Captain Gates demanded that Castle receive training. As much as it bothered her, he was part of her best team. He followed her orders (as far as she knew.) She wanted him to know what he was doing.

He could have hired a private trainer, but Ryan & Espsito volunteered to teach him to fight. They didn't expect him to already be good at it. He explained that he'd learned while writing Derrick Storm so he could write the fight scenes realistically.

At first, the boys took it easy, but quickly ganged up on him to test how he handled multiple assailants. He managed well enough. After a flurry of kicks, punches, grabs, throws, blocks, and parries, all three men are soaked in sweat and laboring to control their breathing.

Esposito smirks when Castle holds up a hand and backs up. "Giving up already, Castle?"

Ryan takes the break to lean down, hands on his knees, and catch his breath.

Castle says, "No, just, ick." He peels his sopping wet shirt off.

After another 15 miutes, the other two have decided to rid themselved of their disgustingly wet shirts, too.

Karpowski intended to get a workout before her shift started, but pauses when she reaches the door without opening it. Her eyes widen at the sight through the glass. She stares unashamedly at the three shirtless, muscular men, beating the snot out of each other. She can hear their taunts, laughter, grunts, and curses. She admires their bodies, muscles swollen from exertion, and wonders if they'll ever make a beefcake calendar of the Men of the 12th like the firefighters do. She pulls out her phone and snaps a few pictures before she walks away with a grin.

Sitting at her desk, she's surprised to see Beckett walk in on her day off. In her old, soft jeans and pretty tank top, she clearly wasn't called in for work. "Whatcha doin' here, Beckett? Missed your boys & couldn't stay away?"

Karpowksi watches for an embarrassed reaction, but doesn't get one. Beckett just looks confused. "They're here?"

"Yep. Sparring in the gym."

Beckett just nods and turns her attention to searching her file drawer for something in particular. She mumbles an answer to Karpowski, "Just had an idea and needed to check on something."

She reads through a file, leaves it open on her desk, and opens another, setting it where she can see both files. She finds the connection she was looking for, and she is pissed.

"Damn it. Castle." Her voice is more like a growl.

She storms up the stairs to the gym, but the boys aren't there. She can hear the rush of water through the pipes of the old building going to the showers of the gym's locker room. She doesn't care who's in there. She rams the door open, "CASTLE!"


To be continued.

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