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A few mornings later, Lovino woke up, and the first thing he notcied was that Antonio was not there. Then he remembered the date.

December tenty-fifth. Christmas Day.

He had absolutely no plans what so ever, and he really hoped that he wouldn't fall asleep and have another wierd dream. He understood his feelings completely now, but he didn't know what the Spaniard's feelings were for him.

Anyway, he went downstairs and the first thing he did was scream... B-But totally NOT like a girl... You want to know why he screamed, erm, shouted?

Well, you remember Lovino's dreams, right? Yes? Good. Well, remember how everyone was dressed up in those dreams? Yes. Very good.

He screamed because Antonio, Gilbert, Feliciano, Francis, Ludwig, Ivan, Alfed, Yao, Raivis, Toris, Eduard, Arthur, Matthew, Roderich, Elizav├ęta, and Kiku were all in their respected outfits... I would find that very creepy. Wouldn't you? Lovino obviously did.

"What's wrong, Lovi?" Antonio titled his head to the side, "Hey! I just thought of a great song!"

"Why don't you sing it for us, Tonio?" Gilbert asked.

Antonio did so.

Twinkle twinkle little Lovi~

Why are you really lovely?

Even though you're very cute

sometimes I wish I could put you on mute.

"I hate life so much right now." Lovino muttered. 'He's sooo going to be singing that forever now.'

"Antonio, if you could do one thing to Lovino, what would it be?" Francis asked.

After a few seconds of what could have possibley been thinking, Antonio replied, "Kiss him."

"I'm going back to my room." Lovino retreated up the stiars and into his room. He fell on the bed, "I wish I could die." he sighed, "Wait! W-Why would h-he k-kiss me? There's got to be a reason, and I, Lovino Vargas, shall get to the bottom of this by taking a nap and having another strange dream." he paused, "Uh, or I could just go downstairs and ask him. Then again," he paused, "there are people down there, and they all look like they just stepped out of Alice in Wonderland. Please shoot me, God. Por favore."

"Lovi~" Antonio burst in the room, "Everyone's gone now! Will you please go back downstairs with me?"

"First, I have two questions for you." Lovino sighed.

"Ask away, Lovi!"

"One, why in the world were all of you dressed like that?"

... "I honestly have no idea what-so-ever."

"Well, you're a lot of help." Lovino grumbled, "Fine. Two, if you could do one thing to me, why would you kiss me?"

"Because I like you~" Antonio cooed.

"W-Well, I don't know what they do in Spain, but in Italy," Lovino blushed, "we only kiss to greet. Unless you're kissing someone you're in love with."

"But, Lovi, I AM in love with you~"

"Y-You what?"

Well, Antonio caught his mistake and blushed furiously, "I-I mean, I-I've been doing a lot of thinking." Antonio waited for Lovino to make some sort of sarcastic remark, but it never came, so Antonio continued, "At first, I wasn't really sure what it was, b-but then I-I went to Francis and Gilbert, and b-both of them said that I-I was in l-love, but I-I couldn't believe it, so I-I went to Feliciano, and he also said I was in l-love with you. Then I did something stupid and talked with Alfred about it, and even HE said it was l-love. S-So, I-I stayed up really late one night and thought about it for what felt like ever, and even I came to the conclusion th-that I-I l- I love you, Lovino." he sighed, "I-I understand that it's against your religion, and I'm really sorry, b-but I can't help but love you. Te amo, Lovino Vargas." he paused, "Please, don't hit him."

"Why would I hit you, idioto?" Lovino blushed.

"Why wouldn't you?"

"Normally, people don't hit those that they love."

"I-I suppose that's tr- Wait! What?"

"During my stay here," Lovino began, "I was somehow able to fall in love with an idiot like you."

"Like me? Do I know him?" Antonio asked with his oblivious nature. Lovino seriously wanted to curse that cute nature of his.

"Well, I think you do considering the fact that his name if Antonio Fernadez-Carriedo." Lovino rolled his eyes.

"So, you love ME?" Antonio went wide-eyed, "How? When?"

"There's a lot of reasons of how. The when however?" Lovino paused, "I guess I came to terms with it a few nights ago. However, I think I've been in love with you for a lot longer." he was blushing slightly now, "Those stupid dreams I kept having were actually helpful, I suppose." he sighed, "Ti amo, Antonio Fernadez-Carriedo." he paused, "And I would hope that you know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games."

"So, if I kissed you," Antonio paused, "would you get mad?"

"If you are affectionate towards me in public, I will skin your muscles off."

"Aww, you're so cute!"

... "I'm sorry, but what do you find cute about having your muscles skinned off exactly?"

... "I don't know, but... It came from you, so it must be cute!"

"Nothing I say or do is cute!"

"But you're very cute!"

"I am not!"


"What is, you tomato jerk?"

"Shut up, and let me kiss you."

"W-Wha- Mmmnnfft!"

Antonio captured Lovino's lips with his own. Seconds later, the Italian wrapped his arms around the Spaniard's neck, and the Spaniard wrapped an arm around the Italian's neck. The oher hand went to Lovino's curl.

That's right. He somehow knew all about the poor, little Italian's curl... How? ... Only he and God know.

As Antonio played with the curl, Lovino let out a moan, "A-Anton-nio, p-please, s-stop th-that."

"But those little sounds your making are so cute." Antonio licked his lips, "Why would I stop?"

"B-Bec-cause I-I asked y-you ni-nicely?" The Italian was getting very tired of the Spaniard's teasing.

"Alight." Antonio sighed and headed towards the door without the his Italian lover, "Merry Christmas, Lovi."

"Merry Christmas, you jerk." Lovino pouted.

"Why are you pouting, Lovi?" Antonio asked with a voice simply full of curiousity.

"I'm not."

Antonio smiled and walked back over to the Italian.

"What now?" Lovino glared.

"Would you like me to keep kissing you? Antonio whispered in Lovino's ear, "I will. I've got no problem with it what-so-ever, Lo-vi-no."

"Y-You s-stupid tease." Lovino shivered.

"Is that a yes?" Antonio asked.

Lovino, who was now blushing madly, back away from the Spaniard and sat on his bed. Of course, Antonio followed him over and sat bside him.


... "How can I stalk you if this is MY house?"

... "Go away."

"Okay." Antonio shrugged.

"Or," Lovino drawled out the word, "you could stay here with me, so I won't be lonely."

"Will you make up your mind, Lovi?" Antonio asked wrapping an arm around the Italian.

"J-Just shut up-"

"Way ahead of you, Lovi." Antonio interrupted berfore capturing Lovino's lips with his own.

After a short while of making out and teasing, Lovino was being slowly pushed down on the bed by Antonio. The Italian quickly noticed this and jerked away from the Spaniard.

The look in Lovino's eyes must have said everything Antonio needed to hear because the Spaniard smiled gently, "Sorry."

"I-I's not your fault." Lovino blushed as the two went back to a comfortable sitting position, "I-I just don't think-"

"I get it." Antonio interrupted, "I'll wait."

Lovino smiled and kissed Antonio gently before saying, "Don't think for one second that I'd never even think of doing that in public."

"I wouldn't dream of it, Lovi." Antonio sighed.

'I used to wonder WHY I stayed here, but the answer was in front of me the whole time. I'm not staying here because it's simply a place to stay. I'm staying here because of Antonio.'

Now there was just ONE more question Lovino HAD to ask.

"Why were all my dreams based off Alice in Wonderland?"

That question may never be answered...

The End.

I completely understand that none of this made any sense.