness to her touch. I raised an eyebrow, momentarily distracted from my pain.

"You're scared," I guessed flatly, earning a bright red flush in reply.

"Yes!" she snapped. "I am, and I am so scared that I have half the mind to follow you to the toilet."

"Well," I say, anger is replaced with amusement and I suppress a smile at her ridiculous comment. "That'd be awfully disturbing."

"I agree," Rin replied seriously. "But to be honest, I could just about wet myself right now if I were to be alone."

"And we can't have that, can we?"


She is staring at me like a dissatisfied manager would to an incompetent employee, but I could see something like desperation and terror behind all that. In her azure orbs-


I have better vocabulary than that.

In her big blue balls of-


I snickered out loud impulsively, the words flashing in my mind almost tauntingly. Rin's 'big blue balls' are staring into my own blue balls and-

"…Is there something on my face?" she waved a hand in front of me and I stifled some more laughter, shaking my head vigorously.

"No, I'm just-"thinking about how idiotic I can sound while trying to describe your eyes"-thinking about how lame the 'dead barn animals' show was." Rin's face immediately pale at the reminder of it and she shivers.

"Can we please not talk about any of that?"

"Sorry, sorry," I led her back to the couch, limping, and sat down with my legs stretched out. Rin flops down next to me, not exactly holding me, but she's leaning on me, her eyes flicking from place to place anxiously.

I realize, then, that it was the perfect time to get some answers.

"Hey, Rin?"

"What?" she tore her eyes away from a particularly dark patch of shadow in the corner of the room.

"When I left, did you cry?" better make it curt than drag it out, I think. I'm more likely to avoid an excuse that way.

"Who told you that?" she snapped, sitting up straighter in attention. I groaned as the couch shifted, making me lean a little on my sore parts. "Oh, oops."

"Rei, Miki, Miku; just about everyone you interact with which is really not a lot," I repositioned myself, and earned her signature glare. She doesn't reply to me right away and instead analyzing me with her big blue-

Not going down that road again. Focus, Len.

"I didn't… breakdown, if that's what you're asking," she admitted slowly. "I was a little… unhappy, but I didn't really-"I gave her an impatient look and she scowled. "Fine, I may have let out a few tears. Once. But it wasn't an actual sob session, I was just… lonely."

"Also, I heard that you became distanced," I reminded, lightly, as if it was just a piece of casual conversation. It wasn't though, not to me anyways. I was just trying to show that I wasn't beating myself up on the inside. Not that I really needed to, there are places in my body that were throbbing angrily and it hurt. A lot.

"…Did I?" she sighed, paranoia temporarily forgotten, and drew up her knees, resting her chin. "Maybe, but I don't feel like I was really depressed or anything. Just sad- maybe a little tired, I guess."


"Sluggish," Rin corrected. "Everything was really slow for me, there was nothing that really seemed exciting after having to deal with your insanity."

"So basically, without me, your world turns dull," I grin, ready to embrace whatever blow she's about to throw at me, but it doesn't come. Instead, she chuckles and gives me a look.

"Basically," she breathe out. "You are a lot more fun to be around than I will ever admit and you're a cheesy cornball- who could hate that?" I want to smile and hug her, to curl around her in a ball throw her into a fit of giggling.

But you know, any kind of strenuous movement right now might as well could put me in tears.

"What's this?" I nudged her instead, joking. "Rin Shion being honest? Why I never!"

She laughed, doesn't argue, sounding like an actual love-struck girl for a moment as she says, "I have my moments." I stopped chuckling and rose an eyebrow, giving her a quick look.

"What's that? I'm sorry, did I hear you completely bypass an excuse to hit and insult me?" I probably did something that triggered this sudden kindness from her. So I prodded her head, again, hoping to provoke her usual, spitting self.

"Well, excuse me, for trying to be sweet! I don't always want to hear you complaining about how 'masculine' I am!"

That's more like it.

"I never said I wanted you sweet," I defended. "I suggested that you be more open about your infatuation for me- I mean, we both know that it's true and it's really just a burden trying to remind you of it all the time so if you just accept it then we could possibly move on to, say, much more intimate-"

Then, Rin kisses me; whether to shut me up or to prove my point wrong, I don't know. But to be honest, I really don't care because she is warm and for a second, all my thoughts are dissolving with her touch.

Yep, she's definitely out of it today.

"Well, isn't it more correct to say that you're the one infatuated with me?" she snickered as she pulled away, her face flushed with embarrassment.

No, I'm not gaping like a fish.

"That was…" I closed my mouth carefully, trying not to look away, "unexpected."

"It was a two second decision-"she agreed. "I'm starting to regret it now."


"Because I might have promised Miki to tell her-"

I glared at her, mustering the strongest look I could give in our situation.

"Don't you dare," I growled. Rin laughed.

"I'm joking, that one can stay between the two of us," she cleared her throat. "But, uh, yeah. Sorry, by the way."

"For kissing me?" I scoffed, "is that something to be sorry for?"

"Not that," she grumbled. "I mean, everything I did before." I stared, dumbfounded, and put a careful hand to her forehead.

"No, seriously Rin, did you catch a fever? Are you really feeling alright?"

"Oh, of course not, idiot," she snapped. "I caught the 'let-me-be-an-honest-person-for-once' virus."

"What did I tell you about opening the windows at night?" I mock-scolded, shaking my finger sternly. "All sorts of bugs can come in when it's cold; you really call yourself the caretaker here?"

"Better back away then," she added wisely. "I hear it's contagious."

"How could I? You should be kept warm right?" I flashed her a grin. "Alright, so while you're delirious and disoriented, you might as well tell me why you are apologizing."

Rin shrugged and placed her head on my shoulder. "For everything, I guess. For hurting you constantly- both physically and mentally and for dragging you to places you don't want to go to; for making you get along with people you really don't along with. I abused my power, I'm sorry."

"Power?" I repeated, snorting. "What power? You hold no power over me. Everything I do and have done are all by my own choice. If I really didn't want to go see Rei or talk to Red-Miki¸ then I wouldn't have."

"So you're saying that you wanted to go talk to them."

"Deep down," I said dryly. "I'm sure deep, deep down, I might have wanted to see them. After all, my heart is just a never ending sea full of love and care." Rin laughed, nodding, and gave me a fond shove.

"Oh yes, that's why your dad shoved me here- because you were too affectionate for him."

"What can I say? My dad's a very cold guy," I shrugged lazily, smiling, and then softened just a bit. "But seriously, you don't have to be sorry for anything, except for skewering my crotch, but I guess that was an accident."

"I'm not sorry for that," Rin snickered. "You deserved it after all, for making me sit through that program."

"Fair enough," I sighed. "It doesn't hurt too much anymore anyways."

"Liar, I can see it all over your face," she touched my cheek pointedly. "You don't have to hide it, it's just the two of us here after all." And she screamed out loud, startled when I reached over and pulled her into a hug, lifting her back onto my lap.

"There, see?" I asked tensely. "Just stop squirming."

"This is considered to be self-inflicted pain," she told me sternly, trying to get off.

"No, stop," I grunted, firmly setting her, "its fine and I know you like being this close to me."

"Who said that?" she snapped, though she stopped struggling.


"Traitor!" she cried, much to my surprise, and then paled as if realizing her mistake. I smirked darkly, seeing the color drain from her cheeks.

"Oh ho? So it's true?" I sneered. She shook her head vigorously, but she wasn't really making an effort to prove it.

"Shut up, Len, just shut up," she grumbled looking away from me.

"Okay, fine, I won't say a thing," I sat up straighter and leaned on her heavily, ignoring the irritated cackle of air that hovered around her.

"I'm going to knee your balls again."

"No you're not," I replied easily. She grumbled, annoyed, and leaned against me when she thought I wouldn't notice. I grinned. "Hey, Rin, I have a question for you."

"If it's about dinner," she snapped, "I'm going to make you eat dirt tonight."

"As if that's any different from any other night," I retorted, "and no, that wasn't what I was going to ask."

"Oh yeah?"

"Just wondering, when I go back to my father's house, are we going to stay friends?"

"Friends?" she echoed, the still-irritated edge in her voice apparent. "I guess, unless you're planning to forget about me completely."

"That's not what I meant," I shifted my arms, gathering her close. "I mean… Um. Can I be blunt?"

"By all means."

"Right now, we are at the very awkward transition between friends and, uh, a couple," I paused, watching her face redden as she began to realize what was going on. "So, I'm asking, do you want to stay being just friends or…"

"Or do I want to cave in to you and be swept off my feet?" she finished for me, looking contemplative. I smiled.


"…Well," Rin sighed, shaking her head. "For one, this is a horrible way of asking me out-"

"Oh no, I'm not doing that yet," I corrected. "I'll only ask once you give me your answer to my last question."

"…It's basically the same thing."

"Just want to be sure that I'm welcome so that the actual question doesn't end with me sobbing outside your house with a bindle staff."

She laughed, shaking her head, "now I know you're just screwing with me."

"Hm? How?"

"You already know my answer, don't you?"

Oops. She caught me.

I smiled innocently, "I might, but I'd like to hear it from you, just to be sure."

"Well then, I'm not going to say anything," she turned her head away from me.

"Aw, but Rin," I laughed, squeezing her gently. She shook her head resolutely, smirking, and gave me a quick sideways glance. "Fine, if I tell you, will you tell me?"

Her eyes sparked a bit and she gave me one more look, shrugging silently.

"Okay then, well I could make a mile long speech," I started, messing with the knot on her bow. "But then again, it really comes down to this: Rin, I love you." The words are solid, thick but not uncomfortably so. They feel honest, despite how awkwardly I may have said them. Rin is silent, her eyes wide, but she doesn't look surprised, really. She looked happy, relieved, and laughed quietly.

"Yeah, I knew that," she replied coyly. "It was obvious after all."

"Ah, now who's the cocky brat?" I retorted, "I really can't believe you, acting all cute one minute and the next, you're attacking me with verbal insults."

"Ah, well, I can't spoil you, now can I?" Rin grinned and paused for a second, her look softening. "I love you too, you idiot."

I returned her smile, feeling something warm burst in my stomach.

"I'm the idiot?" I snorted, trying to look unaffected as I gripped her hand. "I'd say you're the bigger one."

"Oh yeah?" she smirked. "Try me."

"There's only one right answer to this one, Rinny," I put our heads close, feeling my pulse quicken. "Let's say that I meet a pretty girl as I'm walking down the street-"

"-Oh no-"

"Just listen! Okay, so I bump into this pretty girl, on accident because I'm distracted with walking or whatever, and then she starts flirting with me," I ignored Rin as she began snorting, shaking her head in exasperation. "I'm a nice guy so I don't outright reject her and instead, I give her a reason as to why I am not flirting with her. What is that reason?"

"She is wielding a giant knife and you say that you're allergic to metal," she replied brightly, grinning widely.

"Yes, and then she cuts me up into a million of tiny pieces," I finished, giving her a nudge. "Come on, Rin, you can do it."

"It turns out that the pretty girl is actually Miku and she's on her way home from the bar and she reeks of alcohol and you tell her that you are actually a girl and so she stumbles away from you in disgust."


She stuck her tongue out at me, winking. "As if I'll ever participate in something as corny as this."

"Alright, then I'll answer for you, I tell this pretty woman that I already have a girlfriend, and can you guess who that is?"


"Do you want it to be Rei?"

"…Touché," Rin snickered and shook her head. "I'll go out on a limb here and say that you have no other way of asking this question."

"Yeah, well I'll also take the risk and say that you don't really have an answer for me," I waited before adding, "not that you have to reply right now, though."

"No, it's not that, I just don't know how to reply," she hesitated.

"You can say 'No'-"

"Or not," she cut me off, looking nervous. "Len, are you absolutely sure you want to commit yourself with me?"

"Are you doubting me?"

"No, if you go off and you do something stupid then it's my own fault that I fell for you- I came to terms with that a long time ago. But on the other hand, as much as I'd hate to remind you, I'm still the bossy little nobody who may as well accidentally break all your bones," she fidgeted. "If I'm just going to cause you grief, then you're probably better off with some other girlfriend."

"Ah, 'other girlfriend'," I echoed, making her freeze. "But I don't want someone else. I'm no masochist, but the fact that you're not afraid to push me around is a little bit relieving, so stop depreciating yourself and tell me, what do you want?"

"… I want you to say…" she paused, looking to the floor, her face growing red.


"Ask me, Len, don't use another roundabout way, don't let me find another excuse to avoid it," she muttered, not meeting my eyes.

Okay then, I can do that.

"Rin," I pressed my forehead to hers, forcing her to look at me. "Will you just tell me that you'll be my girlfriend already?" She laughed loudly, grasping my shoulders.

"That's not any better," Rin scolded though her eyes were anything but angry at me. "Why can't you just ask me shyly like every other boy out there?"

"Because you don't deserve every other boy out there," I flashed her a grin. "Though I guess I could do this one exception."

"I'm sure you can."

"So, Rin, will you be my girlfriend?" I tilted her chin upwards. "Of course, in return, you get the privilege of boasting to all my other fan girls."

"Is that all?" her smile widened though she was trying to sound dissatisfied. "Just boasting rights?"

"That's just a bonus," I replied. "There's also no more lonely walks home from Mimi's, no more lonely dinners, no more having to hold any heavy objects and no more crying when you think no one notices." Rin soaks this in, her eyes closing and she's smiling. Then, her happiness falters.

"What about when this contract ends?" she asked slowly, looking up. "When you have to go back?"

"Please, I'm Len Kagamine, you think moving back to my house is going to stop me?" I smiled reassuringly. "I'll work it out, even if that means having to rent out my own house somewhere around here. Don't worry about it." She gave me a look.

"That sounds like hard work."

"Hard work? Coming from you?" I scoffed. "Compared to what you do on a daily basis, this is nothing."

"You would really do that? For me?"

"Sure," I rubbed her hands carefully, warming them up. "Provided that you agree, of course."

"What are you talking about?" she laughed, squeezing her fingers. "I've been in this agreement since the very beginning." I'm about to protest, to say something snarky, but then I can hear the undertone of her words. I stopped, chuckled and then nodded.

I've always been yours.

"I know you have," I say quietly, smiling gratefully. "I know."

I leaned in and kissed her, sealing the words between us. I relished in the mind numbing effects her touch had on me, smiling. Maybe she won't mind if I got addicted.

"So what now?" Rin asked dazedly after we had broken apart. "Is this where you bring out your white horse and we go riding to the sunset?"

"Hm? Why? I don't know about you, but I'd be fine if we didn't move ever again," I breathe into her shoulder, resting my head.

"What about dinner?"

"I'll eat you up then."


I chuckled, and gave her a warm hug. "Not yet, I'm not hungry and neither are you; you are not to move unless I say so."

"How could you?" she gasped as though offended, but doesn't make an effort against me. "I don't see why you can't be like all the nice boyfriends and let me do what I want."

I pulled away, grinning slyly, and drew her chin upwards, looking into her blue eyes. "As if I'll let you do that; that's just being selfish."

"Selfish?" Rin cried out. "I want to go feed you and you call that being selfish?"

"Yes, because right now, I am very happy and if you take this happiness away from me then you immediately become a selfish person."

Rin shook her head, scoffing, and pulled away to cross her arms.

"You know, Len, there is a word to describe idiots like you."

I waggled my eyebrows and grinned lazily. "Perfect?"

She shook her head and pinned down my chest, smirking. "Spoiled."


That, my lovely, beautiful readers, mark the end of our incredible journey together. Thank you so much for bearing with me, with my inactivity, with my never-ending errors, with my awkward writing style and most of all, thank you for reading my story.

I never expected this story to go very far- it was an idea that I made up while taking a shower- and I certainly didn't expect it to get as much attention as it did. Thank you, for making that possible. This is my fourth story written for and yet this is the first story I am really, honestly, truly proud of.

Also! Here's a bit more information about Spoiled that I never got to squeeze in.

Miku actually loved Kaito. The reason why she tends to act motherly to Rin is because she remembers that Rin is Kaito's daughter. On the other hand, the reason why she is also snappy towards Rin is because she also bears with the reminder that Rin is also Meiko's child, not hers. She loved Meiko, but never completely forgave her for marrying Kaito.

Lily is technically Rin's Godmother. Technically. The title was initially offered to Miku but she refused it (for the same reason as the above) and so it was given to Lily. However, closely following Meiko's accident, Lily was ratted out as a criminal by an old enemy and she was forced to run or else get caught by the law. As a result, she never got to interact with Rin as she grew up.

Len's most ticklish spot is not his stomach but his armpits. Not that Rin would ever reach in there, though.

Leon used to be very harsh and strict on Len, especially after Len's mother died, but eventually, as his business picked up, he wasn't able to lecture Len as consistently and thus Len grew a superiority complex in his freedom. When Len hit thirteen, he no longer took orders from anyone, especially his father, and had his servants running laps around the entire estate at his request.

Miki met Rin when they were in Kindergarten. Miki stole Rin's ball and Rin punched her in the face. They've been best friends ever since.

Tei met Len at one of his concerts on a whim. She was forced there by some friends and they met backstage while he was trying to get some fresh air. They bumped into each other and she nearly fell, but Len being Len, he saved her quickly. He smiled at her, gave her hand a pat and then continued to run off. Tei, however, thought he was her Prince Charming, and she made her way to stardom just for him.

Also, in the end, Tei went off to Hokkaido, up north, and there she released her first album 'Spoiled Rotten'. Away from Len, she's completely stable and docile, acting the like the diva she is rather than a stone-cold murderer. Does she find love again? That's up to you.

I really wish I could have somehow included all that in the story, but I really couldn't find the right place and so it just sits in my mind as a headcannon instead.

So! That's all from me about this story! Thank you again for your support, I would have never made it this far without you!

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