Title: Hero

Summary: Episode 12. Okay, so we all know that the Hot Spring Hostess would have NEVER been able to get Tohru out of the water on her own. Besides, Tohru fainted into the water, so the hostess would have to have been waiting outside the door in order to get to her before anything bad could happen. And we all know that the boys wouldn't have just stood there and done nothing!

Warnings: I think I actually kept everyone in character this time. And P.S. I have no idea what happens to someone if they faint into the water.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except for plot. I'll be nice and put the characters back when I'm done with them! Title song is not mine either!

Author's note: Thank you for the reviews and thanks to everyone who added me onto their favorites!

Kyo rubbed his temple with his fingers trying so hard not to lose his temper, again. He couldn't believe Tohru did as Momiji asked and was actually singing that stupid song.

His ears perked up as he heard Tohru start to quiet down and mumble the words. Finally he thought to himself she's giving up on singing that stupid song. Then they all heard her go completely silent followed by the sound of a splash.

"Tohru?" Kyo called out.

"What happened to Tohru?" Momiji asked, being concerned. "I wonder if she got dizzy and fainted."

Kyo got out of the bath as quickly as he could, mumbling to himself, "Don't panic! Don't panic!" all the while panicking. He could hear Yuki call for 'Miss Honda' but she never answered them back. He had to go save her.

"Momiji," Kyo called out, "Go and get the hostess." Before Momiji even had time to move Kyo snapped, "Now! Quickly!"

Momiji ran out of the bath and back into the building.

Kyo positioned himself towards the fence that separated the two baths and took a few steps back, "Don't do anything rash," Yuki said to Kyo. "She'll be fine."

Kyo didn't have time for a reply. He made a mad dash for the fence and, using his cat-like agility, he easily climb up over the fence and landed perfectly on the other end.

"Like that!" Yuki called out, reminding him of not doing anything rash.

Kyo jumped into the water and was glad that the bath wasn't too deep or that wide.

"Tohru." he said quietly, as he knew she wouldn't hear him, "where are you?"

Suddenly he hit something soft with his foot. As he looked down he could see Tohru's body beneath the rippling water and realized he kicked her in the head.

He bent down, and being careful not to balance her against his chest, lifted her out of the water. Kyo put her down on the cold hard ground surrounding the bath and anxiety set in as he wondered what to do next. Did he have to perform CPR? Did he remember how to perform it? He leaned close to her face and soon relaxed when he felt Tohru's warm breath against his skin. Kyo smiled and wanted to reach out and hold her; hug her close to him. He was just so happy she was alive.

As Kyo reached for her he suddenly remembered who and what he was. He would never be able to do something like that with Tohru. His smile faded and suddenly he felt angry again.

Kyo jumped out of the bath and bent down to pick her up and bring her into the building when he finally noticed she was missing a towel. His eyes widened as he took in all her milky white skin. He felt his face heating up and shook himself out of it. I'm not looking, I'm saving! He said to himself. He grabbed her towel from the hook where she put it and quickly covered her.

He heard the door behind him open and someone say, "Is she okay?"

It was Yuki. "She's fine. She's breathing," Kyo responded. "What took you so long?"

"I figured you had her and took a quick look for the hostess. Hopefully Momiji can find her."

Kyo put his arms under her back and legs and carefully lifted her, once again, keeping her away from his chest. His muscles started to burn and his arms started to shake under the weight; it was a lot harder to pick someone up without being able to balance them against your chest. He moved as fast as he could and deposited Tohru on the table. He grabbed some more towels and covered Tohru with them; he didn't need her to get cold, and without thinking of who was watching, he started to undo her wet hair.

Kyo could feel Yuki's eyes on him, as he carefully took care of Tohru, and said, "If you want to do something useful, go look for her mother."

"Her mother?"

Kyo looked up at Yuki and said, "You don't think she came all the way here without her mother's picture, do you? My bet it's somewhere in the bath." And he went back to Tohru's hair.

Just as Kyo was towel drying Tohru's hair Momiji ran into the room trying to catch his breath, "I found her! Is Tohru okay?"

Momiji was followed in by the hostess, "Oh my," she said as she saw Tohru lying there, still unconscious. "I'm so sorry!" she screamed. "I should have never left her! I should have known something like this would happen and stayed near-by!"

Yuki came back with Tohru's picture and asked, "What is going on here?"

"It's fine!" Kyo said, slightly freaking out by this woman's outburst. "Tohru is fine!"

The hostess calmed down and said, "Only thanks to you young master Kyo." And she bowed her head slightly in honoring her 'thanks'.

Momiji stood by the table where Tohru was lying and said, "Is she going to be okay?"

"She'll be fine," the hostess smiled and looked down at the pale girl on the table. "I am sure she'll wake up soon. She'll be so happy to hear how her friends have saved her."

"No!" Kyo said sternly. Everyone slowly turned to him and starred, "Don't tell Tohru who saved her."

"Oh, you're just being modest," the hostess said with a smile.

"No!" Kyo screamed out louder and the smile vanished from her face. "If you tell her it was me she'll feel embarrassed and thingsā€¦ and things will just get awkward. So just let her think it was you." Kyo said to the hostess. "And that goes double for you," he said to Momiji. "Don't tell her a thing!" and Kyo pulled him towards the exit of the room.

"But I want to stay with Tohru!" Momiji whined as he was being dragged away.

Yuki walked up to the hostess and handed her the bagged picture, "She'll be looking for this when she wakes up. And please, don't tell her what happened." Yuki took a deep breath and said, "For the first time the cat is right. Tohru will feel embarrassed and we don't want to add any stress on her."

"Of course young master Yuki." As Yuki started to walk away he heard her add, "Kyo is turning into a pleasant young man. I never thought I'd see the day."

"Come on you damn rat!" Kyo called from the hallway, "There's a ping pong table here! I challenge you to a game!"

"Maybe not that pleasant," the hostess said with a laugh.

Okay, long one this time. And a note to "kyo and tohru lover" I was actually thinking about doing something for that episode, but I couldn't come up with anything. If I do come up with something, I will write it up.

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