Title : For this Child

Author : Katiyana

Disclaimer : All identifiable characters aren't mine.

Chapter 6

"Hey, are you okay?" asked Gloria as she saw the young woman staring wide eyed at the television screen in the shop window with her hands clasped over her mouth.

"What? I, oh. No, I'm fine. It's okay. I'm fine," muttered the young woman repetitively as she rushed away.

Gloria stared after her curiously then she looked into the shop window the woman had been peering into. It displayed a range of plasma televisions all tuned into a single news channel. Currently it was the sports report being broadcast. She wondered why that would upset the young woman so much.

Then Gloria stood still, cocked her head slightly like she was listening to something for a few seconds and with a shrug, walked away.

"Hello there, I do hope that you're feeling better," greeted Gloria cheerily as she noticed the young woman she had seen previously sitting on a bench in the park.

The woman looked up at her with dark frightened eyes it was obvious that she had been crying. Gloria's soft heart melted and she sat down next to her to try to comfort her.

"Hey, what's wrong? Do you need any help?" she asked kindly.

For some reason, the woman felt that she could trust Gloria. She looked around with terrified eyes and looked back at Gloria mutely.

"What's your name?" asked Gloria.

"Constance," was a soft whisper.

"Hi, Constance. My name is Gloria. Now would you like to tell me why you're sitting on a bench in a park on a beautiful day and crying?" asked Gloria gently.

Constance lowered her eyes and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. Gloria resisted the urge to shift impatiently. Humans tended to take their time about doing things. She had learned quite early on that you could not hurry people along.

"I'm scared," started Constance.

"And why's that?" prodded Gloria after a pause.

Constance lowered her voice again, "I think I know how to find the little girl," she mumbled.

Gloria leaned closer.

"What do you mean, Constance?" she prompted, praying that it meant what she hoped it did.

"The little girl on tv, that got kidnapped. I ... I think I know who took her," continued Constance softly.

"Do you know where she is?" asked Gloria, trying to rein in her impatience.

Her heart fell as Constance shook her head.

"But I've seen her picture. They were arguing with Madame. They had a photograph of the little girl. But she looked scared," said Constance fearfully.

"Constance, you need to go to the police station and tell the police what you've just told me. This could help in rescuing that little girl," said Gloria.

"But I could lose my job," moaned Constance hesitantly.

"Constance," said Gloria, turning her so that she could look into her eyes.

"I know that this is very difficult for you. But please think about that little girl. She was taken from her family who love her very much. She's scared and sick and far away from home. If that were your daughter, wouldn't you be praying for someone to help bring her home?" she appealed gently.

Constance's eyes filled with tears again and she shut them tightly as she nodded.

"Would you like me to go with you?" asked Gloria.

Constance nodded again and stood up with Gloria to make their way to the nearest police station.

The information that she provided gave the police a solid lead to follow up. She had no idea who the people were who had argued with her employer. But the police found out that the lady Constance worked for as a housemaid was Amy's biological grandmother.

However, from Constance's testimony, they knew that the child was not in the house and must be somewhere with the people who had the photograph of her. Constance was able to identify one of them as Amy's biological mother from recent photographs.

The police bided their time and kept a close watch on the Amy's grandmother's house. They also managed to obtain a warrant to tap her phone line. It was another two days before they got any results. A suspicious telephone conversation led them to investigate an old abandoned house on the outskirts of town.

Rafael heaved a sigh of great relief when he heard the police entering the building that Amy was imprisoned in. He gently woke the little girl up and hugged her close as the police searched though the building before finally finding the door to the basement. He knew that Amy hated the dark. She was very weak and tired. They had barely fed her and it was cold down in the basement. Rafael was glad that they had found her. If they had not, then it might have been Andrew who had to come and take her home. He knew that it would be incredibly difficult for his fair-haired friend.

# * # * # * # * #

Amy drifted in and out of sleep as she was whisked away to the hospital and checked over. She opened her eyes long enough to smile a sweet smile at her parents when they came to see her at the hospital. She was so tired. She felt herself being kissed and hugged endlessly. She was safe again. She felt very happy and content, falling back into an exhausted slumber. Rafael had stayed with her. But now she was back with her parents so Rafael was gone, she understood why he had to go for now.

"So miracles do happen," commented Detective Allen to his partner as they got back into their car in the hospital parking lot.

"That was a nasty business. What a horrible family, the poor little thing," sighed Detective Morgan.

"She was just born into that family. But she's got a family that loves her now. And I think that they're going to be okay," said Detective Allen with a soft smile.

Constance hung back as Monica walked up to her with eyes full of gratitude.

"Thank you. Gloria told me all about what you did, Constance. Thank you for being so brave and helping us to find Amy," said Monica holding her hands.

"But I nearly didn't do it," sighed Constance dejectedly.

"Oh, Constance. The important thing is that you did do it. You did what needed to be done. God is so proud of you and He loves you no matter how you feel. He loves you no matter what happens," said Monica glowing angelically.

Constance stepped back in surprise and awe at the sight. Monica smiled as she reassured the young woman and told her of God's love and care for her. It was a defining moment for Constance as she accepted God's words for her own life to hold on to for all time.