Jack the Monkey incident in Tortuga

Rose and I were in Tortuga only for a quick rest and to resupply. We're sitting in the crowed bar the 'Fight Ful Brid.' Rose was drinking her second of mug of rum, and I was just finishing my first. The area in the inn was dark and crowded, men's laughter filled the room and so the smell of rum. Rose took notice that something was wrong,

"Hey Sun hawk, where the hell did Jack go?" She asks looking worried. I took a sip from my glass,

"Don't worry about Jack. He always turns up before we leave. Try to enjoy yourself and be careful with your gambling am in no mood to get in a bar fight." I tell her. She shrugs and finishes off her mug,

"Ya, I guess your right on both accounts." She says

With Jack

Jack was running around town looking for someone, he knew where he was. Barbosa was standing on the docks watching his crew put fresh supply on his ship. When he hears the sound of a monkey above him. Looking up he sees, Jack.

"Why hello Jack, how have you been?" he asks letting the monkey, climb onto his shoulder. Jack tells him something into his ear.

"So I'm guessing me daughter in town if you're here?" the monkey nods. "Boys I'll be back. I need to pay me daughter a quick visit." He says leaving.

Back at the bar

it had taken all of rose will power not to go off and gamble. She was staring at an empty mug,

"I miss Jack." She whimpers out. I was about to answer when a bar maid came over with two full mugs full of rum,

"We didn't order these." I tell her.

"I know love the man with the monkey orders them." She says

"Monkey?" Rose echoes.

She rolls her eyes in saying that she had nothing better to do "Yea he is sitting over there." She says pointing to Barbosa, and then leaves. As on que he came over with Jack on his shoulder,

"Hey dad I see you found Jack." She says smiling at her father.

"Hell poppet," he says leaning down and kisses her the check, and hands over Jack, "I found Jack for ye, but I can't stay long. Take care girls." He says leaving us.

"Your dad is weird." I say taking a sip from my now full mug of rum.

"I know but I still love him." She says Polishing off her rum, "Can I go gamble now?" she asks

End of line.