A.N: Little Nations a sweet mpreg story that will eventually feature love interests of their children. Main pairings are USUK, GerIta, ChuNi, SpaMano and FranAda. Obviously to help stop confusion I will try to separate the main pairing into different chapters. I plan to say what pairing the chapter is centred on, I'm afraid you'll have to read a lemon in every chapter for the first five due to them all being main pairing based. All spelling mistakes through speech are intentional due to accent.

Warning: Lemon boyxboy mpreg you know the drill.

This pairing is USUK so expect USUK lemony goodness.

Key: AxA = America and England's paragraph

FxM = France and Canada's paragraph

YxK = China and Japan's paragraph

LxF = Germany and Italy's paragraph

AxL = Spain and Romano's paragraph

XxX = Time skip

Chapter 1: Hamburger Street

Minna no HERO, Amerika da zo! HAHA!



Nanka kakkoii daro
Sekai no STANDARD sa
Amerika chizu shika mottenai
Kowai no miru to nemurenai


England scowled at the younger Nation lying on the bed his elbow propped up, his face resting on his hand. "Come on Iggy."

England rolled his eyes "I told you not to call me that."

America ran his finger over the silken sheets "Arthur. Hop in."

England rolled his eyes again "No. I told you already I don't feel well."

America smiled coyly drawing circles in the sheets "I can make you feel better Artie."

"No." England folded his arms then scowled at the roundness of his tummy. His usually flat tummy stuck out the tiniest fraction like it was swollen.

"Iggy come on."

England sighed "Fine" he crawled into bed with America. America wound his arms around his love. England pushed America back "Get off you soppy git." America grinned patting the sheets over his lower half.

England straddled the American, he placed his hands on his chest "Well we better get on with this." America smiled hugely pushing into the British. England gasped arching his back.

"Wow Iggy you get better." America moaned.

England rested his head on America's shoulder, the room spinning slightly. America was blissfully unaware of England's stomach tensing as he thrusted happily into his lover.

"Al-Alfred, stop." England groaned the heaviness in his stomach becoming heavier "Alfred let go." He murmured starting to struggle.

America nuzzled him happily "Mmm I love you Artie."

England hung his head groaning, he couldn't keep it back anymore, he threw up on America.

"Dude!" he yelped.

England scowled "I said I didn't feel well you dunce! And I said stop! I told you to let me go!"

America smiled weakly "It's okay dude I still love you even though you hurled up on me." England crawled off America tears falling down his face, he ran into the bathroom.

America ran after him, he tried to open the door but it was locked. "Arthur, open the door."

England's voice came back quietly "No."

"Please." America begged.

England buried his face in his arms. His knees huddled to his chest "I'm not opening the door! I puked on you. And I'm getting fat!"

America sighed resting his head on the door "Please Arthur. I need a shower."

England sobbed "No. If I get fatter, then you won't love me anymore! You'll just go trolloping off with someone thinner than me! And I'll die fat and lonely just watching you run around with a pretty lover who's-"

"Arthur! Open the door! Geez!" America interrupted.

England reached up to unlock it and then he moved out the way. America opened the door; kneeling down in front of England he gently ran a thumb along his cheeks drying his tears, gently he kissed England's forehead before taking a shower.

England sat sniffing as he looked at America trying to remember as much as possible of the man he loved. America came out of the shower clean and smelling fresh "Come on Iggy you'll feel better after getting cleaned up."

England sighed and started to freshen up; he brushed his teeth and took a shower then resumed to slump by the bathroom door.

"Arthur you're not getting fat. You're as beautiful as ever dude." America reassured him; kneeling down in front of him he tilted England's face up to meet his.

England pulled his face away sobbing "I'm bloody-"

"Gorgeous." America interrupted; he kissed England gently and dried his tears lovingly.


Eventually America convinced England to go to the conference by showing him that his clothes still hung loosely off his frame so he wasn't getting fat. Italy, who was pregnant by five months now, happily waddled in, his clothes straining against the bump.

Germany was close behind making sure no harm came to his child and the mother. Italy lifted his arms up to Germany, sighing the blond picked him up. England paid no attention to this as his face was currently buried in the table. America waved happily "Dude you're totally huge."

Italy 've'ed' happily "Do you want to feel it move?"

America nodded excitedly "Heck yeah!" Climbing onto the table he crawled over to Italy who took his seat.

England didn't lift his head off the table when the other Nations started pouring in. The only person who paid him any attention was Sealand who poked him curiously "What's wrong?"

England waved him away still not raising his head, France looked at the blond with negative waves seeping out his body. "Aw! Lickle Angleterre is experiencing 'ardships. Do you need me to-"

"I'm not feeling too good France. Do not make me throw up on you." He said gruffly. France withdrew his hand and edged away a little. Sealand wriggled his chair closer to Latvia's.

America eventually came back after nuzzling Italy's moving bump for a few minutes. He grinned to himself "Hey Iggy wouldn't it be cool if we had a kid." He leaned over to the depressed male.

"No." England muttered "It would be retarded like you."

America sighed "You don't know that. It could be-Hey!"

"I rest my case." England answered his head still on the table.


Germany stood at the front of the table to talk about whatever new affairs had arisen. China however wasn't listening to him in the slightest which was unusual for him but he was distracted by his pregnant lover. Japan blushed as China made soft cooing noises to his tummy "My sweet lickle baby is going to wear flowers in her hair yes she is, and a woman's kimono, you'll rook beautiful-aru."

Japan held his three month bump shyly "How do you know she'll be a girl Yao-san?"

China grinned "Simple Kiku-Chan! You're beautiful! And I really want her to be a girl-aru." He sighed happily but then his face fell into a scowl as he looked at England slumped over the table "As long as Yīnggélán doesn't take her." Japan enjoyed the way China had learnt the Japanese honorific and called it him.

Honk Kong glanced at China "But I'm here now."

China nodded "Shì but I missed 187 years of your life-aru." He nuzzled him while placing a protective hand on Japan's tummy.

England glanced up to see China glaring at him "What?"

China huffed puffing out his cheeks in annoyance. Japan murmured something in his ear, China smiled hugely nuzzling Japan's tummy excitedly.

England looked at America who for once looked deep in thought.

"Ah! England!" he bounced onto the table pointing down at England "You're pregnant!" England kicked the table causing America to fall off onto the floor.

Italy cooed "Ooh you're carrying a child too?!"

"No!" England snapped "He's being stupid."


America got up from the floor a lump on his head "I think you ARE pregnant!" he said happily.

"I think you ARE insane!" England said in the same way. America's only answer was hugging him tightly. England glared at him muttering to himself.

Romano shrugged Spain off "Stop it!" He was just as pregnant as his little brother but unlike the happier Italian he wasn't all happy and cuddly. Italy proved this by cuddling his bump happily. Romano scowled as the Spaniard tried to stroke the bump again. "Antonio! Will you stop it?" he yelled.

"But Lovi I only want to talk to mi pequeño precioso." Spain sighed; Romano slapped Spain's hands away.

England shot to his feet angry "Okay hands up who else is bloody pregnant!"

Japan raised his hand slowly, Italy waved his hand in the air, and Romano just folded his arms over his bump in obvious displeasure. Hungary waved her hand smiling happily, Austria huffily glared at Prussia before sticking his hand up slightly making the albino look warily between the female and aristocrat he may have knocked up. France yanked Canada's arm up almost lifting him off the seat, Poland giggled "Like, totally guilty." Lithuania gasped and passed out at the news he may be a father.

America snuck up behind England; he cupped his elbow slowly rising his arm in the air. "Stop that!" England slapped him on top of his head. America just laughed not entirely bothered. "I'm going to the doctor and I'll prove I'm not sodding pregnant!" England said huffily, he turned on his heel leaving the room. America ran after him laughing happily.


England lay curled up on his bed his head under the pillow while America happily ran around cooking excitedly. He couldn't wait for the babies to be born they found out he was carrying twins. England however was less than thrilled in fact he laughed and told the doctor she was lying then stormed out. Ever since the drive home he refused to believe that he was carrying a baby at all let alone two of.

"Arthur! I'm going to bring you some delicious dinner." America called out, he cooked an English dish called 'toad in the hole' which didn't even include toads. It was sausage in a pastry type thing called 'Yorkshire pudding'. America knew he'd never understand the strange English names.

"Arthur!" he placed the dish on the bedroom side table. England's head popped out smelling his favourite meal. America smiled "Is it okay? Does it look good?"

England smiled weakly "It looks beautiful."

America grinned he had the urge to tell him he was eating for three now but he knew England probably wouldn't eat it and sulk instead.

Raising a forkful England hesitantly put it in his mouth, his eyes widened in shock. Chewing and swallowing he smiled "Wow Alfred I have to hand it to you, this is pretty delicious."

America grinned excitedly. He happily straightened the bed before handing England his cup of tea. Once finished England wiped his mouth clean "Thank you Alfie but why did you do this for me?"

America moved the tray off England's lap, he handed him a daffodil his favourite flower, "Well you know…" America ran his thumb over England's long graceful hand "I want to get you all nicely fed."

"Let me guess" England laughed leaning over America and brushing the flower over his nose "you want to make love dear."

America felt a chill down his spine at being called 'dear'. He loved being called 'dear, love, honey or sweetheart' instead of 'git, twit, prat, moron, wanker' and many other things that England spouted when aggravated. "Well sure. But do you want to?"

England smiled whipping up America's t-shirt in answer, he traced America's abs with his tongue "I-I guess you do then." America stuttered. England laughed a little making America frown slightly "What's so funny?"

"You. After so long that we've been together I still have the same effect on you as I did on our first time. You moan and wriggle if I do this" England licked across America's pelvic bone making him moan a little and wriggle slightly "so predictable love." England smiled.

America blushed slightly "Yeah well so are you! You turn into a whimpering virgin girl if I so much as do this." Ripping off his t-shirt, he pinned England back against the pillows and shoved his tongue into his mouth. England wound his arms around America as their tongues danced together. America slowly pushed his hand up England's shirt to caress and stroke his nipples. England tore his face away from America's his cheeks flushing slightly he let out gentle whimpers and soft moans. "See?" America laughed, England just tutted in answer.

America pulled off England's shirt smiling at the bump on show; shyly England tried to hide it. America pulled his arms away pinning them above his head. England blushed feeling America softly kiss the bump, he traced the little mound with his tongue. "Alfred what are you doing?" America ignored him he traced his tongue lower licking his pelvic bone paying him back.

"Alfred will you hurry the bloody hell up!"

America opened his eyes locking his lusty blues to England's annoyed emeralds. England tried to sit up but his arms were still pinned above his head. America licked England's clothed bulge a smile forming on his face, he knew England found it sexy when they locked eyes while giving oral sex. England gasped at the small pressure on his erection from the American's tongue. America lowered his head slightly to press his nose against his erection gently nuzzling it, England moaned louder.

"Oh God! Hurry the bloody hell up!" England cried out impatiently. America licked his lips before nibbling on the zipper; he slid it agonisingly slow over his aching arousal straining against the tight pants. America deftly used his teeth and tongue to unbutton England's pants which stunned him a little. America nibbled his pants open he grinned, sliding his tongue over the thin cloth he heard England's moans grow steadily louder.

Locking eyes with him again he licked until he tasted precome. "God I am going to throttle you if you don't speed this up Alfred." England hissed. America let go of his wrists to pull off his constricting lower clothes. America smiled licking his lips he descended on England's arousal, England arched moaning loudly. America teased the shaft with his tongue watching England's face crease in pleasure "Please Alfie I don't want a blowjob I want you inside me."

America suckled on England as he wriggled his lower garments off himself. England struggled over for the lubricant, grabbing America's hand he poured a little on his fingers and guided it to his entrance. America raised his head grinning "Keen aren't you?"

England blushed, his legs falling open "Please love." He whispered huskily.

"Only if you act as British as possible." America laughed.

"I AM bloody British! I can't act possibly any more than I already do you bloody foolish-AH!" England arched, a finger sliding into him. America grinned sliding in a second.

"I know I just love the sound of your voice." America began scissoring the blond "It's sexy."

England frowned a little, he was about to say something until he felt America's fingers curl into his sweet spot making him cry out. "Alfred! Oh bloody hell love, please do that again." America grinned stroking the spot which made his love moan loudly.

England pulled his fingers out of him "Okay lad I want you inside me now." America knelt on the bed in between his legs.

"Do you think I should use a condom?" America asked curiously.

"Bit late for that now, don't you think?" England laughed.

"Yeah, yeah I hear ya." America lubed himself up then gently started sliding into England. He winced slightly his face creasing in pain. "Sorry babe." England gasped feeling the whole of America slide into him.

"Bloody hell." He groaned. America kissed his face lightly, leaning forward he rested a hand on the pillow either side of England's head. He waited for any inclination to move. England opened his eyes that had closed during the pain of being breeched.

"Go on." He murmured. America withdrew slowly before pushing back in just as slow, England yelped slightly as the pain slowly dulled. America kept up the gentle thrusts knowing he would get used to it soon. He started to kiss his throat hoping to relax him a little; England gradually started to moan slightly.

England began to whimper in pleasure his eyes closing tightly; he balled his hands into fists. America started to quicken his pace encouraged by the little noises England made. "Iggy you feel…so good." He panted he'd always preferred to have sex without a condom with England because he loved the skin to skin contact.

England opened his eyes slightly, they were glazed over with tears of pleasure "Alfred…I love you." He panted.

America smiled "I love you too Artie."

England wound his arms around America pulling him closer to his body. America lay on him winding his arms around his back; he kissed and nibbled his throat softly releasing delicious little moans from the Brit. England arched up against America crying out loudly "Bloody hell!" America groaned the head of his arousal had collided with England's sweet spot making them both moan loudly. England moved his hips up to match America's rhythm. "Oh God this is so good!"

America groaned "Iggy I think I'm going to come soon. I can't hold back."

"Alfred...I…I'm coming!" England cried out. America groaned feeling England tighten on him and a warm feeling splattered up his chest and stomach.

"Ig…IGGY!" America cried filling up the Brit, panting heavily he fell off England onto the bed next to him.

England smiled happily "That was nice."

America snuggled up to him pulling the covers over them both "Mmm that was so good Iggy."

"I told you to stop bloody calling me that. Where did you get it from anyway?" England pouted.

"Dunno I think it's because Japan calls you Igirisu. It's Japanese for England I think. I'm not sure but I just started calling you Iggy from that day." America shrugged.

"Okay fair enough." England shrugged "I suppose you can continue calling me that."

America grinned "Thanks babe."

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Yīnggélán = England in Chinese Thank you Incliant!

Shì = yes in Chinese

Mi pequeño precioso = my little precious in Spanish

AN: (EDIT 30/4/2014) This is has been edited slightly so it makes more sense and i've adjusted the errors that kept appearing like words missing ect, i had a problem with Fanfic back then and it kept taking out some words but now i have edited it to adjust those errors and i will be doing it with all the other chapters.