Chapter 11

Jaime POV

Walking toward my house after hearing Rosalie speed off, I paused feeling a disturbance on the grounds. Something was watching, waiting for me to acknowledge their presence. The question is who it is though. Using my magic I let it seep in the ground and search the grounds. Finding the intruder I relaxed recognizing the magical signature.

"What do you want at this time of night Jacob?" I called out to the wolf hiding in the woods near the house. Stepping out into the moonlight I couldn't help but to appreciate the wolf in front of me. He gave off such power that it drew me in. I almost wanted to just accept him and cuddle up to him, to feel that heat and power cocoon me. However I knew that if I were to accept him and Edward that it would only end badly. Why want a teenager who has been used repeatedly? With two sons? No I can't do that to them. They will understand once they see me for what I truly am.

"Jaime?" Snapping out from my musings I saw a human Jacob in front of me in nothing but some cut-off shorts. Blushing I couldn't help stepping closer feeling the need to run my hands over his muscled chest and push him down on the ground. Oh my God these hormones must be getting to me. Averting my eyes to look down I felt my face heating up even more. "Hey what's wrong?" Feeling his large hands rest on my shoulders and slowly run down my arms taking my hands into his. Looking up I looked into his eyes and wondered if it would really be so bad to give in to my mates.

Pushing his hands away I asked him why he was here. "I wanted to make sure you made it home safely." Scoffing I turned away to start walking towards the front door hearing him walk hurriedly after me. "I don't need anyone to protect me; I am not your ordinary pregnant teen."

"Yea you are awesome. But everyone needs help." Unlocking the front door I stepped inside turning around to block his entry through the door. "Look just give me a chance to prove myself. Please this bond between us is there for a reason. I'm not going to give up what I've been waiting for ever since I first shifted. Every shifter might have a duty to protect the humans but we also dream and hope to meet the imprint born as our other half. I'm not asking for a relationship as a lover but I would like to become friends with you. Please at least think about what I'm saying."

Looking at that puppy face I knew that I wouldn't be able to say no. "Fine I will only agree to us being friends. However you must know this. You are not my only mate. My other mate, you already know is Edward Cullen." Seeing his look of confusion and jealousy I hurried to say, "I have also turned him down but it wouldn't seem fair to be friends with you and not him. If you're going to be my friends then I would appreciate it if you kept the hostility to a minimum." About to close the door I was stopped when he grabbed me hand pulling me to him. Hugging me tightly I squirmed with the urge to push him away. His smell is what stopped me however. Slowly wrapping my arms around his waist I couldn't help but feel safe this close to him. When he wiped the tears from my face is when I noticed that I was crying. Withdrawing I scrubbed my face and turned my back on him. "Thank You. I have to be getting to bed now. Have a nice night." Using my magic I slammed the door locking it and slowly walked upstairs to my room.

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