"Cam, we have a crisis." Angela's emphatic entrance caused Dr. Saroyan to look up from the exam table where she was attempting to disentangle a gooey mass. Taking off her safety glasses, she wearily wiped her forehead with the back of a gloved hand.

"Oh God, please don't tell me it has to do with the Cleary case. Because the prosecutor's office is breathing down my neck on this one and I can't take one more harassing phone call or email. Caroline Julian is going to be moving in with us any minute now. I hope those DNA samples we sent out for testing didn't really get lost. I'm still trying to figure out how that could have happened. All these new interns, it's…"

Angela shook her head. "Oh, it's much worse than that, believe me. This is a real emergency. Booth and Brennan had a fight."

It was clear from Cam's expression that she didn't necessarily think the news was all that momentous; it wasn't, after all, the couple's first argument-they had all seen several before. And knowing them, it probably wouldn't be their last. "Please don't think I'm being dismissive here, but how can a fight between Dr. Brennan and Booth be worst than losing DNA samples in a high-profile case?"

"Apparently, this was not a little fight." Angela's eyebrows rose just a bit to underscore her point. "And you know what happens when all is not well in our dynamic duo's bat-cave. Do you really want Booth moping around, terrifying all the new the interns and making them even more nervous than they already are while trying to get his girlfriend's attention? Or worse yet, Brennan snapping at everyone from morning to night? Because that's exactly what's going to happen. She'll spend every waking moment here like she always does when things outside aren't looking too good."

"Okay, maybe you're right." Cam was already picturing the grim scenario in her mind; she had plenty of material to work with. "Neither of those prospects is very appealing. So what was the fight about? Did she tell you?"

A self-satisfied smile appeared on Angela's lips. "I actually found out from Sweets. He said he had to deal with a 'situation' between Brennan and Booth, and I made him squeal-he's too easy; like taking candy from a baby. Booth must have said something to him. It so happens that Brennan asked Booth to move in with her."

Cam couldn't hide her delight as she made a little clapping motion. "That's great-it's so exciting! And what's the problem? I mean, it's about time. I would think Dr. Brennan would be happy not having to cart her things from one place to another, especially now that she's out to there. And Booth? He's got to be in seventh heaven." There was a small pause, and she became doubtful. "But wait, that would be way too easy for them, right?"

"Yup, you got it-and that's why she's the boss, ladies and gentlemen! According to Sweets, the request was not well-received. It seems there was a discussion about how he has too much stuff for her place. She also doesn't want to accept any of his money for their expenses, since the place is hers and it's already paid for."

"Uh oh" Cam replied wearily. "This is not good. I know Seeley and those are two very touchy subjects."

"It gets better" Angela said, placing her hands on her hips. "Sweets seems to have some notion that he can help the happy couple sort things out. We all know how well his advice worked the last time. Didn't Booth end up proposing to Hannah and then getting dumped? It's lucky this was how it went and it didn't end up in a Booth-Burley wedding."

Cam agreed. "Yes; and before that, Booth asked Dr. Brennan to go out with him on a dare from Sweets and I promptly lost most of my staff to an episode of Globe Trekkers. It's a good thing you intercepted him before the damage was done. Who knows what God-forsaken corner of the world they'd end up going to otherwise." Angela nodded.

"Well, don't worry about Sweets; I think I pretty much neutralized that threat. I told him this was a job for real relationship professionals and not rank amateurs like himself. And I happen to have my own little blackmail stash to use against him in case he persists with the idea of 'helping,' as he calls it." She had Cam's full attention.

"Oh, anything juicy that you care to share?"

"Oh yeah; it's juicy alright" Angela grinned conspiratorially. "Brennan told me a while back that the reason Sweets didn't tell her that Booth wasn't really dead that one time he got shot is because Sweets was conducting some sort of little behavioral research at their expense. Booth still doesn't know. So I warned him that if he didn't leave Brennan and Booth alone on this one, I was going to make sure that Booth got that little piece of missing information. You should have seen his face-I left him speechless." A vision of Sweets, his mouth open like a fish, was still fresh in her memory and it made Angela laugh.

"So that takes care of the little problem. What do you propose that we do about the big one?"

"Divide and conquer Cam, pure and simple. You take Booth and I'll take Brennan. We've got to get this straightened away pronto, or we're both going to be on the receiving end of some pretty juvenile behavior. And I already have enough of that at home."

Cam sympathized; now that she had guided a person through adolescence she understood that parenthood could get ugly. "Has little Michael been giving you that much trouble already?"

"Are you kidding? Michaels's good; I was actually talking about Hodgins." The women laughed as Angela began to make her exit.

With a resigned shrug of her shoulders, Cam proceeded to take off the gloves and wash her hands. There was just no rest for the wicked, she thought. "Okay, then. I guess the Cleary case can wait a few more hours. I'll tell Wendell to stall Caroline if she calls-poor guy. And maybe we can find a St. Anthony statue somewhere around here that we can put to good use in finding those DNA samples." Angela looked puzzled. Rolling her eyes at her own reference, Cam shook her head. "Don't mind me Angela; I think I've been around Booth too long."