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Chapter 1
The day after a divorce settlement was reached, the test came back positive.

Hermione Granger sat on the bathroom floor of the flat she and Ron shared as a married couple with a pregnancy test grasped between shaking fingers. Two years of marriage, half a year of separation, and a drunken New Years' Eve kiss that spiralled out of control had led her to this point. She was twenty-four years old, single for the first time in six years, and pregnant with Ron Weasley's baby.

Pulling herself to her feet, she Apparated on the spot. If there was one place she could go to distract herself from her thoughts it was at work. Just months before she and Ron separated, she had been given a grant by the Malfoy Group to study the long term effects of Unforgivable Curses. On a Saturday, the offices would be mostly empty, offering Hermione a bit of welcomed solitude.

But the lights were on in her lab when she entered. Furrowing her brow, she removed her wand from her sleeve, and slowly moved closer. "Stealth isn't your thing," Draco Malfoy commented as he searched her bookshelves. With his back to her, Hermione wondered how he had known she was there.

"This is my office," she pointed out. "I shouldn't have to sneak around to begin with."

He turned, having selected a book, and smirked at her. "And yet you are."

Shaking her head, she continued into her office and sat down. It was only then that she realized she still had the pregnancy test in hand. Quickly, she stuck it in a drawer and set her things down. "I have work to do, Malfoy," she stated, hoping he would take the hint to leave.

"On a Saturday? Have you no life, Granger?" he inquired, taking a seat in front of her desk. "I heard a rumor that it's Granger again. Can't say I blame you for ditching Weasley. He never was smart enough for you."

"Keeping up on my love life, are you," she muttered, pulling a stack of files closer. Ron was the last thing in the world she wanted to discuss, and with Draco Malfoy no less. Nothing about their relationship had been kept private. Everything from their first date to the proposal, the wedding to the divorce had been front page fodder for The Daily Prophet. Idly, she wondered what they would do when they got their hands on the latest development in her life.

"Ya know, getting a divorce was the greatest decision I ever made," Draco commented, pulling her from her thoughts. "I don't know, maybe if my marriage hadn't been arranged I might have liked Astoria. There's just something about being told to love someone that made me want to do the exact opposite."

"So, you never loved her?" Hermione asked, leaning forward, work forgotten. "You were married for, what, five years? I can't imagine going so long without feeling anything for someone."

He shrugged before adjusting his suit jacket. "I think it's worse when there's a child involved," he commented. Reaching into his pocket, he removed his wallet and pulled out a picture of his two year old son, Scorpius. He studied it for a moment before passing it to Hermione. "You're lucky that you and Weasley got out before you could start a family."

She passed the photo back to him and placed a hand over her still flat stomach. If he only knew, she thought. "It must be hard on him," she replied softly.

Tucking the picture of his son back into his wallet, he became quietly thoughtful. His eyes moved slowly over her seated form and he smiled. "I think he's too young to remember us as being married. Maybe that's a good thing," he said.

Tilting her head to the side, Hermione wondered if that would be a good thing for her baby, as well. Perhaps Ron would never even need to know she had a child. She could easily raise a baby on her own, and never need his help. It was entirely plausible that Ron could live the rest of his life never knowing she had been pregnant with his child. But was that fair to any of them?

"Where'd you go, Granger?" Malfoy asked, chuckling at her far off look. A blush filled her cheeks as she shook such thoughts from her head. She whispered an apology, one he quickly dismissed with a wave of his hand. "So, what's the plan now?"

Hermione sighed. What was her plan? And just how much of her life could she impart to Draco Malfoy? He was, after all, still her boss despite the unusually friendly conversation they shared. "I don't know," she replied. "Packing, moving. I should probably find a new flat before I do the packing and the moving. And I guess I'll just continue working. There's so much more research to do and testing before we publish. I'm sure you can't wait for me to be out of your hair." She laughed awkwardly at her attempt to make a joke.

Getting to his feet, the book he removed earlier tucked underneath his arm, he headed towards the door. "You're not an imposition, Granger," he informed her. "The work you and your team are doing could help hundreds of people who have suffered long term damage from Unforgivables. You're not just good for this company, but for our world. I'm glad it was the Malfoy Group who could fund your research."

Hermione was utterly shocked by his sincere words. "Thank you, Malfoy," she replied when she could once more find her voice.

He nodded politely. "I'll be in my office if you need anything," he told her. "By the way, Granger, congratulations."

She paled as he exited her office. Was it possible Draco had seen the pregnancy test? No, she told herself. As a wizard, he wouldn't know what a muggle pregnancy test was. He was just congratulating her on the divorce. That had to be it.