So, I know there are a few of these out there and this will probably be quite similar too. But I couldn't resist writing about the Doctors life if Rose hadn't been trapped in the parallel universe.

Sorry I'm more speech orientated here.

And yes… as usual I chuck in a few surprise twists.

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*The End of the Battle*


Don't Let Go



Rose watched as hundreds upon thousands of Cybermen and Daleks flew past her. Everything was a blur of metal and white walls. Pure Adrenaline and hope kept her clinging to the magna clamp.

Excitedly she looked over at the Doctor and smiled. They were both there, together, being to be sucked into the Void, but staying here, where they belonged. It was just them now. She had made her choice the day she had met him. She would do anything for him, and anything to stay with him. Even if it meant losing her family.


Below her, there was a small shower of sparks, and slowly the lever began to slip back. Instantly the smiles dropped from their faces.

"Offline," said the computer.

She strained forward trying to pull it back. It hurt her arms, trying to reach that far while the force of the Void was trying to suck her in. This was dangerous, she knew it was… but she had to do it.

"Hold on!" The Doctor shouted to her.

Around her, the sucking of the void began to lessen, and she knew that she had to get the lever back in place no matter what. As she reached even forward further, she felt herself losing her grip. She wasn't going to reach it and be able to hold on at the same time! She was almost holding on with her bare fingertips. She wasn't even going to be able to reach the lever! She was going to slip!

Just then a huge metal pepper-pot body came flying at her. In fright, she clung back onto the clamp.

Somehow, the Dalek, which had its case open, had hooked on to the lever. The metal was caught on, and it weakly slithered it's slimy tentacles around it too. Now, with something to hold on to, it was trying with all its might to escape. The strength of the desperate Dalek moved the lever, and soon it was back in its right spot. But once again the suction of the Void was too strong. Slowly its tentacles were pulled off, leaving only the metal of its case keeping it safe.

"MER-CYY!" the Dalek cried, its one eye staring at Rose pleadingly. And then it was flung from the lever and into the Void.

Rose was too shocked to do anything but hold on. That could have been her… if she had tried for one more second that would have been her! And that Dalek had just saved her life.


After a moment nothing more came flying by, and the tornado around them began to quieten. She watched as the light on the far wall dimmed. At first there were shadows across it like rippling water and then the shadows crumpled like paper and folded in on itself, until it was nothing but a huge white wall again.

Staring at it in shock, it took a few seconds for her to finally let go of the clamp. She looked over at the Doctor in relief. He was staring back at her, worry and relief and joy all clearly written on his face. Then the next thing she knew she was running into his arms, which were ready to catch her and pull her to him.

"Oh god, I thought I'd nearly lost you for a second!" he cried, not letting go of her. All the air was being crushed from her body and her arms ached, but she really didn't care.

"You'll never get rid of me!" she told him. "Wow, I have never been so thankful for a Dalek in my life!"

"I'm telling you, if it hadn't been sucked into the Void I would have given it a hug." Finally he put her down, but he didn't let go. He didn't dare let her stand more than a few inches away. All he could do was smile at her, and she smiled back.

Soon her smile faltered slightly, and he saw her eyes flick to the yellow dimension jump button.

"The – the breach, it's closed forever now isn't it?" she asked, a hint of sadness pouring into her voice.

"Yes," he told her softly. She nodded, looking at the ground. This had been her choice after all. The Doctor couldn't stand seeing her like this, trying to put on a brave face, even though her heart was slowly breaking. Once again he pulled her to him, but this time it was to comfort her. "There… there might be a way," he whispered into her hair. "To say goodbye. I'm so sorry Rose. The walls of the universe are closed, I can't give you anymore than that…"

"Doctor," she said, looking up at him, her chin pressed against his chest. "You've already given me everything. I'm not alone… And neither is she, she has Pete now. And Mickey's over there too and…"

She buried her head back in his shoulder, unable to carry on. He held her for a while longer, comforting her. And then, soon came the sounds of sirens, voices, and footsteps as people came to investigate and clean up the mess. He was not one for sticking around to answer questions, especially not these types of ones. And Rose was in no state to help clean up. He needed to get her somewhere comfortable, so she could rest.

"Come on," he said to her, gently leading her away. "Let's go home."