Title : For this Child

Author : Katiyana

Disclaimer : All identifiable characters aren't mine.

Chapter 1

"It's amazing how she's really taken to you, Andrew," said Elyse with a soft smile. Her smile was tinged with sadness as she glanced over at the blonde angel cradling the tiny five year old girl securely in his arms. The child had succumbed to sleep on his shoulder while Andrew gently rocked the wheelchair and traced soothing circles on her little back, lulled by the soothing motions and the warm glow of sunshine.

"I'm going to put her down in her room. I'll be back," whispered Andrew, getting up very carefully to avoid disturbing Amy.

The two angels seated on the sofa watched silently as Andrew carried the little girl out of the living room.

"This is a lovely house. Thank you for having me over, Monica," said Elyse, when Andrew had left.

"Thank you. We thought that you would actually like to see how wee Amy was doing at home with us. I know I tell you all about her but sometimes it's just not the same, is it? You cared for her for so long," said Monica.

"It's an absolute marvel. I haven't seen her so joyful and content in a while. She's had such a hard time, the poor darling. She just started needing so much more care than I could give her with all the other kids around. She was devastated when they took her little brother Chris away. The couple who adopted him were wonderful but they only wanted Chris and they felt that they had no place for little Amy.

She must have been sick by that time, I guess. After Chris had to go, she just started to waste away. She couldn't understand. How could she? And none of the rest could cheer her up though they really tried, bless their little hearts! Then she had that horrible fever. We didn't think she was going to pull through but she did. Only for the doctors to say that she has leukaemia," said Elyse with a heavy sigh.

"And then He provided two angels to care for His wee one," reminded Monica sweetly.

"Yes, you're right, of course He did, Monica," agreed Elyse, sipping at her coffee.

"But I'm afraid that there may yet be more challenges for the little one ahead, angels," said a deep, kindly voice as an elderly angel appeared.

"Hello, Sam," greeted Monica cheerfully.

"Hello, Sam," echoed Elyse, her tone was more wary.

"What else could such a little girl possibly have to go through?" asked Elyse with a frown.

"Her family are looking for her," said Sam gravely.

"Oh, that's wonderful!" exclaimed the Irish angel joyfully.

"No, it's not, Monica," said Elyse, staring at Sam. Her expression became worried.

"But why?" asked Monica taking in the serious expressions' on the faces of her fellow angels.

"Monica, Chris and Amy were taken away from their parents by Child Services. Their parents were both drug users and from what we can gather, the father was sexually abusive towards Amy. But I know that he died some time ago. Her mother was in prison.

Everyone who's cared for and worked with Amy feel that she was possibly abused by more men than just her father. She was such a scared, fragile little thing. She's petrified of men. That's why I'm so in awe when I see how content she is with Andrew. We've only ever had women working with her. At one point early on, she started screaming as soon as she saw an adult male," explained Elyse with a haunted look.

"What? Oh, how terrible! I never realized how awful the past was for her," gasped Monica. She had simply been told that Amy needed parents to care for her and Monica was more than happy to mother the sweet little girl. She only knew that Amy had been through some hard times lately with having an aggressive form of leukaemia and had mistakenly assumed that she was in a foster home because her parents had passed on. Monica had not thought to dig any deeper into Amy's past as there was already so much to deal with at present. They had just settled into a comfortable routine in the past week, though Amy had been living with them for a month now.

"Hello, Sam," acknowledged Andrew, as he returned to the room.

"She went down fine," he nodded to Monica.

Andrew knew that Sam's presence heralded difficult times. He hoped against hope that it was not more pain for the sweet little girl that he had just placed in bed. Andrew knew that he would have to take her Home sometime soon. But he knew that would not be for at least a few months yet.

"You might want to take a seat, Andrew. This is going to take some time," said Sam patiently.

Looking at Monica's upset expression, Andrew mentally braced himself for what Sam was about to say.

"Her mother was released on a technicality. She's looking for her children but has already started a relationship with another dangerous and cruel man. She mainly wants Amy because of what she's found out about Amy's father's family. They are rich but ruthless. She and her boyfriend think that if she can gain custody of Amy, she can gain some financial wealth through Amy's connection with that family.

But that's not all. Amy's father's family is rich and influential and they have also recently discovered where Amy is. Her grandmother is a proud woman who would do anything to protect her family's name and reputation. She wants to find Amy so that she can prevent the girl ever telling the truth about her father's abuse. It was bad enough that he was a drug dealer and user but she has found a way for her family to recover from that. If the society that the family move in find out that Amy was also sexually molested by her father, it would not be as easy to sweep under the carpet," said Sam.

"I still can't understand how they can treat their children like that," murmured Elyse, after a period of stunned silence, as the three younger angels processed Sam's information.

"She's already been through so much," said Andrew with a sigh.

"Yes and you're doing a good job at helping her heal, Andrew. Now you and Monica need to be there for her because she's too little to fight these battles alone," said Sam.

Monica was too overwhelmed to say anything. Her eyes had welled up with tears and she was desperately trying to keep her human emotions in check as she listened to Amy's sad past and current predicament. Her tender heart bled and broke as she realized how much her little foster daughter had endured in her short life. Each revelation seemed to slice through her like a knife.

Andrew glanced worriedly at Monica, instantly sensing her distress. She had always worn her heart on her sleeve and the past few weeks of living and parenting Amy together had further attenuated his senses towards her feelings. Monica was in a lot of pain and Andrew could almost feel it hurt him physically too.

"What do we do?" asked Elyse. She trusted in the Lord but she also knew that as humans had free will, the consequences could be disastrous. Especially to Amy, who surely had experienced enough traumas for a lifetime.

"You have the information that you need. And when the time comes, you will have what you need to support Amy through this. If you need any more answers, you'll need to ask the Father himself," said Sam gently.

"Why are you telling us this? Why not Tess? She's the one who normally supervises us," asked Andrew, fighting the urge to get up from his seat and engulf Monica in his arms.

Sam did not answer immediately. It appeared to everyone that he gave a lot of thought to his answer.

"Tess may visit from time to time during your current assignment as it will be a long one but I will be your direct supervisor," said Sam.

After another silence, Andrew asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Why can't Tess?" persisted Andrew.

"She worked on an assignment involving Amy's father and his family. She feels that she would not be able to perform as well as usual on this assignment so she asked to be excused," explained Sam.

Andrew, Monica and Elyse exchanged anxious glances. This was extremely unusual as Tess was known to be an incredibly wise, able and gifted supervisor. If she felt the need to excuse herself and Sam's supervision was required, the three angels knew that this would be a truly extraordinary assignment.

"So what happens now?" asked Elyse quietly.

Sam told her, "Your task is to go on and work with the children in the foster care home that you're in. Those children need a stable home until they can get to where they're going. And support Monica and Andrew in fighting for Amy."

He then turned to include both Andrew and Monica in his gaze.

"The both of you will be confined to your human forms for the rest of this assignment, however long it may take. That means that you will function within the limits and capacity of being human in every way though you are still by nature angels.

You will have to work together to provide the love and care that Amy needs and shield her from what will come. Trust in the Father and in the union that you have as a married couple. Love is what will triumph in the end but it seems like this could get very ugly for your little family," said Sam slowly.

Andrew gave into the urge to leave his seat to sit and wrap his arms tightly around Monica. Elyse had moved to another seat.

"And now these three remain : faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love," quoted Elyse as she looked at the couple on the couch. She smiled bravely, cheered by the love she could feel emanating from them. Marvelling at their obvious love for each other. Thanking God for the wonderful way that they had taken Amy to their hearts and were caring for her. Yes, the Father had provided abundantly for little Amy. They would get through this together. They were going to be fine.

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