Hey Guys! It's been a while I know! Firstly sorry for making you think this was an update because it's not! But I just wanted to tell you a sequel would be up very soon, and also to tell you about my other fanfiction account: fizzypop's'n'flipflops.x

Please check that out and add it to your alerts because I post more things on there.

That was my original account and then it stopped working and that's why I posted ANAP which I was in the middle of back then on this account. Now that old one is working again and I've been writing on there and not posting it here because I don't want to double up everything and its also against fanfic rules.

So please add that account and take a look at my other stuff if you want, and I'm working on a sequel!

My original sequel idea involved the next generation with some stuff from the original characters. If I don't go through with that is there a specific couple you'd like to see as the main ones in the sequel while we follow them next? I sort of like the idea of following Timmy/Ellie to the lead up of their wedding with all the characters coming together for it despite their old arguments and of course as always drama ensues! But I just thought of that as I typed this now, so if anyone had a couple preference and setting or idea, let me know!

Thank you for all your support!