~ Just a Few Missing Scenes ~

Scene 1- Spencer's True Inspiration to Keep Going the Distance

The ground crunched under his sneakers, his breath came out in short bursts of air as sweat slowly trickled down his face. Yet he continued running and would do so until the sun began to set. The song he was listening to was one he had listened to a million times in the last few days. He had never heard it until he ended up staying at Garcia's and, in truth, he preferred classical but Beethoven and Mozart had never inspired him to run, so he made due with what he had.

The song hadn't been a bad one when it first rang through his ears but listening to it loop over and over again on the ipod he had smuggled in made him want to smash the tiny device on the ground and make new, satisfying music by the sound of his feet crunching the song into oblivion. At the same time though, it was the type of song that you couldn't help but sing along too.

As the chorus blasted into his ear, he resisted the urge to belt out the lyrics but couldn't stop himself from mumbling them under his panting breath as he continued to run, ignoring the burn in his legs and the protest of his body.

Across the field, the Director sat down next to the coach, who had been there since class had been dismissed.

"Has he been here since class ended?" Alex asked off-handedly as he watched the gangly boy half jog/ half run around the track.

"Hasn't left yet." Phil Garsly grunted, never taking his eyes off the young man.

"This is what, the fourth time?"

"We've been in session for four days and he's been out here every day after class to practice, so yes."

"And what do you think of him so far?" Oxley asked almost cautiously. Garsly was an ex-marine and it showed in both his attitude and physical stature.

"He's got passion but he hasn't built up the endurance. What he wants to accomplish can't be done with the shape his body is in right now." The muscled man gave a snort of amusement. "Personally, I'm waiting for him to collapse."

"What, you couldn't take him aside and give him the rundown of the basics?" Oxley asked wryly, knowing exactly how Garsly liked to handle things. "The boy's a genius; grasping how to stretch and do warms up is not beyond his reach."

"Experience is the best teacher. The only thing that's keeping his going now is his motivation and whatever's on that damn ipod." The other grunted.

"Ipods aren't allowed here." Oxley said, somewhat dumbfounded as his eyes tracked the white wires leading up to Reid's ears.

"I know." Garsly gritted out. "I confiscated that thing three times and it always ends up back in his possession before class ends."

The Director stared at him for a moment before a snicker broke loose from his mouth.


"Don't say it." Garsly growled dangerously.

"A retired Marine with several badges of honor and courage-"

"I'm warning you, Alex. There will be hell to pay if you finish that sentence."

"- were pick-pocketed by a new cadet, not once, but three times?" Alex let out a gruff laugh.

"The boy's sneaky." The coach defended himself and silently waited for the Oxley to calm down. Retribution would come in its own time. "Right now I'm waiting for him to collapse. A visit to Wanda will put his head on straight after she's done with him." He ended, talking of the Academy Nurse that cadets learned very quickly to avoid if they could. The woman could guilt trip a man like no other.

Ten minutes passed by with Oxley snorting into his hand every now and then, ignoring the animal like growls of warning from his friend. Finally- finally- Garsly was able to get up off the bench as Reid collapsed onto the track's asphalt.

"About time." He snarled but became concerned when he saw the young man wasn't moving. The two men hurried toward him and upon closer inspection realized he had passed out. After a moment of calling his name, pouring some water gently onto his face and lightly patting his cheek, Garsly heaved a sigh of relief as brown opened up. Delirious and confused though they were, he was awake.

"Alright son, that's enough for one day. I think you'll be spending the night and tomorrow with our lovely nurse." Garsly commented, easily slinging one of Reid's thin arms over his broad shoulders to help support the young man.

". . .must be swift as a coursing river. . ." Reid mumbled out.

"What was that?"

"With all the force of a great. . .typhoon.. ."

"Cadet Reid, are you singing?" Garsly asked incredulously.

". . .all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the mooooonnnnnn." Reid choked out and actually tried to start running again.

"Oh, no. You've done enough today." Garsly commented, tightening his grip on the whip thin cadet.

"I'll make a man out of you!" Reid practically yelled as he tried to jerk out of the hold before his body decided it had enough and gave out on him, making him faint again.

"Dear God, he's been listening to this, this, Disney song repeatedly." Oxley gasped out, catching up to the two after he had stopped to pick up the fallen ipod.

"There's motivation and then there's over motivation. Get rid of that thing." Garsly snapped as he dragged the dead weight on his arm to the nurse.

The ipod was seen in Reid's possession six days later despite being in a locked drawer in the Director's office. Nobody said anything as Reid took his time warming up, muttering under his breath about a 'Garcia' forcing him into watching a 'Disney Marathon.' They also pretended to not to hear a high alto singing parts of 'Zero to Hero' and 'I Can Go the Distance' as the young man jogged.

Scene 2- That Mailbox was Always There

"Is everyone in position?" Clara radioed over her walkie-talkie, keeping her voice hushed in the night air.

"This is Team Ronald McDonald. We're in position." A voice radioed back a moment later.

"Team Nixon, you guys ready?" Clara asked, worried when a response wasn't given to her first call. A few minutes passed before static filled the air and voice floated out of the machine.

"Team Nixon here. Sorry about the delay, they had a dog. A wiener dog, of all things. Jane's giving it a belly rub. And yes, we are in position."

"Excellent. You guys have ten minutes before we rev up the truck. Be back before then." She ordered, slipping her own mask over her face.

"Copy that."


Clara couldn't be more proud of her girls when the four showed up 8 minutes later and climbed into the back of the truck with her. Silently promising to buy them a round later on, she rapped her knuckles on the back window.

The truck roared to life, sounding like a hungry beast as its headlights flickered on. The engine revving and the sound of screeching tires caused lights to turn on in many houses in the high scale neighborhood.

As the truck zoomed down the street, Clara stood in the bed of it, picked up her trusty metal baseball bat and smacked one particular mailbox clear off its post. At the sound- which almost resembled a gunshot- a young couple opened their door to see what was going on, only for the husband to step on a bag of dog droppings that had been lit on fire and for the wife to look on in horror at the eggs splattered on the side of her house and the toilet paper skewered across their trees.

But the vandals weren't done yet. The driver actually had the nerve to back up and Clara hopped down to scoop up the dented mailbox.

Neighbors watched from their own doorsteps as a woman wearing a Jason mask gave the couple the bird and a group with Richard Nixon and Rondal McDonald masks followed in suit. The driver rolled down his window- he wore a batman mask- and gave the stunned victims a jaunty wave before speeding off into the night.

They hit four more houses that night.

The next morning, Clara gave a shark-like smile as Jack and Alexa Sayous came to file a police report.

"Alright, just fill out this form and when you're finished," She pulled out a beat-up mailbox from under her desk and slammed it on the counter. "You can just put it in here."

"That's our mail box!" Alexa exclaimed, eye's widening at the words 'How's it feel to be bullied?' among other, more vulgar phrases written across the once smooth metal.

"Yeah." Clara replied sweetly. "It was dropped off this morning."

"Hey, this form is already filled out and it's a form saying we're guilty of harassment!" Jack yelled angrily. "Is this some sick joke? Neither me or my wife have ever harassed anyone!"

"Oh? Stripping a boy naked and tying him to a goal post and taking pictures isn't harassment?" Clara asked back, and felt a jolt of satisfaction shoot through her at their panicked expressions.

"W-what? We never. . ." Alexa stuttered off with a gulp.

"Hmm. That's not what Harper and Greg Peyton said." The secretary replied innocently. "Their house was hit too, along with two others. Must be karma, yeah?"

"That was back in high school. No one cares about that." Jack replied angrily. "What matters now is our property was vandalized."

"Tormenting and scarring a boy for life means nothing but property that can be replaced is top priority?" A passing secretary asked; her voice tinted in disgust. "Glad I didn't attend school with you."

"It's none of your business, bitch!" Jack snapped back and instantly regretted it as the whole office went silent and Clara stood up.

"One, you're disturbing the peace and will be fined if you don't knock it off. Two, I'm sure Spencer Reid would like to have a few words with you if he wasn't off being more successful than you two will ever be. Three, that is my secretary you're threatening and if you do it again, I will bash this mailbox against your thick skull. And four," she leaned over the counter and hissed at them, "I've left men three times your size whimpering in hospitals and if you don't leave right now, I'll personally demonstrate on you why they were whimpering. No, the report will not be filed due to personal prejudice against your person. Yes, you have the right to file a complaint against us at another police department. No, we don't care- just like you didn't care when you tortured a kid for laughs. Now get out."

The two heard the safety lock on a gun go off and hightailed it out of there, not caring how frightened they looked. As soon as they left, the officers went back to their work as if it was an ordinary day.

"You better watch yourself, Clara. You're not being subtle and Chief won't be happy if we get calls from other stations about this." Jones called out to her as he walked closer.

"Says the man who just undid the safety on his gun." She snorted back and all the girls giggled at the high blush that took over his face as he muttered, 'It wasn't me' under his breath and walked away.

"Can someone explain to me why two civilians just ran out of here like they saw the devil?" Marco's exasperated voice rang throughout the room. Marco had just come back from a coffee pick up and watching two people almost spill piping hot coffee on him in their haste to leave was not a fun experience.

"No." Everyone yelled out trying to look innocent as he set the coffee on the counter.

"Of course you don't." He groaned and caught Clara scrambling to hide the mail box. "Clara. . ." He called out, warning clear in his voice.

"Yes?" She asked, voice professional.

"Why are there four busted mailboxes under your desk?" He asked and others in the room shot each other looks, each questioning how the Chief knew the exact number without even looking.

"I don't know what you're talking about, sir. Those have always been there. I collect them. You know that." She chided with a confused frown.

"Of course. Well, next time you 'collect' another one, at least rent a truck instead of making Watson your personal chauffer. I don't care how much he enjoys wearing the batman mask." He ordered, ignoring his old partner's fake coughs to cover his laughter. "I'll be in my office. Don't threaten anyone else. We're meant to protect the people." He muttered.

"Actually, police officers protect. I'm an innocent secretary with a passion for punishing bullies." She replied under her breath as she sent out an e-mail to Garcia to let her know the job had been done.

It burned her to know there were some bullies out of her reach but Garcia assured her that financial ruin had a poetic justice of its own. Also, hacking into Facebook accounts to spread some juicy revelations across the internet would be more than enough.

She would be looking forward to show and was just waiting for Garcia to send her the goods. After all, she had already bought the popcorn.

Scene 3- I Know What I'm Going to Be for Halloween

"I can't believe you talked me into this." Reid moaned as he walked down the deserted hallway of the BAU, Garcia prancing joyfully at his side.

"Sweetie, you look perfect. I couldn't imagine you being anyone else." Garcia chirped happily.

"Really? You couldn't imagine me being anyone else for Halloween except for a man with a superiority complex, narcissistic tendencies, and an urge for destruction. Not one other character came to mind before him?" He asked dryly.

The BAU was having an office Halloween party and agents were allowed to dress up if they wanted. Once Garcia got wind of this she decided their team's costumes should be characters from the Avengers movie.

Which is how Reid got stuck walking in dark leather with hints of green and gold, and a giant helmet with horns on it with a scepter gripped in his hand; a pained expression painted on his face showing his displeasure for the costume.

"Ok, Reid, for the last time, I picked Loki for you because you're both tall and thin for one. You have high cheek bones, you both like scarves, books, and magic. You like to annoy people, he likes to annoy people; it's a perfect fit!" She gave him a lecherous grin. "Also, you're both smoking hot, meow!"

"Never do that again." He deadpanned, more use to her actions than he should have been. "Also, Loki doesn't annoy people, he tries to kill them. Why couldn't I be Phil Coulson? I liked him."

"Because Phil dies, bless his soul. Also his costume design is bleh. All you'd have to do is wear a suit, and that, munchkin, is too easy. I worked really hard on these costumes to get them as close to the movie ones as I could."

Admittedly, Garcia really did work hard on all the costumes she made, going on a cosplay rampage Reid hadn't seen since his Dungeon and Dragron days. Her details on the clothes were amazing but it left him questioning a few things.

"In that case, why are you dressed as Thor?" He asked curiously.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm the Tech. Goddess, he's the God of Thunder, and we're both forces of nature. He's blonde, I'm blonde. He loves Loki, I love Loki. Admit it, I'm Thor reincarnated." She giggled.

"Somehow, I think his love for his brother is far different from yours." Reid gave her a nervous smile when she looked at him with an evil smile.

"Say 'kneel', Reid. I liked that line in the movie." She whispered flirtatiously.

"No!" He scrambled forward to hide the red blush that crossed his face at her words. Why did she have to make everything so dirty?

"Say it! I made the costume, you owe me!" She urged, tugging on the sleeve of his jacket.

"No!" Reid yelled again as he made a mad dash to the office, Garcia right behind him, her hammer raised in her hand.

"The Mighty Thor commands you, brother!" She shrieked and tackled him, right as he opened the door, making him fall on the floor with her on top of him.

"Damn Garcia, maybe you should join us on cases if that's how you tackle." Morgan laughed, dressed up in dark leather with an eye patch covering one eye.

"Sorry Director Fury, I only tackle people I like. I call them Thor Hugs." Garcia winked as she clambered off of Reid and made a move to hug Morgan.

"Whoa, Baby Girl. Remember I'm not a god like you two." Morgan laughed as she hugged the stuffing out of him. "'Sides, we should help him up before someone steps on him. Looks like the Hulk beat the crap out of you, Reid."

"Shut up, Morgan. I hope you run into a wall." Reid groaned, taking the offered hand to help him up. Together, the three joined the rest of the team.

"Lookin' good, Reid." Emily called out, her Black Widow costume showing off her curves in all the right places. JJ nodded in agreement, dressed as Hawkeye because, as Garcia put it, she was good at darts and that was close enough. Beside her stood Will, dressed up as Robin Hood with Henry dressed up as a little Legolas by his feet.

"Ah! My little godson is adorable!" Garcia squealed the moment she saw him, sweeping him up in a storm of kisses and hugs, causing the little boy to giggle. Reid gave them a shy wave. He had met Will and Henry a few times and the boy didn't seem to mind him but Reid didn't want to push his luck. He chatted with Emily and Morgan for a few moments before spotting the punch bowl and realized how thirsty he was. After asking if the wanted any, he excused himself to go pour a cup for himself. After taking a sip, his face scrunched up at the taste.

"If Morgan spiked this, I'll never forgive him." He mumbled to himself.

"Trust me Reid, if anyone spikes that bowl, it's gonna be me. This suit is hotter than a sauna." Rossi's griped, in a full Iron Man suit, mask and all.

"Oh. I thought mine was bad." Reid chuckled softly as he watched Rossi try to walk in the heavy suit.

"According to Garcia, because I'm rich and because I like Iron Man, I was the perfect candidate." The older man grunted, opening up the mask to take a drink.

"I take it Hotch is Captain America?" Reid questioned and had it answered for him as Hotch walked in, patriotically decked out with a certain shield on one side and a green little monster on the other. "Jack's the Hulk?" Reid laughed, as he watch Jack stomp around and try to be intimidating.

"Garcia wanted it to be Strauss but Hotch talked her out of that suicide move. Jack loves superheroes so it worked out." Rossi told him, discreetly pouring some Vodka in the bowl.

"Rossi!" Reid whispered when he noticed. "You shouldn't- what if Jack or Henry-" The older man raised an eyebrow at his stuttering coworker.

"I told Hotch and JJ ahead of time not to let the kids have any. They brought juice boxes for them. Besides, Iron Man likes to drink and so do I." The other justified, chugging his drink down in one gulp.

Reid held back the urge to lecture Rossi on the dangers of alcohol consumption and tried to enjoy the night.

And surprisingly, he had more fun than he thought he would.

The night was spent watching Emily, Garcia and Morgan get slightly tipsy, Jack hero worshiping them all and ambushing Reid when he thought the other couldn't see. Hotch actually smiled and JJ somehow convinced him to let the group use his shield as a Frisbee. If a few things were broken as a result, they were quickly cleaned up and forgotten about.

Stumbling home that night, looking for all the world like a drunk Norse god, Reid knew he had made the right choice in coming to Virginia.

Scene 4- The Gift Card

The envelope looked innocent enough, but Oxley had been in the game long enough to know even the most plain looking things could be the deadliest. It was a small envelope with his name written neatly in the middle. It was too thin to hold an explosive but that anthrax trick had been used more than once and he wasn't about to take chances. Carefully feeling the enveloped with his letter opener, he felt something solid inside and decided, after becoming annoyed with himself for his paranoia, to just open it.

Besides, Marianna would never let anything pass her desk if it was dangerous and she was far more paranoid than he ever was.

Opening it up quickly, Oxley turned it upside down and watched as a plastic card and single sheet of paper fall onto his desk.

Turning the card over he discovered it was a gift card to a high scale liquor store that he loved but could only afford to shop at on special occasions. His eyebrows rose up in surprise when he saw it had $250 written on it and turned to the note. There was no name but he immediately knew who it was after reading the short sentence.

'Thank you for not sending him to Interrogations.'

"Are you trying to make me an alcoholic, Rossi?" Oxley muttered under his breath, tucking the gift card into his wallet. There was a smile on his face when he said it though.

He never told his friend, but he did end up fighting with the higher ups about where Reid should be assigned. They wanted him working in some mubo jumbo science division that dealt with weapons and if not there, then some other obscure division he wasn't familiar with. They were quite adamant about it and it was only after yelling himself hoarse and telling them the boy was made for the BAU that they finally relented, reluctant though they were. It was still a compromise though because if they were not satisfied with Reid's work during his probation period then he would be reassigned. Oxley never told the young agent this because he knew it would cause unneeded stress. A year had passed and he hadn't heard of any reassignments, so Reid must have impressed somebody.

Besides, the other units weren't hurting for agents; it's not like the Interrogation Unit needed another heavy hitter. Miss Ortega seemed to be cracking confessions out of suspects left and right.

As for Oldenson, well, the Code Breakers had already sent him more thank-you notes and gifts than he could ever remember receiving, so he's assuming the young man was making jaws drop in that quiet way of his. Oxley smiled as he thought about them; he'd definitely had a good group that year and the it was showing.

Let them shine like the shooting stars they were.

Trivia Time!

The idea of Reid acting dumb came to mind when the author was half asleep; this is paralleled in the story with Reid thinking to act dumb when he was half asleep.

D&D was supposed to be around 5 chapters in the beginning. It expanded to 13.

The author took Art History in both high school and college. This inspired the first case in the story, and yes, the author passed both classes (warning to all thinking art history is an easy course: it is not).

The Author has read Romeo and Juliet in high school. She was supposed to read King Lear but ended up just listening to the group lecture. Frustration towards Shakespeare has been shown in this fanfic.

Information about the case in Vegas and the one in Florida were researched beforehand. Thank you, Google.

Any scene talking about food (cookies, ice cream, Hal's diner, ect) were more likely written when the author was hungry. She's hungry a lot.

The author chose to write trivia time in third person because she thinks it sounds cooler.

Trivia Time End!

A/N: Last chapter, promise. These were just a few scenes I wanted to put in but couldn't find a place for.

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