World: Transformers Animated, after the episode "The Endgame part 2"
Main Characters: Slipstream, Blackarachnia, Jetlight, Jetfire, Jetstorm, Sari, Bumblebee and "Mystery Voice"

I don't own Transformers Animated or the characters (exept for Jetlight). Rightfull owner is Hasbro.

Units of time:
Nano-cycle = 1 Second
Cycle = 1,5 minutes
Breem = 8,3 minutes
Megacycle = 2,6 hours
Solar Cycle = 1 day
Deca Cycle = 10 days
Orbital Cycle = 1 month
Stellar Cycle = 1 year

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Earth, unknown location

"What makes you think he will obey us?", Slipstream asked from the techno-organic, who was at the computer, giving a small smile to her companion.

"Easy, when the jet-brothers were created, autobots used the coding from Starscream, right? Well, they had to also erase some of the coding to keep the autobot coding the dominative one. They did that on Jetfire, and Jetstorm... but not on Jetlight."

"Wha... How can you tell?"

"He's giving off an seeker-signal, just like his two brothers. But on his case it's much stronger. We just to wake the coding up, and he will follow his kind anywhere, in this case, you and your brothers. Even if you seekers are acting like loners, you still work as in teams."

"So... We are turning an bot into an con.", Slipstream didn't know did she like the idea or not. It was twisted and dark, and gaining a new warrior would be nice, but in deep down, she would have hated to break a trine, being seeker herself she knew what it was like.

"Precisely. And if we are lucky... we get his brothers too."

Earth, same location, 15 meters to the east

Jetlight banged his head against the wall, trying to think something. The cuffs kept him in really awkward position, hands behind back didn't actually give him movability he wanted. He coud move all he wanted, except for his servos. He had been going trough possibe escape-ideas for the last three breems, and the isolation from his brothers started to get on him. He wasn't meant to stay underground for too long, or to be away from his brothers if he wasn't hooked up in some stabilizers...

Come on Jetlight... think. Think. Run trough your programs if there is anything usefull!

Jetlight started going trough his programmin again, to find memories, recorded visuals of any kind of hints how to escape something like this. There was too much information to go trough though, so he let his mind wander, hoping that he would get kicked by the luck.

Chemicalreactions... formula for fuel... handchuff differences... Wait what?

Jetight flinched, when he had readed about handchuff differences? Well that didn't matter, Jetlight closed his eyes, starting to read about the info he had in his memorybanks. Surely, these handcuffs were cheap version, since it didn't hold him well and... these were meant for the autobots. Not for flyers. Wich meant, that they were made of material, that was ment to take hits, and didn't bent on sheer force... but they were weak for chemicals and heat. Jetlight grinned, he knew how to get the chains off! He got up to his pedes, and looked at the wall, turning around. This was going to hurt, but he really needed energon as flamefuel. Jetlight run backwards, trying to get his wrist or back to bleed. Ramming again and again, Jetlight felt like is arms were going to crack isnted of having a wound, but finally he got what he wanted. Handchuffs were now covered in energon. Jetlight grinned a little, and positioned his thurster right next to his chains, forcing them on. Energon caught on fire, but Jetlight kept going. He needed to get the chains to snap in two, and the heat would be the best way right now. Only thing was that having other thruster on and standing only on one pede threw him off-balance, and with small yelp Jetlight felt down and-


Jetlights arms were free! Flyer tried his wrists quickly, trying to get his bleeding to slow down little, he was already weak from the venom and being locked down here, so bleeding wasn't the best thing right now.

"And now... I better find the exit before that creepy spider and bossy seeker comes back here.", Jetlight nodded to himself, before going out of the little cavern. He was able to hear BlackArachnia talking, with that seekerfemme named Slipstream. Better run to another direction in that case.

Earth, Detroit, Autobot base

Jetfire was first to move. He felt it. It was weak, but he was able to feel it. Jetstorm looked at his twin, shaking his helm a little. They both had been on recharge, when Jetfire had jumped up, looking infront like he was hypnotized.

"Brother... I be knowing where Jetlight is."

This waked up Jetstorm up, and he was able to feel it too now. Placing his servo against his sparkchamber, he tried to take contact to Jetlight. It didn't work so well, but he was able to feel him somewhat. Hiding. Groutching. Running away from something. Running to get back in the skyes, to get away from something really dark... But Jetlight wasn't only scared... he was also angry. Jetstorm stood up and ran to the rec room, hoping that someone wold be awake to help a little bit. Jetfire followed, and nodded to Jetstrom when he looked at him. Both went to the monitors, they had learned from the last time: Watch where the signal is coming so that they can try find Jetlight trough it. Or atleast get some hints, so they won't be so lost once they make it there...

"Weren't you two just sleeping?", it was Sari, she was having a sleepover here again, and had woked up when she had heard the running feet of the twins. Yawning Bumblebee was following them, and looked the twins, tired.

"What's up?"

"Jetlight. We be knowing where he is."

Those words woke both younglings, making them run to the monitors to take a better look themselfs. Sari got exited.

"What are we waiting for! Let's go get Light home!", Sari shouted, and twins nodded in unision in agreement. They should leave a note to Sentinel though, no need to wake him up for something like this.

"They be at the mining-site."

Earth, Mining-site

Jetlight had finally found the way, that gave a small breeze of cool air. But he was getting weaker by the minute, and he was losing his hope already. Trying to contac his brothers wasn't really helpfull either, Jetlight couldn't feel them so well. Once again, he felt lonely and afraid. It was so dark, and the caves walls seemed to swing from the side to the side.

"Oh Jetliiight~ Where are you?"

Arachnia was after him already, creeping in the caves. Jetlight was her prey now, and Jetlight knew enough well about hunters to know, that they wouldn't give up on their victims so easy. Jetlight fell on the ground again, scraping his knee little, and trying to get himself up again. So cold... he was feeling so cold, almost like he had been pushed in frozen lake... Darkness kept coming closer from the corners of his optics, and Jetlight was getting desperate. He knew if he wouldn't get outside soon enough, that could be the end of him, and his brothers. Jetlight closed his optics, and a memory of his two brothers flushed over his mind. Could he give up yet?

"Get up Jetlight. Your story can't end here, not now."

"Who-?", Jetlight rised his head, and looked around, confused.


Jetlight gritted his teeth, and forced himself up.

"Good... Now start walking. You cannot stay in the dark too long."

Jetlight nodded, and opened his optics again, and started walking again, slowly but steady. He still wasn't sure was he going to right way, but the voice was right. He couldn't stop now, not without a good fight. Jet dragged his legs, keeping his optics locked infront of him, and realised that the caves started to have more natural light... he was getting closer for the exit. Small grin came across his faceplate, and he walked to the light better, taking a moment to celebrate his little victory.

"And Jetlight... say hi to the team from me."

Jetlight turned around, hoping to see the talker, but felt only a strong breeze that went almost trough him, making him close his optics for an moment, and when he onlined them again, the presence of something else was gone. He was alone again.