Warning: Violence, masturbation, sex

Chapter 30: Ich liebe…

Germany kicked his brother's legs off the coffee table "Stop it." he muttered.

"Man West you get so stressed over nothing!" He laughed.

Germany rolled his eyes "Stop it this is important to you too!"

"How?" Prussia yawned "I'm sure East Germany has its own Boss right?"

Germany rolled his eyes again and walked out to finish checking over some more stuff. The others were out shopping and Germany didn't quite trust Prussia alone with the kids, sure he was wonderful with Friedrich and his daughters but he tended to forget he had a niece and a nephew too (unless they were right there of course). Last time he was in charge Elfriede tried to bathe her baby Brother before bed but she couldn't quite reach over the bath and had almost drowned him.

There was a knock at the door and Germany answered it to see his Boss. "Oh Hello." he smiled and let him in (AN: I think Germany's Boss is currently a female but this story doesn't really have a set date).

His Boss nodded politely and entered.

Suddenly there were the sounds of a really loud cry "Hm?" Germany blinked "Elfriede are you okay?"

"No! Vater something's wrong! Celio woke up and started crying! He won't tell me what's wrong!" Elfriede ran downstairs her eyes full of fear.

"S-sorry about this, usually he's so quiet..." Germany apologised.

His Boss smiled "It's okay."

He ran upstairs to where Celio was scrabbling around in bed really badly crying, he was sobbing so hard he was shaking. "C-Celio vhat's wrong?" he gently grabbed Celio's shoulders "Vhat happened?"

"I-I-I *hic* lost my bankeeeee!" he wailed.

"Y-your Bankey? Oh Blanket ja?" Germany asked.

Celio nodded sobbing "I can't find it!"

"Vater will find it so calm down." he gently picked up Celio who started pushing on him and crying so hard that Germany felt his heart throb, when he was crying this bad he truly looked like Italy. And it really hurt to see him like that. He walked downstairs and gave him to Prussia "Here take Celio I have to find his Blanket." he walked back upstairs to search for it but he couldn't find it at all.

Italy barged through the front door cheerfully "Ciao! O-oh M-Mr Germany's Boss Sir." he bowed shyly "I-I never meant to interrupt did we come too early?"

Germany's Boss smiled "It's okay Germany is looking for your son's blanket."

Austria blinked "Blanket...?" he looked thoughtful.

Italy scooped up his sobbing son "Oh shush shush Mama is here."

Celio pushed on him sobbing so hard his little eyes were red as were his cheeks. "Shhh." Italy kissed his cheeks. "Mama will help you."

Germany sighed "I can't find it."

"Oh! Oh yes I washed it. It's in the laundry pile I forgot to tell you." Austria said suddenly remembering.

"You dummkophe!" Germany punched him in the top of his head and stormed off to get it.

Austria pouted rubbing his head. Prussia just laughed "You vere supposed to protect me fool." Austria snapped at him.

"Vhat get in the vay of West? Please I love you but I'm not suicidal." Prussia laughed again.

Germany handed Celio his blanket who instantly stopped crying and sucked his thumb cutely as he snuggled into his beloved blanket.

Austria pouted and turned to Celio "I'm sorry little vun but it vas dirty and needed to be washed. I vas hoping to give it back to you but I must have forgotten about it."

Celio smiled "Okay...I forgive you."

Italy cooed softly "My baby is so cute~" he petted his son's hair happily. Celio smiled and snuggled into him shyly.

Germany sighed "Now that that's out of the vay shall we go into my office und continue this meeting?" he asked his boss who nodded in agreement.

Elfriede giggled and sat down next to her mother, she had certainly grown up now. She was starting to gain a shape to her hips and she was tall for her age not as tall as her cousin though poor Gilbertra was really tall for a girl of 10 years old and she often got bullied for it. Italy smiled at him "I wonder why your baby brother won't age."

Once Germany's boss left he picked up the phone and called England, he was really worried about the growth of his baby too…why wasn't he aging? England answered "Hello?"

"E-err…hello um…England I'm just err…"

"You're so cute~ there's no need to stutter Germany. Just talk to me!"

"Okay…" Germany swallowed "How old is Sealand?"

"Hm? He's aged to fifteen now why d-"

"Nein! I-I mean in real years not human years…" Germany sighed.

"He's around fifty years old. Is this about Celio? About him not aging yet?"

"J-ja! How did you know?" Germany asked surprised.

"Oh love I expected this call since I noticed Celio wasn't aging. There is no need for concern dear Peter was two years old for ten years."

Germany breathed out in relief "So…he is just a slow grower? It took Sealand fifty years to become fifteen. S-so…he's fine?"

"Of course he is!" England laughed "There is no need to worry. Your baby will grow one day. I think it's the more recognition the country has the older it becomes. Though now I regret even that fast growth. What I would give to have Peter as my baby once more."

"Ah I see…like China and Japan? U-und I'm sure you don't mean that!"

"Yes exactly~ I mean China is what forty two years old? And he's technically four thousand!"

"Ja! Und…America is…how old nineteen? And he is what? Over two hundred?" Germany smiled a little.

England laughed "He's twenty one now which he is a lot happier about…personally I think it's because he can legally drink now."

Germany smiled "He looks no different."

"Don't tell him that for God's sake! I told him I couldn't really see any change and he sulked for a week."

Celio came toddling in "Vata…whatcha doing?"

"O-oh Celio hey. I'm talking to England. It's just about your growth." Germany picked him up.

England smiled "Is that all now Germany?"

"J-ja. Danke you put my mind at rest." Germany smiled hugging his son.

"It was a pleasure. Goodbye now~ We should do this again someday-Tobias! What have I said about using the knife to open boxes with! Do you want to go to hospital again?! S-sorry about that erm…child emergency."

"A-ah no problem you sort that out Goodbye England." Germany stuttered.

"Goodbye!" Celio called out.

England smiled "Goodbye Celio~ Goodbye Germany."

Germany smiled and hung up "Please tell me you won't grow up to be like Tobias…or your uncle?"

Celio giggled "Uncle scares me."

"Uncle scares me too." Germany sighed walking off into the living room to be met with the sight of his brother covered in silver glitter with a lot of heavy make up on; Prussia looked up at him innocently. "See what I mean?" he rolled his eyes.


Italy gasped as he heard Elfriede and Gilbertra yelling at each other. "What's going on?"

Elfriede pouted "Gilbertra put chewing gum in my hair!"

"It was an accident!" Gilbertra snapped. She herself had long waist length hair and she often wore jeans and hoodie somewhat ruining her femininity.

Italy sighed "I see…" he looked at Elfriede's hair and saw the gum was right at the top he gasped and saw it was made worse by someone probably Gilbertra trying to get it out. "Looks like it will have to be cut out…"

Germany walked in from walking his dogs "What's wrong?" he asked placing Celio down on the floor.

Italy showed him "Look what happened!"

Germany observed the gum "Ah…looks like her hair will have to be cut."

"Cut?!" Italy yelped "No! We can't cut her hair! No!"

"Relax! Feliciano I said cut her hair not cut her head off!" Germany laughed a little. "Okay come with me Elfriede."

"Okay Vater." She followed him sadly. Germany sat her down and snipped her hair making sure all of the gum was out. Once it was done she looked at herself in the mirror "I look like a boy…"

"Nein…you look cute." Germany smiled "Miss Ukraine has hair this short and she still looks pretty."

"Oh! So you think Miss Ukraine is pretty huh!" Italy snapped. He walked off huffily. Germany rolled his eyes.

"What did I say?" he sighed.

Elfriede giggled a little "I-I dunno…Mama has been moody a lot lately. He's been snapping at everyone and I dunno why."

Germany nodded "Stay there." He walked off upstairs. "Feliciano?"

"What?!" Italy yelled.

Germany opened the door to see his wife sitting hunched up on the bed cradling a large leather bound book. "Vhat is wrong with you?"

"Like you care…" he mumbled "All you care about is Miss Big booby Ukraine!"

"Nein…I said she was pretty I didn't say I loved her." Germany sat down next to him on the bed "There are a lot of countries who are pretty."

Italy puffed out his cheeks looking startlingly like his brother "Sh-shut up! You just want to fuck her and leave me! Well go on then!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Germany snapped.

"My daughter looks like a stupid muscle headed German lesbian!"

Germany twitched slightly "So that's vhat you think of mein people?"

"Si! My daughter is now ugly and it's all your fault!" Italy yelled.

"Right about now it's your attitude that's pretty ugly." Germany stated.

Italy slapped him hard across the face and threw the book onto the bed "Don't you call me that!" he was just about to march off but Germany grabbed his wrist and pushed him against the wall. He gripped his throat his eyes dark.

"Don't you EVER hit me again Italia. Or you will die a horrible death." He growled.

Italy spat in his face who tightened his grip, Italy gasped his hands scrabbling at Germany's wrist. He dug his nails into the flesh making Germany hiss. He growled angrily and raised his fist, he froze seeing tears of pain slowly slip down Italy's face. He released his grip and Italy fell to the floor with a thump. He gulped in air and looked up at Germany angrily. "Y-you bastard! I-I will kill you!" Italy stood up and punched him straight in the face; Germany winced at the pain but didn't retaliate. "Hit me back! Y-you coward! Hit me back!" Italy sobbed punching Germany again and again in the stomach and the chest.

Germany grabbed Italy's arms and held them behind his back "Vhat has gotten into you? Vhy are you acting this way? Elfriede's right you have been snappy lately."

Italy became limp and Germany finally let him go deeming it safe. "I…I can't tell you…" he whispered.

Germany blinked "But you're my wife you're supposed to tell me everything."

"I…I want another baby…"

"What? Why?" Germany sighed.

"Because…Celio doesn't need me anymore and he clings to you. Elfriede is all grown up now." Italy looked at Germany tears slipping down his face "No one ever needs me! Marcus, Spain and Candita all cling to Fratello like the sun shines out of his ass no one ever needs me because I'm a coward and I'm stupid. I know what everyone thinks of me! I'm not THAT stupid! Everyone smiles at me and they're like "Oh Italy you're so cute~ with your happy smile and cheerful manners~" when deep down I hate that! Why can't they ever say "Oh Italy…help I need you!" I always hide behind you because I know you will never need me. If I have another baby I-I know it will depend on me…it will need me…"

"Italia…" Germany cupped Italy's face "You're not stupid…and you are needed. I need you. Without you I am lost. When you didn't talk to me for a good while after the second war I felt so lost. I wandered around my house because there was no one calling me for help, there was no one singing loudly in my kitchen, there was no happy face to wake up to every morning. Italia without you I am nothing, nothing at all. I can't be mebecause you are the country that made me."

Italy's eyes filled up with fresh tears "Y-you mean it?"

"Ja. You know I do." Germany nodded.

Italy buried his face in his chest and sobbed. Germany stroked his hair "Why did you want me to hit you?"

"B-because you were making me feel guilty…" Italy mumbled.

"Feliciano…can't you see why they call you cute? You act it without even meaning to."

Italy looked up at him "You think I'm cute?"

Germany nodded "Ja…except right now you have a snotty nose…so…not right now." Italy smiled and took a tissue out of his pocket and blew his nose. "…Feliciano…" Germany looked away his cheeks reddening slightly "D-do you really think I'm ugly? An-and mein people too?"

"No! No of course not!" Italy grabbed his face "I think you're so beautiful! And all of your people are too! I love everything about you Germany! Your eyes are like wolfs eyes, your hair is like the sun and your smile is so kind it warms me up."

Germany smiled a little and hugged him "D-Danke…What were you looking at anyway?"

"Hm?" Italy blinked "O-oh this." He took the book and opened it to show loads of pictures inside. Pictures of Germany baking, sleeping, bathing the dogs, bathing Elfriede as a baby, holding Celio close to help him sleep and one of Prussia kissing Germany's head one night. Germany blushed and flicked through the pages to see loads of baby pictures of Elfriede and Celio and pictures of them aging and playing.

"When did you take all these?" Germany asked in awe.

"Oh when the moment seemed right." Italy giggled. "They're pretty huh?"

"Ja." Germany smiled.

Italy shuffled close to him. "Luddy-"

Germany cupped his face and kissed him deeply "I'm sorry." He murmured. Italy smiled at him happily. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Hm?" Italy looked over at the door and opened it to see his little baby Celio staring up at him trailing his special blanket with him. "What's wrong baby?"

"Mama…I want to play…"

Italy picked him up "You do? What would you like to play?"

"I want to play…tickle monster…" he mumbled. He looked down at the floor.

Germany scooped up Celio "You want to play tickle monster hm? But vhat if he is asleep?"

Celio looked horrified "H-he can't be!"

Germany placed Celio on the bed "I think he is…how shall we wake him up?"

Celio pouted "Mr Monster…play!" he called out.

Germany grinned "You angered him!" he tickled Celio making him squeal and kick his little legs. "The monster is very angry with you! He wants to tickle you und then eat you!"

"Neeeeein!" Celio cried out giggling "I'm not taaasty!"

"Ja you are!" Germany tickled him more laughing as Celio wriggled away and tried to stop him with a pillow as a shield. Italy giggled watching them. He loved how much Germany showed such affections to their son, Celio was so quiet that he was usually forgotten but Germany and Prussia always made time to make him feel as loved as possible. They were the ones he turned to for play times and Italy was the one he usually turned to for cuddles and kisses.

He climbed onto the bed once the game was over and petted his panting son's hair; Celio smiled up at him his large golden eyes full of happiness. He pulled him into a hug "Do you feel happier now Celio?"

"Ja." Celio nodded. He rubbed his face into Italy's chest, he yawned and smiled "I'm sleepies now…"

Germany smiled and kissed his cheek "You played so much you got worn out."

Celio looked at him nervously "C-can…can I sleep with you Vata?" usually Germany didn't like him to sleep with them because he wanted him to grow up and he believed that was an excuse to be babied.

Germany was about to protest but then he remembered England's words…after all…when will he ever have the chance to have this again? Maybe Celio would be older in a few more years…and maybe he would become more independent. These could be the last times he could play these games and see Celio cuddled between them. "Ja. Of course you can." Germany smiled. He pulled Celio into his arms "Just…don't grow up too fast Celio."

"I won't Vata."

Italy smiled at them. "Ve~ cute~"


Italy woke up the next morning and gasped seeing what he had done to Germany's face. There was a cut on his cheek from his slap and it was bruised all around it. He reached out and gasped seeing deep vibrant bruises on his wrist, finger prints marking them. "O-oh…" he swallowed thickly his throat was a little sore…he touched Germany's cheek and watched him wince slightly in pain. Celio woke up sleepily and gasped.

"Mama! Your neck." He touched Italy's neck who gasped at the pain. Italy remembered being grabbed by the throat and lifted off his feet…he HAD to be bruised.

Germany woke up and smiled at Italy sleepily "Guten-" his eyes widened in horror "Italia! Wh-what have I done?!" he reached out for Italy's hand when he saw the bruises across his wrist too. He cursed his strength and ran into the bathroom.

Italy ran after him "Luddy wait!"

Germany locked the door "I can't…I…I failed."

"You failed?" Italy blinked pushing on the door handle. He walked over to the dresser and pulled out a credit card.

"Ja! I promised you I wouldn't hurt you ever again. Und I did…" Germany sounded so sad that it made Italy's chest ache.

"I hurt you too! It was all my fault and you stopped! Remember I wanted you to beat me much worse." He jiggled the lock with the card and it unlocked "Ve~" he opened it and Germany smiled sadly at him.

"I wish I didn't teach you that trick…"

"Don't be silly." Italy smiled sitting on Germany's lap he wiped away his tears "Si we did bad things to each other yesterday. But it was because of me. You're a nice man Luddy. I know you could've killed me if you really wanted to but you didn't. And you could've hurt me a lot worse." He smiled and gestured to his face "You didn't damage my pretty face~" he cupped Germany's cheek sadly "But I did…"

Germany shook his head "Y-you don't understand…go look in the mirror."

Italy did so and saw the finger mark bruises around his neck some were a vibrant purple decolouring his pretty lightly tanned skin and some where a horrid blue. Italy poked the dark circles under his own eyes and laughed a little he really needed more sleep "It's not so bad! I have a polo neck sweater."

Germany smiled a little "Of course you do…you're Italian…"

Italy giggled "What?! They're fashionable~"

Germany smiled and took his hand; he kissed the bruises "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be." He kissed Germany's injured cheek very lightly his lips merely dusting over it "I'm the one who is sorry."

"How do you feel?" Germany asked him concerned.

"I-I feel…okay~ My throat is a little sore but I feel fine." Italy smiled at him.

Germany pulled him close and kissed his throat "I'm so so so sorry."

Italy hugged him "No. Shh."

Germany nodded "I…I have to go the office today…I was going to make love to you."

Italy nodded his smile hiding his disappointment. "Okay then maybe after. I will get the kids to stay with their Uncle si?"

Germany smiled "Ja okay." He kissed his cheek "Thank you."

Italy smiled and hugged him again "I love you silly! And it's being so long since I felt your naughty place in mine~" he giggled.

Germany blushed and looked away "Same old Italia…" he muttered.

Italy giggled "I can still make you blush~"

Germany nodded "I know."

Italy giggled again and stroked his chin "You should shave first si?"

Germany laughed "Ja."

Italy nuzzled his chin and stroked his stubble "But then again designer stubble would look very sexy on you~" he purred.

Germany blushed "N-no…and besides you need to shave too." He smiled and kissed Italy's chin.

Italy gasped "Uwaa! But I'm a wife and mother! Pretty wives don't have beards!"

Germany laughed "But you are a man after all!"

Italy pouted "Meanie. I don't want to be a man! I want to be a pretty lady for you."

Germany smiled "I don't like pretty ladies. I like men." He grinned "I especially love having sex with a man."

Italy shivered in pleasure "Si?"

"Ja." Germany kissed him "I love you as you are bearded or not you're still pretty."

Italy giggled and climbed off his lap. "I better go shave so I'm even more prettier!"


Italy smiled as he took his children to his brother's. "Fratello~ here they are!"

Spain answered the door "Hola~"

Italy smiled "Ve~ Where is Fratello?"

"He's playing with the children. Well arguing about cutting Marcus' hair." He laughed. He noticed Italy's clothes which were a pair of tight black jeans the legs tucked into combat boots and a black polo neck sweater. "Hm? You look pretty today~"

"Don't let Fratello hear you say that~" Italy winked as he unloaded Celio from the car. Spain noticed the gold bracelet hanging loosely on his wrist he looked at it curiously.

"Hm? Taking in new fashions Feli?"

Italy looked down and blushed he couldn't tell him he was actually wearing it to avert the eyes from some of the bruising that peeked out under his sweater sleeve. "Si! An Italian always has style~"

Romano poked his head out of the doorway "Hey! Veneziano can you keep your loud mouth shut!"

Italy smiled "Fratello please take my children." He pushed them in and looked at the car excitedly. "While I…wait for Luddy~"

Romano rolled his eyes "What the hell are you talking about?"

Italy blushed "Y-you know…"

Romano sighed "Yeah sure go on get out of here then."

Italy ran into the car "Be good you two!"

Elfriede giggled "Okay Mama."

Celio waved sucking on his blanket. Italy looked at him sadly and walked back over to him to pull him into a hug "You're so cute. Promise to be good for Uncle?"

"Si…" he mumbled.

Romano pushed him again "Just go for God's sake! He's fine here."

Italy nodded he kissed Elfriede's cheek and climbed into the car to leave. He set off back home and wriggled happily. He bit his lip; he couldn't wait to make love to his Luddy. He opened the door and called out everyone else's names. He walked into the kitchen to see a note taped to the fridge "West, Don't look for me kay? I've gone to France's house later we're picking up Toni and we're gonna get smashed. Kesesese. Lots of love your Big Bruder. XXX" Italy giggled Prussia even wrote down his laugh. He saw another note above that one. "Dear Germany, I have gone over to spend the day with Elizabeta. Do not worry she's come to pick me up so I won't get lost and then she'll bring me back as well. Yours truly Austria." Italy shook his head he loved how they always wrote these little letters to Germany like they were his parents it made him see how much they both truly valued and loved the man they were kinda mooching off.

He walked upstairs to the bedroom and laid back his cheeks reddening slightly what should he do that would make Germany want to take him straight away! And be as rough with him as he liked. Ah! He knew what to do! He climbed off and undressed; he picked up one of Germany's shirts from the laundry basket and smelt it. It wasn't washed yet so it smelt deliciously like his husband. Germany never wore the same shirt for more than a day but that whole day was enough to take in his cologne and his natural smell. Italy keened softly as he pulled it on watching the sleeves fall over his hands he smiled and waved the long sleeves around and giggled. He remembered what he was supposed to be doing instead of playing around and opened his wardrobe. His eyes lit up as he saw the "special box" on the top shelf. He could never reach the top shelf but he was determined to get it! He yanked one of Germany's large heavy thick books out of the bottom of the wardrobe he saw it was very dusty and barely used "Mein…Kampf." He giggled "Silly word~ Kampf…wonder what it means." He shrugged and used it to alleviate himself to get to the top shelf.

"Gotcha~" he cheered. He slipped slightly and he heard the book tear "O-oh no!" he leapt off it and saw the cover was ripped beyond repair. "Oh no!" he gasped he noticed some writing on the front page. It was in Germany's handwriting he recognised it immediately. There were loads of words from the book crossed out and Germany's own writing and notes added in almost as if he disagreed with what the author had said. He tried to read it but his knowledge of the German language didn't stretch that far he only knew enough German that a five year old would know. He sighed these looked really complicated like Germany knew what he was saying when writing them. Throwing the book back into the wardrobe he watched it fall and flop onto its last page. He sighed "Stupid bo-huh?" he stopped seeing his name and a couple of doodles. He smiled at them there was an intricate Italian flag in the shape of a heart and a little doodle of the Axis with their hands linked. He smiled and ripped the doodled page out of the book. He folded it up carefully and walked over to the dresser to place it carefully under his own book. He giggled he loved how they had their own dresser drawers, Italy's was full of fashion magazines and hairstyle books and romance novels (mainly ones that featured strong blonde men) and a fairy tale book for whenever Celio had nightmares and wanted a story.

Germany's however was filled with training manuals and some fiction books from fantasy type lands where there was always a knight who had to slay something and save a princess. Despite what Germany said and how he acted he was a sucker for a hero story, he loved stories from England's Home and he was always reading up on King Arthur. Celio was just like him he loved stories with knights and dragons and things. Giggling Italy blamed the Grimm Brothers who were German fairy story tellers and they wrote about things similar to that. He gasped as he heard the clock strike four Germany would be here soon and he hadn't done anything to look sexy! He grabbed his box and opened it to reveal his special toy, he giggled and laid back "I can't wait~" he whispered.

He yanked out the lube and opened it to pour it on his fingers, slowly he pushed one inside himself and gasped at the feeling it was never enough after having Germany's large strong fingers and stiff member inside him. He whimpered almost hating his slender fingers as he seeked that special spot he gave up not being able to find it and pushed in three fingers hoping to duplicate two of Germany's. He moaned sinking his teeth into his index finger of his free hand; he stroked his inner walls and panted deeply desiring more, so much more. He picked up his special toy which was painted in the German flag colours, Romano had brought it as an insulting joke to say that Germany was a dick but little did he know it became Italy's most favoured toy and added one more strike to Germany's ego (not that he had one much just only with sex). Italy moaned louder as he slid the toy in, his hands shook as he gripped the covers, the toy almost matched Germany in size but only in width it didn't quite have his length as well which he needed so very badly. He moaned and moved it in deeper and deeper as much as possible.

Germany walked in the front door to be greeted by his dogs he petted their heads and allowed their welcome home kisses before sending them off into the living room. He wondered where Italy was. He walked into the kitchen but didn't see him there. Curious he looked out the window at the garden because usually Italy was picking herbs and things if he needed them for cooking. He looked at his watch to see it was ten to five. Usually Italy was in the kitchen singing away, the house was very eerily quiet his stomach tensed a little until he noticed the notes on the fridge reading them he sighed they were such idiots. Did they think he was a hotel? To wander in and out as they pleased? He muttered to himself and walked upstairs to get dressed out of his work clothes, as he got to the top step he could hear his name being called. Germany froze he knew what that meant…he knew immediately where his wife was and what he was doing…he blushed deeply and walked over to the door. He could already feel his member reacting just by the noises Italy was making. He opened the door to see him lying on the bed his legs open wide to the world and a toy being pushed in and out of his body. Germany could feel instant hardness especially when he recognised the shirt Italy was wearing; Germany's shirt had slipped off his shoulder to reveal one bare to the world. The collar was thankfully hiding the worst of the bruises on the other side. He slowly walked up to him and Italy opened his tear filled eyes, drool slid down his face.

"L-Luddy…" he whispered "P-please watch me…I-I'm so close w-watch me!"

Germany climbed onto the bed and shook his head "I don't vant you to come yet." He smirked as he saw a shiver run down Italy's body. Italy panted and reached out his other hand to unzip Germany. Germany gently pushed his hand away "Nein…with your teeth." He muttered.

Italy nodded and let go off the toy and leaned over, he moaned and fell face first into Germany's groin as Germany held the end of the toy and moved it inside him again. Italy gasped and panted his body releasing spasms with every thrust; he shakily took hold of the zip with his teeth his hands gripping onto Germany's thighs like a lifeline and lowered it. He reached in with his hand and pulled him free "S-si…" he panted gazing at the length so close to his face. He moaned and licked up the underside whimpering at the taste of his lover. He needed this so much he could feel the heat onto his face and he enjoyed it immensely. He kissed the tip and took it into his mouth which was watering in need of that amazing organ. He moaned and sucked harder his body needing his husband so much. Germany pulled out the toy and pushed his fingers inside surprised at the looseness Italy must have prepared himself a lot while waiting for him to come back. So if Germany had of said no to sex all of this would have been for naught. He moaned feeling Italy's experienced tongue make work of his aching need. Who was he kidding?! There was no way in hell was he going to say no after seeing this display! He was aching for sex too! In fact during their fight Germany had to resist the urge to slam Italy up the wall and fuck his brains out right there and then…he had a horrible suspicion Italy would love that…

Italy sucked harder taking him deep in his throat as possible he moaned loudly as Germany's fingers found that one spot he himself couldn't reach, he loved Germany so very much! He knew just what to touch and when to do it! Italy pulled off with a pop "T-take me!" he cried out hoarsely "Please!"

Germany smiled "Very well." He watched as Italy fell onto the bed and stuck his arse up in the air. Germany pushed in making Italy cry out in pleasure as he was stretched to take in his husband's girth.

"Si! Si!" Italy cried out. He was in heaven he had to be! No way could he feel like this on Earth. He sank his fingers into the mattress, Germany didn't hesitate in his thrusts and Italy screamed in pleasure this was far better this time then any time before he sank his teeth into the pillow his eyes glazing over with fresh tears. "L-Luddy!" he cried out "I-it's so good!"

Germany smirked and sank in deeper hitting his sweet spot dead on. Italy's body convulsed in pleasure as his sweet spot was roughly pounded into again and again. He screamed in ecstasy he thought he was going to come right there and then. He gasped as Germany pulled out "No! No! Put it back in! Put it back in!" he almost sobbed with frustration he was so near and Germany had cruelly pulled out! He was flipped onto his back and Germany thrusted himself back in, Italy's back arched as his sweet spot was struck straight on. He wound his legs around Germany's waist sinking him in so wonderfully deep. "S-si! L-Luddy!" he panted fresh tears falling down his cheeks and new drool running down his chin. "L-Luddy! I-I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Germany grinned and hit down deep again making him arch his back and scream in sheer ecstasy. Germany groaned at the sudden constricting tightness, he gasped and released as soon as Italy's body relaxed a tad. Italy moaned softly feeling his body fill up with his lover's hot seed. Germany pulled out and fell onto the bed next to him, Italy whimpered and clambered on Germany's chest he curled up and smiled. "Ve~ Thank you."

"F-for what?" Germany asked.

"For being rough~ I like a little rough." Italy giggled. "I was kinda hoping yesterday you would pin me up the wall and fuck my brains out~"

Germany tensed how the hell did he know what he was thinking?! He blushed "I…I wanted to…" he muttered "But I didn't want to hurt you…"

Italy smiled and snuggled into him, he unbuttoned Germany's shirt and pulled it over his chest revealing his muscles "Yay~" he murmured. Germany smiled at his cuteness as Italy rubbed his face into his chest and pressed his ear to his heartbeat.

Germany smiled and kissed his hair "I love you…" he whispered.

"I love you too." Italy smiled at him.

"We should go get our children." Germany smiled cuddling him.

"Si I know." Italy yawned "Can't we have a little nap first?"

"Fine." Germany gave up and hugged him tight.


Romano studied his brother carefully; he kept occasionally adjusting his sleeve and the gold bracelet around his wrist to cover it much better. He leaned over and grabbed his wrist "Hey Veneziano what the hell is wrong with you?"

Italy struggled and pulled his arm away "N-nothing."

"Nothing my ass!" Romano snapped yanking his sleeve up. Germany winced, the lights made it look much worse. Romano gasped seeing the dark bruising "Wh-what the hell? Th-they're fingerprints! What did you do to my brother?!"

Germany nodded "I…I hurt him."

"No! Luddy don't blame yourself! You know it was my fault!" Italy protested.

Romano growled and strode over to Germany "How dare you hurt my baby brother!" he punched him hard. Germany closed his eyes and just took the blows Romano dished out.

Italy grabbed his brother's arms "Please no! Fratello!"

Germany shook his head "Nein I deserve it for hurting you." He stood up and pulled down the top of Italy's sweater "I…choked him as well…"

"Y-you bastard! You bastard!" Romano yelled jumping on Germany "I will kill you for what you did to him!"

"It's what I deserve…"

Romano growled and slammed Germany's head off the floor, Italy screamed he knew Germany could kill Romano if he wanted to but he just seemed to let Romano do what he liked to him which frightened Italy more than anything. "Fratello!" he screamed "Get off him."

Celio's eyes were wide with horror. Elfriede started crying "Mama! Wh-why is Uncle hurting Vater?"

Celio started screaming really loudly, Romano froze and looked up his hands were drenched in Germany's blood he looked down to see a pool of blood forming around the unconscious man's head "O-oh fuck…F-Fratello…I-I think…I think I killed him…"

Italy burst into tears and collapsed on Germany "No no! You can't be dead! Please wake up!" he screeched, he pressed his ear to Germany's chest and he cried all over again hearing the heartbeat. "Fratello! Call a fucking ambulance!" he yelled.

Romano ran off to call one. Italy stood up and pulled his traumatised son close to his chest he rubbed his back to stop his screams. Celio sobbed and gripped onto his sweater "Vata dead!" he sobbed.

"No no shhh. He isn't dead just badly hurt." Italy murmured. He held out his arm for Elfriede who ran into him and buried her face in her mother's chest. Italy held his children close watching closely for Germany.

Italy sat in the waiting room staring at the bruises on his wrist. He wished he didn't start that stupid argument…he couldn't even remember what started it…wasn't it something really stupid like Elfriede's hair? He couldn't remember. Tears splashed onto his jeans. Prussia was sitting opposite him staring vacantly at the clock not even really registering the time. Italy looked up at him wondering what was going through his mind? Was he guilty because he couldn't protect his baby brother? Or was he blaming Italy? "Mr Italia?" Italy looked up to see a pretty nurse "Doctor Klein will see you now." She looked very timid and shy. Italy stood up wondering why she chose to be a nurse? Any injury and she looked like she would run out screaming. He nodded and shook Prussia's shoulder.

Prussia blinked as he came back down to earth "Ja?"

"Come on we can see the doctor, to talk about Luddy." Italy told him.

Prussia nodded he stood up shakily and walked with him into the doctor's office "Sit down please." Dr Klein said. Italy noticed she looked pale and exhausted. "Well there's good news. Mr Deutschland's condition is improving. But I fear he could be in a coma we aren't sure yet but it could happen."

"C-coma…" Prussia choked out "P-please no…"

Italy sobbed into his hands "No…please don't…"

Dr Klein nodded "Ja…you can visit him if you wish."

Prussia nodded "Please…I have to see my baby bruder."

Italy nodded and wiped his eyes "L-let me see him…"

Dr Klein took them to the room, Italy gasped seeing his husband's head heavily bandaged. He had a bandage over one eye as well. "His eye got damaged. There is a possibility he could go blind in that eye." Italy walked over to him very slowly.

"Oh Ludwig…what have I done?" he whispered "Why didn't I cover myself up more…" he stroked Germany's cheek it felt cold to the touch. He pressed his hand to his face hoping his shaking hands would warm him up. Prussia walked over and took Germany's hand.

"Bruder…please…I c-can't do this alone…I-I need you. Please West please!" he choked out.

Italy pressed a kiss to Germany's parted lips "Please get better Luddy we all miss you. Fight this. Don't go into a coma! We need you! I can't raise our children alone." He buried his face in his chest "Luddy please. Please don't go."

Prussia sobbed holding Germany's hand to his head "Please Ludwig. You're mein baby bruder if you die then so will I! I-I can't live without you!"

Italy bit his lip H-he had to be strong for his children and Prussia he needed to show Germany that he could come home to a strong wife. Swallowing he stroked his cheek "Luddy…" he murmured "Get better please…"

Weeks had passed and Celio suffered from night terrors he often would wake up screaming for his daddy. Italy just couldn't face his brother after seeing his husband still in hospital. He walked into Celio's room hearing his screaming again. He pulled him into a hug "Shhh Mama's got you." He whispered.

Celio sobbed into his chest "Vata dead!"

"No no…he's not dead sweetie he is in hospital you can see him today. Would you like that?" Italy asked him smiling a little.

Celio nodded big fat tears falling down his face "I-I don' wan' him to die…"

"He won't die." Italy whispered. "This I can promise you." Elfriede was often quiet now and would shut herself in her room, she started to act out in school too which was unlike her seeing as how she was the good studious girl who teachers thought was a dream but a few days ago Italy had to go into school to talk with her teacher because she had kicked a table over in the middle of math class and swore at her. Italy sighed and wondered if this was because he was a failure as a mother? Or were his children just coping in their own way? Picking up Celio he climbed back into bed. "Here sleep in daddy's side."

Celio buried his face into Germany's pillow. Italy hadn't had the heart to change Germany's pillow case because it still smelt so strongly of him and he often would cuddle into it at night. Celio whimpered and hugged it crying sadly. Italy felt his heart break he knew his children missed their daddy very much…so did he. He needed Germany back it had been three long agonising months and so far Germany had slipped into a coma and the only thing he did to get better was his hand twitched slightly when Italy spoke to him. He pulled Celio close to him again and sang a soft lullaby.

The next morning Italy walked downstairs to see Prussia pacing the kitchen "I-Italy?" he looked up "I-I had a call from the doctor…sh-she said only a miracle will bring him back now. She's worried he will slip into brain damage if he stays in this coma any longer…"

Italy felt his eyes fill "B-but he isn't like the other coma patients you see on T.V! H-he can breathe on his own! His heart still beats on it's own!"

Prussia nodded "Y-yeah…but for how long…"

"Stop it! Don't say that!" Italy screamed "How could you?!" he fell to his knees and sobbed, Prussia knelt down and pulled him into a hug so Italy had finally broken down…Italy had been strong for everyone. Austria tried his hardest but Prussia still heard him cry at night, Italy would smile and give the children cuddles and play with them like nothing wrong was going on. Like Germany was only at work or something. But Prussia would see him still look at the clock when it was time for him to actually come in from work, he noticed that Italy had started gaining a habit of tapping his wrist and muttering. He found it odd until he remembered that that was the wrist he had bruises on. He held Italy close he hoped Germany would come back today! He HAD to!

Italy sniffed and wiped his eyes "W-we better get the kids to see Luddy…" he faked a smile and Prussia had to admire his bravery.

"Celio." Italy called out picking up his son "Time to see Daddy would you like that?"

Celio nodded and sucked his blanket. Italy was worried that the trauma of seeing his father hurt like that had reversed his growth he barely talked and when he did he sounded like he was eighteen months old again not two years old. "Vata…" he mumbled.

Elfriede walked in "Mama are we seeing Vater?"

"Si." Italy smiled he ran a finger across Elfriede's face "Your hair is growing back." He said softly "Daddy would like that…he's getting his angel back."

Elfriede looked away tears in her eyes "Don't." she whispered "I-I know I've been bad…but I sit in school and I think what's the point?" She wiped her eyes roughly "I-I'm hoping they will throw me out so then I can stay here and see Vater every day."

"Don't say that." Italy pulled her into a one armed hug "Elfi you have to go to school never give up your studies you will regret it. It's what your father would want."

Elfriede nodded and sniffed "O-okay…I-I'll be good again."

Italy smiled "Thank you. Come on then let's see your daddy."

Finally at the hospital Celio ran into the room and grabbed Germany's blankets "Vata!" he yelled "Vata!"

Italy picked him up and placed him on the bed "Be careful don't knock out anything." He stroked Germany's cheek he was relieved to feel that it was warmer than it was before. "Luddy your babies are here to see you." He smiled he saw Germany's hand twitch slightly no way was that just coincidence! The doctor kept saying it was coincidence but it had to be more than that!

Celio pushed on Germany's arm "Vata! Vata we're here you can wake up now!"

Elfriede pushed too "Vater please! Wake up!"

Celio started crying when he realised his daddy wasn't going to wake up "Vata!" he sobbed burying his face in his chest "Vata wake up!"

Italy was just about to pick him up when he saw something that made him freeze, Prussia's eyes widened as he watched Germany's arm slowly move and he placed his hand on Celio's head "Ce…lio…?" Germany whispered. Italy was rooted to the spot in shock he felt tears fall once he saw Germany's eyes open very slowly. "Celio…?" he said again.

Celio looked up his eyes shining with hope "Vata?"

Germany smiled a little "Hey…"

Celio smiled "Vata! Don't leave!"

Germany struggled to sit up, Italy and Prussia rushed forwards to push him back down "Don't!" Italy said.

Germany looked up at him and shakily reached out a hand. Italy looked at him in confusion as he grabbed Italy's collar of his shirt, he yanked it down "They're gone…" he mumbled.

"Si they're gone." Italy smiled "It's been three months."

Germany looked at him in puzzlement "Three months?"

"Si!" Italy hugged him happily "I missed you so much!"

Germany smiled "I missed you too."

Italy pulled away and pushed Elfriede forwards "Vater!" Elfriede flung herself onto him and sobbed. Germany held her close.

"It's okay…I'm back." He pulled Celio into the hug too. Celio sniffled and snuggled into his chest tears falling down his face.

Germany smiled and looked at his brother who was shaking with repressed tears "Bruder?"

"West you idiot!" Prussia flung himself on him and hugged him hard "D-don't do that again or I will have to kill you!"

Germany smiled "Italia…?"

Italy smiled and hugged him too "I-I'm sorry I caused this. I-I love you so much!"

Germany kissed his curl gently "I know…"


As soon as Germany was discharged from the hospital and entered his door his dogs greeted him by knocking him over and covering their beloved master in kisses. Germany laughed and petted them all "Okay okay! I missed you guys too."

Austria smiled "Germany!" he embraced him and Germany smiled.

"I didn't think you cared about me."

"Of course I don't!" Austria said huffily "I'm just doing it for moral support."

"For who? You or me?" Germany pulled him into a hug "You're the fussiest freeloader I have ever met."

"F-freeloader?!" Austria gasped "Hmph I'll let you off on that today."

Prussia grinned "Mein baby bruder is back!" he yanked out a beer from the fridge "Let's celebrate!"

"Bruder I'm on medication I can-" he had no choice however as a can was shoved in his hand and a bottle in his mouth. Germany pulled it out and sighed "I guess vun wouldn't hurt…"

Italy giggled he hoped his baby would now stop suffering from the night terrors. He looked puzzled as he heard a knock on the door he answered it to see a thin and stressed looking Romano standing in the doorway. "Veni…I-I'm sorry…"

Italy smiled and pulled him in "Fratello have you been so worried that you didn't eat much! Look at you!"

Romano nodded "I…I was scared I had killed Germany…and no one would tell me anything I couldn't eat I barely slept…I asked Toni to give me news but he didn't like to talk about it to Prussia because he was scared of upsetting him! So I even asked France and he told me Germany was in a coma so I got here quick as I can to say-"

"Fratello…" Italy smiled "He's out now."

"Out? Out of what?" Romano blinked.

"Out of hospital." Italy pulled him into the living room. Romano protested and struggled.

"Veneziano no! Look I-I don't really want to intrude!"

Germany looked at him "R-Romano?"

Romano looked at the ground "So you're up now Potato bas…" he sighed and gulped "I-I'm sorry…I didn't mean to almost kill you! I-I just saw red I didn't want to think that you were beating up my brother because besides Spain and the kids he's all I have left! I-I know that if you wanted to you could kill him!"

Germany nodded "I understand." He smiled a little "I would've done the same if I saw bruises like that on my bruder…or if I even saw them on Italia and it wasn't by my hands. You have no idea how much I wanted to hurt myself for what I did to him…"

Prussia smirked "Hear that Roddy~ no beating me up~"

"Please you enjoy it too much for it to be domestic abuse." Austria snorted.

Germany tried his hardest to ignore them he really didn't want that image in his head, he noticed Romano was doing the same thing as they both wore mirror expressions. He smiled and Romano burst out laughing, he laughed too. Italy smiled happily, he hoped now they would come to an understanding after all it was twice now Romano almost hurt Germany beyond repair emotionally or physically. First time was with his baby Celio…and that fight. Romano smiled a little "So…err…I'm sorry I know you didn't mean to hurt him and I know you won't…"

Germany nodded "Ja I know."

Romano muttered and patted Germany's shoulder awkwardly. Germany smiled at his awkwardness they were a little too much like each other than either of them would dare to admit. Italy giggled "Just hug him Fratello."

"You hug him!" Romano snapped then blushed.

Italy giggled and dragged Romano over to Germany and hugged him happily. Germany blushed and hugged Italy back accidentally hugging Romano too. Romano pouted and muttered under his breath. He hugged back slowly then wriggled free "G-got to go now! G-good to have you back macho bastard!" he tripped over one of the dogs and landed in the flower bush outside. He clambered out and stormed off swearing in Italian about Italy's gay flowers.

Italy smiled "That's his way of saying he likes you now."

Germany laughed "Well if swearing and attacking my plants means he likes me then I feel sorry for his husband."

Italy giggled "Si!"

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