Medaka Box (c) Nisio Isin



(Sciences) measure of the degree of disorder in a system

Kikaijima Mogana is human. Granted, she is perfect in every aspect – looks, academic achievements (scholarship to an institution as prestigious as Hakoniwa Academy, Treasurer of the illustrious Student Council), and aptitude for swimming (which bred her unrivalled lung capacity). But, she has weaknesses that defined her as a human – like her obsession with money, for instance.

Like her all-too-caring heart, for another instance.

So she constantly wonders what had driven her to be concerned over Kumagawa's emotional distance from the rest of the Council members (which led to a consultation with Kurokami Medaka, whom advised her to 'get closer to Kumagawa-san', which further led to her asking 'Misogi-chan' to walk home together, and came to…this).

"Kikaijima-san, do you have a boyfriend? Because I really, really like you." Wearing his usual high-spirited smiles and empty eyes, Kumagawa Misogi boldly enquired. His movements were slightly edged and jagged, unlike his refined movements when unflustered.

A ready blush graces her cheeks and Kikaijima hesitates to answer.

Because every answer will bring about unpleasant circumstances. She has reached a distasteful stalemate.

Kumagawa is patiently awaiting her answer.

Her hopes that his enquiry was a frivolous one was dashed; run over by a speeding F1 race car, speedy yet effective nonetheless. The Treasurer peeked under her bangs (because it is blatantly rude to look at someone else when spoken to), eyes begging for help. A simple distraction from Akune-sempai, or a slip-up from Hitoyoshi-san, either would be helpful!

None came.

Kumagawa is still waiting her answer.

"Um…yes? Money! Money is my love."

She could feel the blush residing from her cheeks. She is not lying – much. It is always good to fall back on her obsession with money, never failing to provide a safe ground for excuses.

Kikaijima could see his slump. She feels bad, kind of (guilt for lying to him), not really (she claims self-defence as assuage for guilt of lying).

"Oh…that's good, Kikaijima-san." The smile he has on his expression was at odds with the visible sag of his shoulders. "Money is powerful."

She nodded; eyes wary but the smile genuine on her face. She was on comfortable ground – money, and away from pulling as risqué a topic as boy-girl-relationships. As he opened his mouth once more, she expected the Vice-President to voice his defeat, his loss, his so-called catchphrase as his always did ('I lose again.')

"But Kikaijima-san, that's no good, as well."

He did not. The smile drooped in the subtle admonishment contained in his contradictory phrase.

'Misogi-chan' beamed, continuing his cherry chatter. "You should get a rich boyfriend, is it not easy to appease your money-obsession in that way?"

"Hmm. That's true."

"But! That would land you in imprisonment, and all your money will be taken away."

"…really? I was not aware of –"

"Or, you could be a good-girl and study hard, graduate and get a highly paid job."

"Ah, you're right –"

"However, getting straight-As does not mean companies would want to hire you."

He continues to prattle on, his solutions to 'appease her money-obsession' in conflict with one another. He seems to be having a one-sided argument, shooting off contradictory solutions one after the other, her opinions left uncompleted and unheard. As the Treasurer listens, she gets increasingly confused.

(Because that is exactly what Kumagawa Misogi is doing.)


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