Before I start I just one to say that the timeline will be different at some points and a lot of changes but I won't spoil anything.

Chapter 1

The valley of the end was known to have hosted extraordinary battles such as Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha and most recently one Naruto Uzamaki Namikaze and Sasuke Uchiha.

The rain was continuously falling soaking anything it touched in seconds the roar of thunder could be heard masking the sounds of everything but in the middle of all this a certain blond haired shinobi stood perfectly still with his eyes closed and his head raised so he was looking up, below him was the grave of his best friend Sasuke Uchiha they had battle one for revenge the other for peace, Naruto was holding the fist shaped hole in his shoulder that beginning to slowly heal thanks to the Kyuubi at the age of 17 Naruto had seen and felt a lot but killing his best friend 'Brother' was one feeling he knew would scar him for life, while the rain was falling Naruto could not help but be remember the times Sasuke and himself where together.


"I used to hate you..". said Sasuke before he fell limp in Naruto hands due to the attack from Haku.

Flashback off

Tears where forming in Naruto's eyes threatening to spill at any moment as the memories of Sasuke kept flowing.


"I want to fight you as well Naruto". An injured Sasuke said to Naruto as the third part of the Chunnin exams were about to begin.

Flashback off

Even though those words would mean nothing or insulting to most, Naruto's hard life due to the Kyuubi being sealed inside him made him strive for one thing acknowledgement and when Sasuke had told him this he felt acknowledged by one of his first bonds. Tears where flowing freely down Naruto's face as he tightened his grip round the forehead protector that once belonged to Sasuke while his thumb swiped across the engraved line that he made 4 years ago in their last battle. His mind brought him back to the last minutes that Sasuke was alive.


Blood was pouring out of Naruto's shoulder while Sasuke had cuts all over his body they were both breathing heavily, both were missing the top half of their clothing while the rain was crashing down on them. Sasuke was standing on the statue of Uchiha Madara, closing his eyes for a second before he started slowly opening them again to reveal an eight pointed star "Tsukuyomi".

Naruto was standing on top of Hashirama Senju statue looking across to the figure that was standing on top of the statue of the one person who Naruto wanted to kill more than anyone he was the reason why he had no parents why this war was going on anyway it was all him, "Madara I'm coming for you" whispered Naruto not realising that Sasuke had opened his eyes to reveal the Mangekyo Sharrigan.

Naruto looked up in the sky as it slowly started to turn red and a giant crucifix emerged from the ground and before he knew it Naruto was tied to the cross.

"Seriously Naruto I thought you would have seen this technique enough times to avoid it maybe I was wrong in thinking you weren't an idiot anymore and now you will spend 72 hours in this world" Sasuke said while lifting up his katana.

However Naruto did not lift his head up and let his golden bangs hang over his eyes waiting for his impending doom. Sasuke raised his katana and thrusted it forward with all the intention of killing his strongest bond.

"No" however Sasuke seemed to not hear what Naruto said as his katana still went towards the blondes chest "I SAID NO" Naruto screamed lifting his head sending his golden locks out of the way of his eyes, causing Sasuke to gasp in shock over the sight of Naruto's eyes once the calm sapphire coloured eyes replaced by blood red eyes with 2 black tomoes around the centre pupil.

"The Sharr...Sharrigan how" Sasuke stuttered.

"Me" said a familiar sounding voice causing Sasuke to turn a whole 180 degrees turn to look at the source in which the voice came from and once finding the body to which the voice came from he gasped as he saw a crow flying towards him and slowly transforming slowly into a human figure first the legs then the torso and finally the head causing Sasuke eyes to widen the size of dinner plates.

"I'm sorry little brother but I cannot let you kill Naruto-kun he is the only one who can defeat Madara, I have given Naruto-kun the power of the Sharrigan, however it amazes me how he has unlocked two tomoes straight away, now little brother I'm sorry but I'm going to take away your Mangekyo Sharrigan". Itachi calmly said to which Sasuke just looked up and smiled before nodding his head.

"I finally understand now niisan why you killed everyone and why you wanted me to help protect Konoha, you knew it was Madara who attacked the village with the Kyuubi 17 years ago didn't you it was his fault the Uchiha clan was massacred" Sasuke said as if he was lifting 17 years of weight of his shoulder.

"Yes I knew and you are right it was Madara's fault for the massacre if he never attacked the village the clan would not have tried a coup, now you know what do you plan to do little brother" Itachi asked

Sasuke still held his smirk on his face as if nothing in the world mattered at this moment.

"Nothing I intend to do nothing I have been saved niisan from my path of vengeance by my own little brother and like you I also believe in my little brother" replied Sasuke still holding the smirk on his face before turning around and releasing Naruto from the cross.

Itachi looked at his little brother before smirking himself.

"I agree Sasuke I don't think you could of found a better little brother, I have to go now my chakra is fading and Naruto-kun should wake up in a couple of seconds I know what you're planning on doing little brother and if everything goes you're way I'll be seeing you real soon" said Itachi as he slowly started to fade away.

Sasuke's smirk dropped as Itachi left and looked down at his little brother who was now starting to wake up.

"Yeah I'll be seeing you real soon niisan" Sasuke sighed as his Mangekyo faded taking them out of the world of Tsukuyomi.

On the outside both warriors were stood up just staring at each other while the rain smacked of their bodies, as soon as Tsukuyomi ended both warriors fell onto one knee gasping in pain one was holding his head from the strain Tsukuyomi caused while the other was holding his eye from the strain of holding up the technique and having his Mangekyo taking away from him.

As soon as both fighters were able to cope with the pain they slowly but steadily both warriors got up back on two feet not letting the rain affect them, both fighters staring into each other's blood red eyes waiting for the other to attack.

"I see so you truly have required the Sharrigan little brother" Said Sasuke smirking at Naruto's reaction of being called 'little brother'.

Naruto's eyes narrowed after the shock of being called little brother.

"Then we should stop fighting and work together to defea..." Said Naruto before be interrupted by the sound of Sasuke's laughter.

"No little brother I would like to help you however as your big brother you must know one thing, it's alright if you hate me even if I become an obstacle that you must get past always know this I love you like a little brother and I'll always be there for you" Sasuke said with a genuine smile as well as laughing inside at irony of the whole situation.

Naruto's Sharrigan eyed eyes where as wide as dinner plates as tears where forming from the words of his 'big brother'.

"WHY, Sasuke I don't wan't to fight you, I don't wan't to kill you, I don't want you to die." Naruto screamed tears pouring out rolling down his cheeks.

"All death is certain besides there is no one else who i'd rather be killed by than my own little brother" Sasuke stated stunning Naruto.

"But.. we don..." Naruto started before Sasuke interuppted him.

"NARUTO IF YOU CAN'T BEAT ME THEN MADARA WILL KILL YOU!, now lets end this with one last attack okay" Sasuke said while going through hand seals causing his hand to start glowing.

Naruto watched as Sasuke started forming his Chidori and held out his hand as familiar blue orb started to form while pumping wind chakra creating Naruto's prized technique.

Both fighters stayed still waiting for each other to attack, a lone rock crumbled off Uchiha Madara statue and splashed into the water to signal the final attack. Sasuke used a chakra enhanced jump cracking the top of Uchiha Madara meeting Naruto in the air thrusting his Chidori forward to meet Naruto's Fuuton Rasenshuriken, the impact caused a ginat black dome of enrergy destroying the top half of the statues.

Naruto's Rasenshuriken smashed past Sasuke's chidori hitting him clean in the the chest, however there was no scream Sasuke just smiled as the dome faded.

Naruto limped over to the body that was lying on the floor not moving as he got to the figure he fell to his knees.

"why Sasuke why?" Naruto whispered while tears rolling down his cheeks as his sharrigan deactivated showing his now sapphire orbs.

"Bec..because I...I must break the cy..cyle of vengence I've been so bli..blinded by my hatred go kick Mad..Madara's ass dobe, goodbye little brother" Sasuke whispered before his heart stopped and his eyes slowly closed while his smile never faultering, Naruto golden locks hung over his eyes as his tears where coming down faster than before he looked into the skies and screamed his sharrigan spinning out of control slowly transforming.

Flashback end

Naruto stood still looking up at the sky as the rain smacked of his face, he began to slowly open his eyes revealing a black spiral (Ok people this is the best way I can describe it at the moment just picture the Uzamaki symbol in his eyes) he slowly crouched down to the stone that was located at the top of the grave and placed Sasuke's Forehead protector in front of the stone.

'I promise Sasuke I won't fight for revenge I will fight for peace' Naruto prayed before standing up.