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Harry bounced on the balls of his feet, watching for the train to come 'round the bend. Seven years of anxious waiting through numerous pick-ups hadn't dulled the excitement or the mild anxiety that came with worries his sensible half knew were completely unfounded. Hadn't he himself ridden the train several times without incident?

Dementors invading, and having his nose broken by the man at his side notwithstanding, of course. Unusual circumstances, both. At least he knew from Hermione's tightly clasped hands that she was suffering the same as he was. They shared understanding glances while their husbands sent one another exasperated ones over their heads. Harry, though, sensed it and elbowed his husband mildly, turning an amused look his way.

"The train's late."

Draco Malfoy-Potter rolled his eyes, carting a hand through his hair and aiming that exasperated glance at his husband this time. "Harry, that train isn't even supposed to be in the station yet. We have about another..." He lifted his right arm, shucking back his sleeve and taking a glance at the silver plated watch on his wrist. "Another five minutes before it is even supposed to arrive."

"It's late," Harry insisted, tempted to lean forward on the platform to try and see the train. Maybe if he squinted... "I want to see the boys."

Grabbing the collar of his husband's plain black robe, Draco jerked him back lightly away from the edge of the platform. "As do I. They are my sons as well, or do you not remember the lovely Blood Adoption we went through for one of them?" He pressed a fleeting kiss against Harry's cheek, ignoring the envious, patronizing stares from a few witches and wizards here for the same reasons as them: Winter Holiday pickup. He'd grown used to it over the years. "Now relax. Merlin, Potter, you're giving me a headache."

"Well, I want to know about this boy Scorpius said is coming home with him. What if we don't like him? We'll have to tolerate him." Harry found Draco's hand and gripped. "And Christmas won't be the same without Hugo around."

Hermione bit her lip at that. Hugo had sent a letter a couple of weeks back, asking if he could spend the Winter Holidays with his new boyfriend. She'd only agreed because Ron had pushed her into it and was even now casting wary looks at all the surrounding parents. Hugo could be going home with any of them. How could she have agreed to send her baby boy to someone else's home? She had a vague suspicion but now, with the train drawing nearer, she was doubting it.

"I swear Harry, if you weren't my husband, I'd smack you upside the head." Draco squeezed back against the grip surrounding his hand anyway. "We'll be fine. Scorpius grew up knowing how to make right choices, and I'm sure that pushed through to his choices in boyfriends as well." He tugged his husband closer, wrapping an arm snugly around his covered waist. Turning to whisper lightly against Harry's ear, Draco made sure to be a warm weight against Harry's side, hopefully to help calm him down slightly. "Relax."

"I'm trying, but I'm worried about James too. He's in Morocco, for Godric's sake. And I don't even know where Teddy is right now." Which was a constant, nagging source of irritation. As Head Auror, he should bloody well know what the Hit Wizards were up to. He wrung his hands together nervously, his mind torn in the direction of all of his sons. James on an international homicide, Teddy doing Merlin-knows-what, Scorpius with a new boyfriend, and Al... Well, Albus was no trouble. Thank Merlin for Al or Harry's stress levels would probably drag him into heart attack territory.

"For Merlin's sake, love. Calm down. James is a trained Auror. You trained him well. Teddy knows what he is doing and will send us letters whenever he can, you know that." Draco's hand found its way around the edge of Harry's robes and under his shirt to lightly caress his spine. "Albus is perfectly fine, we just heard from him yesterday. And for Scorpius... Well, bloody Merlin. Even being my first blood child I can see more Potter in him than Malfoy." Draco chuckled wistfully, lifting his free hand to tuck some longer strands of blonde hair behind his ears. "He's rambunctious and loves breaking rules. But he is smart enough to know what he is doing. Besides, he is our own little troublesome Quidditch star, isn't he?"

Not even a week ago, Draco and Harry had the pleasure of waking up to the morning Prophet that was delivered with an owl from Hogwarts.

'SCORPIUS MALFOY-POTTER. NEW SEEKER FOR BALLYCASTLE BATS,' was screamed across the title in big black letters. Draco hadn't stopped grinning that entire day.

"Drafted to the team before his seventh year is officially over," Harry recalled, lips curving. And the brunette was ridiculously proud that his son was being responsible enough to stay at Hogwarts for his last year despite it.

"Yes, now stop being a petulant little Gryffindor and start being Harry Potter-Malfoy. We aren't fidgeting about the fact that the train is supposedly 'late.'" Draco chuckled sardonically as Ron spoke up from a few feet away with an indignant cry. "It should be here so-"

A shrill whistle broke through the crisp winter air, Draco's head jerking up to glance down the platform.

"Yes!" Harry grinned widely, giving his husband a firm, pleased kiss. Twelve years together hadn't dulled the reaction or the affection between the two of them, even their rings still gleaming like new. "Next time, we're arriving late so I don't have to go through this." Which he said every single time, yet still insisted on leaving home entirely too early.

Draco chuckled, shaking his head at his husband's wistfulness as the train, bright red and utterly beautiful, even after all these years, pulled to a stop, Harry dashing off to go and find their final two sons, their last two Hogwarts students.

He saw Al first, which was fairly surprising considering how willowy the boy was. He wasn't altogether tall, particularly not when compared to Scorpius or Hugo, but those Slytherin green robes and the shiny Head Boy badge stuck out to Harry like a glaring thumb. Of all the boys to end up in Slytherin, Harry really hadn't expected it of Albus.

The boy - young man - fuck, was he really going to be eighteen next month? - turned when he heard his name called and pushed through the crowd to meet his father. "Pop! I missed you like crazy! Where's dad?"

"Much slower than me as usual." Harry stepped back, gripping his youngest son's forearms. Had it really been just a few months since he'd seen him last? "How's being Head Boy?"

"Harder than I thought, but I like it." Out of them all, he tended to be the most responsible. Harry was grateful for it.

"I'm not much slower, husband dearest. I just know that my son isn't going to vanish if I don't carry him off the train." The tone was sardonic, but Draco had a soft smile curving against his lips as Al rushed for to wrap his arms around his waist, hugging him tightly with a small laugh of 'dad!' Draco wrapped his arms around Albus's shoulders, hugging him to his chest tightly. "It's wonderful to see you, son."

"You don't really know that. We could vanish, you know, in a sea of people with no way home." He grinned widely, excited to tell them about the bit of property he'd negotiated via Owl Post over the past month, but deciding that he should leave their heart attacks for Scorpius and his boyfriend. He could hardly wait to see the expressions on their faces. "Good to see you too, though. I missed you."

Draco pulled away with a roll of pewter coloured irises. "Please, no. I don't need my husband going all 'Head Auror' on Platform 9 ¾. Thank you very much."

"Like he did in James's Third Year when his trunk was stuck in the overhead?" He'd run onto the train pretty much in a blind panic to find both Teddy and James struggling to get the thing down. "That was rather funny, you have to admit."

"It was not," Harry grumbled, tugging at his youngest's hair, though he was feeling prickles of unease at the lack of Scorpius. "Where's your brother?"

"Snogging his boyfriend, most likely."

Instincts humming, Harry's eyes narrowed a fraction. "Right. The boyfriend. Who is it?"

"Oh, you'll know in a minute." When the brunette opened his mouth to argue, Albus laughed. "Pop, really. I can guarantee you'll like him."

Draco raised an eyebrow, The Eyebrow, lips poised to rapidly fire questions at his son, but they were put on hold the minute he was tackled from behind with a blissful cry of "Dad!"


Harry's grin somehow widened at the sight of his son, already out of his Ravenclaw robes in contrast to Albus. Relief washed through him and it was as though the worry had never been there in the first place. His boys were there, safe and sound. And when James wrapped up his case and when Teddy came home from who-knows-where, he'd have all four of them again. Because Teddy was not staying at Grimmauld Place over this holiday. Absolutely not.

Draco turned, drawing his only blood son into his arms, face burrowing against locks of bright blonde hair. "Hello Scorpius."

"Hi, dad. Missed you." With a laugh, Scorpius hugged back, arms around his dad's waist just as tightly. "Missed you too, papa!" Scorpius laughed, getting a peak of Harry's dark brown hair from over Draco's shoulder. Scorpius had gotten so tall.

Now close to towering over his already tall enough father, Draco, Scorpius was filling into his body, no longer the emaciated, muscle-lacking five year old boy Harry was first faced with all those years ago. Hair a darker blonde than his dad's, eyes brightening to be a crystallized blue, though the green flecks had never diminished, cheeks red with laughter (and maybe from a little exertion at a wonderful snogging session via his adorably handsome boyfriend), Scorpius Malfoy-Potter was handsome, both his fathers could agree. And how could he not be? the Prophet always questioned. What, with fathers like Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, one of the youngest, true to blood, Malfoy-Potter children couldn't be anything but good looking.

"We missed you too, Quidditch star. The Bats blew away the Cannons in the last match and Ron was beside himself wondering who to root for." Which was saying quite a lot about how much the Weasley cared for the young Malfoy-Potter. Ron was almost painfully loyal to the pitiful team and had been to many years to bother thinking about it. "Congratulations on making the team!"

Scorpius pulled away with a bright smile, darting around his dad to rush up to his papa and giving him a tight hug, towering over the poor Head Auror by at least half a foot. "Thanks, papa! I'm so excited to be back!"

He laughed, hugging his son tightly. "Missed you, kiddo."

Scorpius pulled back with a laugh, happiness dancing against clear ice-blue eyes. "Now! I want to introduce you to someone!" Giddiness danced along his body, quelling at the rapidly blooming nervousness in his chest.

"It's about bloody time," Harry muttered. Draco nodded in agreement, a curious gaze tightening against the lines of his face.

"Harry! Draco!" A chipper voice called out, a bright flash of ginger hair and Hugo Weasley appeared before the Potter-Malfoys with a rambunctious laugh.

"Hugo!" Harry gathered the boy in his arms for a quick hug. Why were they all growing?

"Dad, Papa-"

"We were just about to meet Scorp's new boyfriend. Any secrets you can tell us?"

Hugo's lips twitched with amusement. "One or two."

Albus snorted, but said nothing further on the matter. "Oh, there's Hermione and Ron; they found Rose. I should go say hi." Grinning, ignoring the look Scorpius was sending him, he sailed off into the crowd.

Scorpius blushed under the heavy gaze from his fathers. "Well, dad, papa, you see- I..."

"Scorp! Hugo! Have a good holi'ay! Enjoy yer anniversary, yeah?" A voice shouted from the crowd, a student garbed in bright blue Quidditch robes was being led from the Platform by his parents, a smirking grin wide on his lips. Alexander Thomas, Keeper on Scorpius's Quidditch team. Bloody bugger.

Hugo very nearly groaned, looking over his shoulder instead. "Shut it, Thomas! Mind your own!"

Harry was looking between the two boys, clicking things together. "You two?"

Scorpius groaned, Hugo's arms subtly wrapping around the taller teen's waist in comfort. "Papa- Please, I just-"

"You and Hugo?" Draco echoed in shock, his dark, black winter robes fluttering as the Hogwarts Express let out a puff of steam.

"Well... yeah." Hugo gave Scorpius a squeeze. "Just... sort of happened."

"Thank Merlin! Someone I like!" Harry laughed, grabbing both boys in an embrace. "Godric, won't Hermione be relieved?"

"I think she already is," Draco grumbled, glancing at the brunette Healer a few feet behind them on the platform who was smiling at them with an all-knowing, and relieved, grin.

Waiting until Scorpius and Hugo untangled themselves from his husband's vice-like embrace, Draco drew Scorpius into his arms. "It had to be a Weasley?"

The young man laughed warmly. "Sorry, dad."

"There's nothing wrong with Weasleys," was Ron's opinion. He clapped a hand on Hugo's shoulder. "A Malfoy, though?"

"He's half-Potter," Hugo pointed out, "so he's not all bad."

Harry laughed, swooping up the curly-haired redhead when she barrelled into him. "Rosie, how's Hogwarts?"

The Second Year Gryffindor laughed aloud, tucking an arm around Harry's neck. "It's the best! The password this year is so silly."

"Don't go shouting it on the platform," her brother cautioned, grinning. He twirled his mother into his arms when she came close enough, holding on. "So this is my boyfriend and his family, mum. I can still spend the holiday over at his house?"

She twisted his ear, then laughed into it. "Yes, of course. You boys are absolutely ridiculous, and you both get it from your fathers. But you couldn't have made a better choice, honestly." She'd seen the flirtation, while mild, in them over the summer. And she'd been hoping for this very thing since she'd gotten Hugo's letter.

Scorpius cheered happily, laughing as Hugo tackled him with some form of a hug, holding the taller teen tightly in his arms. "Hu! Hu!" He laughed, their parents watching on in quiet amusement. Rose made a gagging gesture that was largely ignored.

"Well, I think it's time we head home, don't you think?" Draco called out, tucking long strands of light blonde hair behind his ears.

"Absolutely," Harry agreed. "I'm bloody starving."

Nods of agreement echoed through the familiar group as they all turned to grab trunks and cages and walk towards the exit to the Platform to apparate safely. Scorpius, hand reaching down to grab the snowy white owl his fathers had bought him as a gift seven years ago, paused. Beady yellow eyes tilted against tawny coloured feathers, watching him from nearby as he turned his body. Glancing towards his parents, boyfriend, and his family, Scorpius called out, "I'll catch up in a minute," and waved a hand towards and few lingering Ravenclaw robed students, hoping it looked as if he were going to ask them a quick question.

Turning away and dipping into the crowd without waiting for assent, Scorpius dodged around lingering witches and wizards, a sense of foreboding, a sinking feeling in his chest, slowly beginning to form. He paused. The owl glanced down at him. It held its leg out.

There, wrapped in a soft purple bow was another letter. Years. Years he had been seeing that same purple bow attached to a letter that would only dig him deeper into a hole he could only hope to get out of. Reaching up a sweaty, apprehensive hand, Scorpius untied this newest letter. The owl, sickeningly familiar tawny feathers and beady yellow eyes, fluttered out of the station.

Scorpius scanned the letter, quivered at the contents and did a few mental calculations. He could do it. Sighing, he shoved the parchment into the pocket of his robes and ran after his family.

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