I'm making this out of boredom and comedy. I don't believe in this kind of behavor.

In O-Town their lives a family of blue wolves called the Wolfe Family. Their's George and Virgina, the parents. Grandpa, self expanitory there. And the kids Peter and Cindy, both wolves. And their adopted steer son Heffer.

Now normaly in this family it's the adpoted streer son, Heffer that causes chaos.

Yet that's not totally the case. This is a little tale of one night Peter caused the madness.

It all stared one night.

George, Virgina, Heffer, and Cindy had gone to Cindy's school for a open house her school was having.

Peter had quit school a while to pursure his his own, disturbing passion.

George frowned on it, yet Peter got paided in being dance performances. So George didn't try to straighten him out. The money was good.

Anyway the reason Peter got into dance and other femine things was...well he was a crossdresser... and gay.

Anyway Peter was home with Grandpa, who was sleeping like a rock. Not even a a-bomb could wake that wolf up.

"Perfect," Peter thought grabbing a phone and dialing a number on it

"Hello? Ted?" Peter said "Ya it's me. The house is basically all mine again. You want to come down? Sweet."

Ted was a muscular hyena who was in one of Peters dance classes, and he two was unstraight

A short while Ted came to Peters home and knocked on the door

Peter answered it, while wearing a pair of his moms old underwear, before she got fat.

"Oh I love it when you wear that shit," Ted said "It's simply fabulos"

"So you ready?" Peter said

"Lead the way my little lover," Ted said

And so Ted and Peter..."did the nasty."

"Oh Peter," Ted said "Yes. YES!"

This nastyness went on for a while until Peter noticed the time on his clock

"Oh shit," the blue wolf said "My folks will be back in another hour, Ted you gotta scram. And I gotta clean these sheets before they get back"

"Very well," Ted said putting his pants back on "Until we meet again my little lover," Ted said giving Peter a smooch.

With that Peter cleaned his bed sheets just in the nick of time.

"What's that smell?" Cindy said smelling the faint odor of sex coming from Peters room

"I don't smell anything," Heffer said

"Hehe," Peter giggled "They'll never find me out,"

The End