sorry for the long wait but here's chapter 4

WARNING : language

Gumball and Penny looked at the bush and saw Darwin coming out of the bush. He looked kind of worried and scared though.

Darwin "Oh hey Darwin," said Gumball upset ,"Where's your buddy Tobias?" Darwin shivered in chills. "Uh h-hes walking around the forest?" said Darwin.

"Okay so how are you doing," said Gumball , "Uh... I'm-I'm doing-doing f-fine! said Darwin really scared like. "Uh are you okay?" asked Penny, "Yeah I'm fine why do you ask?,"replied Darwin

"Oh nothing its just you seem different today and really scared." said Penny. "Uh uh uh... I'm not scared I'm just uh... HEY! Gumball I never knew how tall you were! said Darwin.

"Um... really?" asked Gumball. "Are you trying to change the subject Darwin?" Penny asked. Darwin stayed silent

"Uh hello? Darwin... Darwin! earth to Darwin Oh my God! your arm and legs," said Penny. "What happen to your legs?" said Gumball.

Darwin remembered when Tobias tortured him to turn on his step-bro. "Uh... I tripped,"Darwin replied

"Really? I don't think you could get that much blood in your arm and legs just by tripping?," said Penny.

Darwin couldn't take it any more and lost it. "AAAHHH! You two ask to many questions! I can't take it anymore! what is this 20 questions?," yelled Darwin running to Gumball.

Darwin tackled Gumball and started fish slapping him across the face. "Take That! and that you son of a bitch!"Darwin yelled. "Darwin! get the hell off of me! Gumball yelled Ouch! ouch! ouch!."

"Darwin get off of him!," Penny yelled trying to grab him. "You stay out of this bitch!" Darwin kicked Penny in the face.

"PENNY!" Gumball yelled "Get the fuck off of me!" Gumball punched Darwin in the face and Darwin ran back to the bush. "Have you clearly lost your mind! yelled Gumball angry.

What did me and Penny do to you! Gumball yelled looking at his so called step bro. " I-I'm so sorry" said Darwin crying "Its not my fault he made me do it!...

"Wait what do you mean he? who's he?" asked Gumball. Darwin did not answer and ran back deep inside the forest of doom.

Gumball was really freaked of what just happened and wondering who is the person who made Darwin do that? Gumball rushed to Penny and picked her up. "Come on Penny lets get out of here and walk around and forget what just happened," said Gumball. Penny got up and smiled "Okay. Gumball but... my face hurts," said Penny giggling.

"Well don't worry Penny at least you didn't get eat by a tree," Gumball said laughing. o. Penny laughed remembering that day.

Then they continued to walk and chat.

So sorry that its short I just needed to make tis quick chapter, so I cold make the next chapter more longer and violent.