Chapter 5

Jane looks around – she really is trapped. Her hand instinctively goes to her pendant, and Loki spots her bracelet.

Loki steps toward her threateningly. "Ah, now there's the key to using this little contraption between realms. How nice that Thor bothered to put your name on it. I have no need of it, but it will serve nicely as a little memento to leave for my brother. The only evidence that you ever existed…Yes…Yes…You shall come with me. And I shall do to Thor's get, what the Allfather did to me. After I'm through with you two, Thor will wish he'd never met you…" Loki strokes Jane's hair and shivers run down her spine – but she refuses to scream.

Meanwhile outside, Thor and Tony are doing well as a team against Fenris and they have him cornered. But the glint from Jane's bracelet from inside the diner, as she touches her pendant – it catches Thor's eye and momentarily distracts him. Fenris uses the moment to pounce and bites savagely into Thor's shoulder. A white hot blast from Tony's hand make's Fenris howl in pain and it's enough for Thor to be released from the vice-like grip of the wolf's jaws. Thor bellows his one thought, "JANE!"

Tony anticipates Thor's reaction and slams himself into Fenris' side, so Thor can't be bitten again as he heads to Jane's aid.

With a mighty heave Thor's hammer is sent hurdling directly at Loki through diner window. Jane's spirits lift and then sink, as Loki's hand is lifted and the hammer stalls in mid air and then drops to the ground by Loki's side. "My dear brother, didn't your mother teach you that it isn't nice to hit others?" Seeing Thor still coming at them, Loki grabs at Jane. But Jane is already diving for the hammer.

"There is no way you can…" Loki's taunting voice trails off as Jane's hand reaches the hammer and swings the heavy weapon up to connect with a loud crack at Loki's hip. Loki screeches in pain like a banshee and falls letting go of the remote, clawing with his hands to scramble away from Jane and out the door of the diner.

Blasts can still be heard from the fighting between Tony and Fenris.

Jane lifts the hammer again as she warns with eyes ablaze, "There is nothing more dangerous than coming between a mother and her child…"

Thor's hand touches her shoulder on one side and his other hand clasps his hand on Mjollnir, "Don't let blood be on your hands too, Jane."

She lets out a deep sigh and her hand unclenches from the hammer. When Loki gets that look in his eyes, she drops in a smooth motion to grab the remote, touch her bracelet to it, and jam it into Loki's leg. "Go to Hell!...Thanks to my improvements – it'll be instant!"

Thor pulls her out of the way and wraps around her protectively as the whirlwinds and lightning suck Loki up and off to Helheim.

The dust still hangs in the air when the white beam from Tony's power core shines through the murky night. Jane and Thor can see him dragging the unconscious human form carcass of Fenris behind him. "I don't suppose you have a plan for this flea ridden mongrel?" Tony half asked, half stated.

Thor nods and grabs Fenris by the scruff of the neck, "The Aesir have been awaiting the capture of this wretched cur." Turing his face up to the sky he calls, "Heimdall! Send for Gleipnir*!" then rests his hammer on Fenris' side as surety that the wolf will stay there. The weight of it causes Fenris' breath to come in ragged heaves.

"What's a GLEEP-NEAR? It sounds like a bad TV show." Tony queries.

"A chain that's impossible to break. To make it, the dwarves had to forge it from impossible things." Thor responds.

While the group waits, Thor says to Jane, "Mjollnir deemed you worthy to wield it. No one else has ever been able to lift it. And I've never seen you so spirited. A warrior in your own right." He proudly puts his arm around her shoulder and gives her a squeeze.

Tony breaks the reverie by asking, "Jane, did I hear you say something earlier about mother and child? You aren't…"

"So much for keeping it a secret for a while…" Jane answers a tad peeved that the secret is out already on earth and it's all her fault.

Tony slugs Thor in the arm and offers, "Congratulations. Just…don't call me to babysit. It's hard enough to keep an eye on you … I guess I'll just have to kick your butt tomorrow…"

Thor and Jane smile and shake their heads at the lack of tact this man always has. Thor returns the punch hard enough to set Tony off balance, "Well…Thank you. And thank you for being here today."

"I see your GLEEP-NEAR crew is arriving. Ciao." Tony gives a little salute and heads out after the first wormhole dissipates.

Sif and the Warriors Three stride in carrying what looks like enough silken rope to mummify Fenris and a magical first aid kit. It takes a good while, but the unconscious wolf is finally bound and rendered harmless and Thor's wound's healed. The crew readies to head back again.

Volstagg has been antsy the whole time and he blurts out excitedly what he's been waiting to say since the group arrived, "Heimdall says your child is a son!"

Jane blinks and then turns her face to the sky and yells, "Ugh! Heimdall! Is there anything about this child that Thor and I get to find out about on our own?" Thor rustles her hair good naturedly and she leans on him. The tiredness from the long day is setting in.

Sif nudges Volstagg, "See, not everyone asks such things of Heimdall…Now, let us help pick up the pieces and go so Jane can rest. She looks like she needs it." He harrumphs in response.

Inside the diner, Thor and Jane are on the couch. Jane is almost asleep with her head on Thor's lap as he gently runs his fingers through her hair.

"Who would have thought, that after disobeying the express command of my father and king and being exiled here for my actions – I'd be content to stay as this world's defender – with the first to believe in me at my side and now mother of my child…" he quietly voices his thoughts. "Though, I remember what Father said when I was young 'May you have children just like you!' It won't be dull, will it Jane?"

She just nods sleepily and smiles.

The end.


Author's Note:

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed what I believe will be the final story I write that fills the void for us while we wait for the Avengers. I look forward to reading what you all write too!

*Mythology says the Norse pantheon had to trick Fenris into being tied up. Fenris knew it was a trick from the start, so he told them that the only way he'd agree was if one of them put their hand in his mouth. Tyr volunteered – and ended up losing his hand. The story never sat well with me, so I guess I get to save Tyr's hand in this version.