Title: Opposites Attract

Summary: Okay, so I couldn't stand how they ended the TV series. I mean after everything that happened and everything that was said that's how they decided to end it? If it's different in the Manga series, don't tell me. I'm just starting to read them! So, a little addition to the end of Episode 26

Warnings: A bit of OOC Tohru at the very end.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except for plot. I'll be nice and put the characters back when I'm done with them!

Author's note: Okay, so I LOVE Fruits Basket! Really I do, I just keep watching the TV shows over and over again. I'm weird like that. I have only read the first Manga book because that is all the library has sent me! I take constructive criticism very well, so please don't flame. Those will only be used to roast my marshmallows on!

"…I'm hungry over here!" Kyo whined.

"Oh, I'm coming!" Tohru exclaimed and ran after her two friends.

"Well, are you ready to go home, Miss Honda?" Yuki asked. Tohru only answered with a smile and a nod of her head.

Yuki started to walk ahead and Kyo opened his mouth to say something, but then abruptly closed it again.

"Kyo?" Tohru looked up at him, waiting for him to say something.

"Do you… I mean," he rubbed the back of head, "Want to…" he looked down at his hand. 'I'm babbling like an idiot! Why can't I just say what I want to say?'

"Yes?" Tohru said with a big smile on her face.

'Then again, after everything that she just saw, she probably wouldn't want to hold my hand.' With that said he changed his mind. "Ah, never mind! Forget I said anything!" he said angrily and then started to walk away.

Tohru smiled and running up to him she grabbed his left hand. Kyo stopped walking and looked at their joined hands. "Do you mind?" Tohru asked.

"No," Kyo said shaking his head and giving her an awkward smile.

Yuki stopped and turned around, looking to see where everyone was. His eyes widened when he saw Kyo and Tohru walking closely together, holding hands, and talking quietly about something. He made his way over to them; maybe he could walk with Tohru too.

As Tohru saw Yuki approach them she placed her free hand on Kyo's arm; almost as saying, 'sorry, there's no room for you.'

Yuki frowned and Kyo wanted to yell, "That's right rat boy, she's mine!" but thought better of it, knowing that Tohru wouldn't be happy if he said that.

"What the…" all three of them heard Shigure start as he walked up behind them.

Yuki grabbed Shigure's arm and pulled him along before he could say anything to upset Kyo.

The walk home was quiet and after a while it was too quiet. Yuki turned around again and this time he didn't see Tohru or Kyo anywhere.

"Shigure?" Yuki called out. "You think that stupid cat got lost?" and he started to search the wooded area.

"I don't think so. It is a wide enough path."

"Anything's possible where that stupid cat is concerned."

"Someone's a little jealous that Tohru picked Kyo." Before Yuki could respond, Shigure called out quietly, "Yuki, over here."

Yuki hurried to where Shigure was standing and looked to where he was pointing. Kyo and Tohru were standing face to face in a clearing within the trees. Kyo rubbed the back of his head and Tohru was looking down at her feet, both looking nervous.

"You think he's going to kiss her?" Shigure asked.

"Probably not," Yuki answered. "That cat is a coward in more ways than one. And only a pervert like you would want to stand here and watch them."

Yuki started to walk away when Shigure grabbed his arm and pulled him back, "Look he's going to do it."

Kyo placed his finger under Tohru's chin and raised her face up towards his. Leaning his head down, he laid a gentle kiss against Tohru's lips, and pulled away. Both their faces turned red, but Tohru had a big goofy grin on her face.

Yuki let out a small chuckle. "That was it? That's not exactly how you kiss a girlfriend."

"It doesn't look like Tohru really minded." Shigure responded.

Suddenly, Tohru reached up and pulled Kyo's head down for another kiss. Kyo's eyes widened in surprise, but soon found himself relaxing into the kiss and enjoying it; all the while making sure their chests wouldn't touch.

"Lucky cat," Shigure said, sounding almost sad.

"Stop watching them, you bastard!" And with that Yuki walked away, pulling Shigure behind them. "And here I was ready to have a willing fight with that cat."

"I think Kyo found a little something more fun to do."

Okay, wow! It's been a really long time since I wrote a fanfiction! It's kind of really hard to get back into it!

After watching the series for the 100th time I kept thinking, "wouldn't it be funny if this happened" or "come on now, why did that happen!" So I may be writing some more little chapters about things I wished they answered or elaborated on in the shows.

P.S. can anyone name any good Japanese Anime that are as good or as funny as Fruits Basket? Thanks!