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Ok so this just a prequel to a story I'm thinking about and I want some feedback on it. I haven't done a story and so long and didn't finish that one. Although I am thinking about finishing it just not this year. I'm still kind of new at this so give me a lot of feedback and don't worry I will try to update if many people like it. ^u^ Harry Potter is female and pregnant so if you don't like just leave.

Chapter 1.


Currently I sat on a plane heading towards Port Angeles of the United States with my godson Teddy next to me sleep. I knew that I was running away from my problems but so be it. The jealousy and fame had finally gone to my two ex-best friends and I just couldn't watch them anymore. After the final battle I had went to Gringotts and found out just how much they "loved" me. Turns out that they were getting paid from my accounts to be my friends. Luckily I was able to get it all back and more. After all a little revenge was the least I could do. After I had gotten my money back I had a little chat with Luna and she was able to print an article in her fathers' newspaper about the poor girl-who-lived being used and stolen from. The aurors didn't even wait a day before taking them both into custody; I guess being famous had it quirks in the end. In the end I couldn't stand the medias and everyone else attempts to meet me that I just decided to leave once and for all.

So sitting here on this god forsaken plane with a little girl steadily kicking my seat from behind, I wondered why I just didn't buy my own jet. Oh Yeah I wanted to look like a normal muggle –rolls eyes-. Finally I had enough and turned around in my seat to glare at the little demon. She froze immediately under my glare, eyes starting to water and lip trembling. My eyes immediately softened and I offered her a honeydukes chocolate bar. She snatched it out my hand and stuffed it in her mouth. She beamed a smile with chocolate on her lips at me and I couldn't help but smile and turn around in my seat to rub my stomach.

I sighed thinking about what I would do with the child I had just realized I was carrying a week before. After the final battle I had the most fabulous night of my life with one Blaise Zabini. He obviously didn't want any children yet considering he just left and was heading out of the country for an internship under some famous Ritual Professor. Well considering it was my first time I guess Fate decided to fuck with me once again. What will I do with a toddler and a baby on the way? I love them both and I won't let them get taken from me that I am for sure.

After I arrived in Port Angeles with teddy on my hip, I was walked outside to see the car salesman waiting for me next to my Citroen DS4. I smirked to myself because I just knew what a small town like Forks will think with this car in a teenager's possession and a teen mom at that. "Come on Teddy lets go get in our new car and go home. I bet my little man is just so tired." I cooed to my godson who just blabbered to me in that oh so eloquent baby language. I saw the ends of his hair from under his hat change to pink and thanked merlin that I remembered the hat. After fixing his hair I got into the silver CDS4 after securing teddy in his car seat. We rode off to our new home with "Barbie Girl" from Aqua blaring.

AN: Ok so this is just the beginning but I'm thinking of Edward/Jaime/Jacob. Tell me what you think of this pairing.