Chapter 1 - Continuation of "Reunion", a few months later in Manhattan…

Tony Stark, fully suited up, stared at his helmet's heads-up display chronometer muttering loudly, "Late! I hate it when he's late! Who does he think he is? He knows he's dealing with ME, Tony Stark!"

The dark bare room contained only Tony Stark. Stark Industries had recently created the new composite Carbon nano-fiber/wurtzite boron nitride – one of the world's toughest and most shock absorbent materials, 2nd only to Captain America's shield. Tony lined his old boxing room with it, so he and his sparring partner could go all out at each other and not worry about damage. Tony lifted his hand and blasted several times at the nearest wall in impatience. Jarvis tried to break in, "Sir? Remember what happened last time you had your guard down because you were impatient…"

"Shut up, Jarvis…" Tony reprimanded the computerized butler and continued venting with blasts – muting all sounds in comparison to the explosions.

Flashes of brilliant light and the humidity of a storm brewing flood into the room behind Tony, as the door opens. "Finally…," Tony swings around to face the newcomer, "Didn't I just last week give you an indestructible watch that auto syncs with atomic time?"

A resounding laugh emanates from the tall man with the flowing red cape and long blonde locks, "Indestructible? That primitive time piece? It lasted less than 2 days..." Thor pounds his fist into his hand as a big smirk appears. "I won't go easy on you today."

About an hour later at Tony's basement bar…

Pepper serves the two unorthodox friends a Vodka Sunrise and a glass pitcher of Dark Ale. She whispers conspiratorially to Thor - just loud enough for Tony to hear, "Jarvis told me that Tony throws a fit every time you're late for sparring practice. But he's been much easier to deal with after you two have it out."

Tony's eyebrow raises at the 'betrayal' from his computerized butler, "Jarvis…you're fired."

"For the record, Sir, you fired me last week."

After shaking his head in amusement, Thor lifts his pitcher in a toast, "To good friends and a good battle – the only civilized way to deal with what the fates throw at us."

"Hear, hear!" Tony and Pepper join in on the toast. As soon as the drinking vessels are emptied, the two men triumphantly smash them to the ground. Pepper just rolls her eyes at the influence Thor has on Tony.

Galisteo, NM - A small town outside of Santa Fe…

A wormhole storm dissipates as Thor opens the door and walks into the old diner. He and Jane chose the old place out of nostalgia to be their house and research base. It needs a lot of work, but the view of the stars is perfect and reminds them of the first evening they were able to get to know each other. "I'm home!" he loudly announces.

Scurrying in with a load of research papers, books and electronics in her arms, and a pencil in her mouth – Jane manages around the pencil, "Pi-sa tonigh', 'dust orda'd. Be he-ah' in 5 min." Setting down her burden and removing the writing utensil, she walks over to him and puts her hands around his neck as she greets him, "I thought I saw a small storm earlier in the day, but it wasn't you? Hmm… Hungry?"

Pulling her closer to him he responds, "Always," before kissing her deeply and clutching her tighter. A small knock on the door of the fully windowed building alerts them to the arrival of a very timid and blushing pizza delivery boy.

He reluctantly lets Jane pull away to pay for the pizza. His eyes are drawn to where her hand touches her collar bone and the glint under her fingers.

"My mother's pendant…you didn't bring that back from Asgaard. How is it here?" Thor questions her as she returns with the pizza and sets it down on the table.

"You didn't leave it on top of my jewelry box with a small note that had your signature 'Þ' rune on it?" she queries in return.


"Then that means…" Jane starts to put the puzzle together.

"The bifrost has been repaired …," Thor finishes with a look of happy wonder and picks Jane up to spin her around. "Jane, it's a sign that my father has changed his mind because of the work we have done here with the Avengers! Did you see…"

Jane interrupts his babbling barrage with a laugh, "No I didn't see another storm beyond the first one – but I've been neck deep in research today." Putting her fingers on his lips she notes the boyish sparkle in his eyes, "I haven't seen you this enthusiastic since we first went to Asgaard."

His hand encompasses hers and he kisses her fingers still on his lips before he pulls her hand back to inquire, "The parchment, where is it?"

She leads him by the hand to her jewelry box in their room. The rune starts to glow as he reaches for it and a black feather falls out from under the paper as it's lifted. "Can you feel the magic in this?" he asks. She looks at him a little puzzled until he puts the small paper in her hand. The faint blue light is warm to the touch, but dims in her hands. He takes the paper again and it resumes glowing. He pulls her to sit beside him on the bed, and then he presses his index finger to the luminescent rune. A message appears in the air above the paper and Frigga's voice can be faintly heard, "Thor, my dear son. Heimdall has told the Allfather of your progress and the peace that has returned to your heart. You know the significance. Expect a visit when you hear of the forthcoming arrival of your firstborn, for we have news that cannot be left unguarded. Be prepared."

Jane's shocked and worried look at the mention of 'firstborn' causes Thor to chuckle and draw her into a hug. Resting his head on hers he soothes, "You are my consort after all. We live in the same dwelling, share the same bed. It is expected for the heir of Asgaard to have his own heirs in time. Is it not?"

"But…so soon?" Jane considers, obviously still alarmed at the thought of being a mother anywhere in the near future. Her thoughts race, 'What news? Firstborn? I thought it was just the stress that made me miss … like when I was a teen. It must have been when I was on antibiotics… Oh god. What is expected of me? I'm not ready for this. What will we do? Will I have to give up my research? Where in the world would we find a daycare for the child of a god?...'

"My mother's prophecies are accurate, but always vague when it comes to timelines. Only the chain of events is revealed. It could be moments or ages before her prophecies are fulfilled."

His words seem to calm her enough to stop the racing thoughts in her head, for now. He kisses the top of her head before continuing, "Our sustenance is getting cold and I loathe the microwave. It wrecks the crust, and there's something inherently wrong with such technology."


Author's Note:

I'm starting to have Thor speak a little less formally. I think he'd start doing that as he started to fit in on Earth.