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Chapter 10

The sounds of swords clashing caused everyone to look towards the source, Tsunade, and Jiraiya's eyes widened when they saw Naruto and Ri clashing with each other with ferocious snarls on their faces.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly as he felt Ri's strength in the attack he could tell Ri wasn't the type to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu but man he could feel the strength behind his swing, letting out a small growl Naruto took a step back and went to swipe Ri's legs.

Ri was just as surprised at Naruto's strength it had felt like he had ran into a brick wall however he would not lose he had too much at stake. His eyes widened as he felt his legs being took from beneath him.

'What, I didn't even see his movements' Ri thought as he narrowed his eyes and went to land a kick on Naruto's chin, it would of hit if it weren't for Naruto quickly stabbing his katana into the ground and front flipped over him and landed behind Ri with him with his knee's bent.

Naruto quickly swung his blade around hoping to land a hit on Ri as the man was falling however just as the blade was about to meet his head Ri positioned his sword so the blades would meet.

Both fighters jumped away after the exchange both thinking off different things.

'He's strong no push over but I know his weakness lies within Ninjutsu…however which one's could I use to end this quickly.' Naruto thought while examining his surroundings the ground was lightly burnt from the brother's attack on the village but it still didn't look that bad.

'Who is this kid I've heard Konoha have strong shinobi but at this age? I can barely keep up and his attack are only getting stronger…I hope Yaiba and Kiwa are taking care of themselves' Ri thought as he looked over towards his two younger brothers and his eyes widened in fear.


"Come on Yaiba we can kick their asses, they've only got an old man a creepy looking kid, a whore and a kid who likes to put paint on himself" Kiwa shouted in triumph hoping to anger the Konoha shinobi.

Meanwhile Tsunade's eyebrow was twitching like crazy. 'Whore…WHORE, I'm going to kill him' She thought in anger preparing to attack, Jiraiya was just as upset if not more the idea of someone calling his marks just paint… he had copied his sensei because it had looked cool yet now someone was mocking him.

However Madara and Orochimaru were not affected at all, since they knew what the guy was trying to do and just smirked.

"Well show us what you've got fools" Madara said calmly he knew that Kiwa and Yaiba seemed to be very emotional and would be easily riled up.

"WHAT, we aren't fools where the great Yaiba-sama and Kiwa-sama" Yaiba said proudly puffing out his chest and smiled when he saw Kiwa rush ahead with his blade out preparing to attack Madara.

Madara sighed in annoyance, 'This is the type of warriors that exist these days, fools they don't even know who their opponents are'.

Just as Kiwa's blade was about to hit Madara he smiled and looked smugly towards the aged Uchiha however the last thing he saw was the spinning of the Sharingan.

"WHAT!" Yaiba shouted as he saw his brother arms just drop and his head bend over, he ran towards his brother and his eyes widened.

'Shit the Sharingan were not meant to look directly at it Ri-nii told us and we forgot' Yaiba thought as he backed off in fear trying to grab his brothers arms and make a run.

"Why are you running you're the ones who attacked the village you should be able to die like men" Madara said as he walked towards them and pulling out two Kunai's.

"L-leave us alone" Yaiba stuttered in fear but just as he was about to turn he felt his body become heavier his chest become damper and his breath to become…well heavier.

Looking down he noticed the large river of blood flowing down to his chest, he looked over to Kiwa and noticed he had fallen the ground a puddle of blood flowing underneath him, it was then he realised his throat had been sliced.

'Goodbye Ri-nii…were sorry' Yaiba thought as he collapsed into the ground.

Tsunade and Jiraiya looked away slightly at the sight they had seen Madara get behind them and slice their necks and the fountain of blood that came with it was not a pleasant sight at all.

"Now that's done we should check if anyone in the village is hurt since Naruto can handle himself" Madara said walking towards the village, both Jiraiya and Orochimaru nodded and walked towards them as well however Tsunade stayed still and turned to the fight Naruto was having and ran towards them.

"TSUNADE" Jiraiya shouted and attempted to run after her but Madara had firmly placed a hand on his shoulder stopping his movements.

"Madara-sama" Jiraiya said quietly as he looked at the man confusion written across his face.

"Leave her she intends to help Naruto we have other priorities" Madara said with a commanding voice slowly Jiraiya nodded and walked off with Madara and Orochimaru.

With Naruto

'Kiwa. Yaiba, I'm sorry I promised I would protect you, I promised both of you we would eventually leave a good life…not die like common dogs…damn you Kakuzu we were merely a gauge stick to you weren't we' Ri thought in anger.

"Naruto…kill me" Ri said in a defeated tone, Naruto's eyes widened when he saw RI lower his blade.

"I refuse, to kill anyone who is defenceless" Naruto said gritting his teeth.

"Please, just do it" Ri said again looking up his eyes where brimmed with tears.

"No" Naruto said however he narrowed his eyes as he felt the air heat up his Sharingan eyes widened when he saw the chakra input of Ri's sword.

"Fine I'll kill you then that blonde behind you" Ri said lifting his sword up and letting flames surround the sharp metal.

"Blonde?" Naruto turned his eyes to where Ri had looked and seethed in anger.

'So he would kill people I care about because he can't get his wish…fine I'll grant his wish' Naruto said his eyes morphing into his Uzumaki swirl, he looked down at his blade and enhanced it with wind chakra letting a blue outline appear.

'Please work' Naruto thought as he concentrated intently on his blade and suddenly his black flames shot out and increased in size due to the wind chakra.

"Let's do this" Naruto said running forwards he knew words like telling someone to not give up on life after they had witnessed everything taking away was pointless…since it had happened to him and he was ready to die.

Ri only nodded and ran forwards his sword danced with a red flame.

Seconds seemed like hours as Tsunade watched she was awed by the power Naruto had the black flame surrounding his blade looked intimidating to say the least.

"Please don't die Naruto-kun" Tsunade whispered as she watched both blades clash in an explosion.

At the moment of impact all one could see was a giant black flame vs a giant red flame the heat radiating of the clash was unbelievable there were fire Jutsu's that were not as hot as this explosion.

And in flash it was all over all the smoke from the fires rose up into the clouds being absorbed by the atmosphere and leaving two figures in the smoke.

"Seems like you won" Ri said his blade snapped and he fell to his knees his breath becoming raspy, Naruto sighed sadly as he looked behind him they had ended up landing behind one another.

"No…I didn't win, neither of us did" Naruto said turning around finally showing his appearance, his top had been burnt showing his developed body it was not as toned as it was in the past but he had blamed that on his younger appearance and he would soon grow back into it, he had light burn marks around his body but nothing serious unlike Ri.

The man had a large gash in his stomach he had his hand covering it however there was no way to stop the blood that was over flowing his hand.

Ri turned around to look at Naruto and smiled.

"So it seems however the winner is not the victor of the dual it is the victor of opinions, seeing you fight I can see the passion in your eyes to not lose the one's you cherish, I realized that is what I had lost long ago…Naruto I need to tell you that the one responsible for this is…" Ri was suddenly cut off as a giant thick branch slammed into Ri sending him flying into another direction.

Both Naruto and Tsunade's eyes widened at the sight 'Moukton' they both thought as they looked at the branch that had extended at least 20 meters, their eyes followed towards the beginning of the branch to see who the attacker was however the attacker was wearing a long trench coat and had his face covered with his hood.

"Hmm to think some brats would be able to defeat Ri" The hooded man said the wooden branch reverting back into him.

"W-who are you" Tsunade asked stuttering slightly as she felt droplets of water hit her shoulders.

"You shouldn't be concerned of such things since you are going to die Senju Tsunade" The man said causing both Genin to take step back.

"How do you know me" Tsunade said unconsciously taking a step closer to Naruto.

"Oh I know all about you Senju especially your grandfather" The mysterious man said while lifting his head so it was still shadowed except for his eyes.

Naruto gasped when he saw the familiar looking eyes the red eyes and green pupil there was only one man who had that shade.

"Kakuzu" Naruto growled in an almost whispering tone however both Tsunade and Kakuzu heard.

"What's this blonde haired brat knowing who I am…I wonder how" Kakuzu said in an arrogant tone and pulling his hood down showing his long black hair and dark tones skin.

"Naruto what do you mean, are you telling me this is K-Kakuzu the man who killed my grandfather?" Tsunade asked her fists tightening.

"Yeah, he's the one all right" Naruto said activating his Sharingan and holding up his Katana in a defensive position.

"Sharingan? Are you an Uchiha I don't think I've ever heard about a blonde Uchiha" Kakuzu asked an evil smirk appearing across his face.

"Maybe, maybe not who knows" Naruto said trying to confuse Kakuzu even if it's just a little however his thoughts where running wildly.

'Why did he seem so happy when he saw my Sharingan, also what's up with him having Moukton, he could never use it when I defeated him before…wait does this have something to do with my dream' Naruto thought however his eyes widened when he felt a presence behind him. 'What?'

Naruto barely moved in time as Kakuzu had appeared behind him with a kunai and attempting to slash him.

"Seems your pretty good" Kakuzu said vanishing in a blur making Naruto and Tsunade's eyes widen.

"Your too slow" Naruto heard someone whisper in his ear without thinking Naruto swiped his katana hoping to land a hit on Kakuzu but was surprised yet again when he found nothing but air.

"How?" Naruto asked jumping next to Tsunade while still in a defensive stance.

"Ahh I see you noticed it wasn't natural speed, your right it's a bloodline called Swift release" Kakuzu said shocking the blonde even further.

'Wait...what? He never had this ability either what's in the world is going on?' Naruto thought as he tried to see Kakuzu's movements through the rain.

"Now let's see how good you really are" Kakuzu said raising his hand towards Naruto and raised his hand to block the giant wooden branch that had appeared.

A gust of wind going past his face 'What?' he thought as he opened his eyes only to see the branch going past his face and heading towards Tsunade.

Thinking fast he threw his Katana towards Tsunade hoping to intercept the thick branch and just as the blade was about to reach Tsunade he vanished in a yellow flash.

Tsunade eyes widened when she saw the giant wooden tree branch coming towards her.

'This can't be happening I can't be killed by my grandfather's own techniques' She thought her eyes widened when she saw Naruto's katana coming towards her as it had beaten Kakuzu's move in speed.

He appeared in front of her and wrapped her in a hug his back was facing away from the attack, she closed her eyes and waited for their incoming doom.

"Shinra Tensei" Naruto said quietly in to her ear and she gasped when she saw the wooden branch slowly get blown away as well as the surrounding area.

Naruto sighed as he panted that move had took a lot out of him, he was still unfamiliar with the Rinnegan he would always either use too much power or not enough however it seemed he had used a bit too much.

"What an interesting technique what was it?" Kakuzu asked as he appeared from the ground.

"None of your business" Naruto growled as he slowly turned around deactivating his Rinnegan.

"Your all full of surprises and secrets aren't you…Naruto was it?" Kakuzu asked disappearing in a blur behind Tsunade and attempting to slash her with a Kunai.

Naruto shoved Tsunade onto the ground taking the slice from Kakuzu he hadn't known what had caused him to take the attack perhaps it was instinct.

"Naruto…?" Tsunade asked as she slowly pushed herself off the muddy ground, her eyes widened when she saw a large gash on Naruto's chest.

"That was foolish boy" Kakuzu said kicking Naruto in the chin sending him skidding across the ground.

"NARUTO" Tsunade shouted jumping up hoping to land an attack on Kakuzu however he side stepped and let her fist go past his eyes widened when he saw the miniature crater she had made when her fist had hit the ground.

"Stay still bastard" She growled swinging her other hand backwards trying to land a chop on him she was surprised when he caught her hand.

"Interesting choice of attach, channelling chakra at the point of release doubling even trebling the power" He said in an amused tone before he punched her in the face sending her next to Naruto who was slowly getting up with a cut lip.

"Now to put you out of your misery, you could become a problem to me if I allowed you to live" Kakuzu said as he walked towards them his hand turning into a wooden spike.

However just as he was about to take another step he stopped at the sight of the air twisting.

"It seems like my apprentice is having a little trouble" Madara said his Mangekyo Sharingan flaring.

"Uchiha Madara what a surprise however with your presence here it looks like I have no choice but to retreat for now…but I will come back for you and especially you two" Kakuzu said looking towards Naruto and Tsunade before disappearing into the ground.

"Thank god that's ove…" Naruto said as he collapsed into the mud face first.

"Naruto-kun" Tsunade said running towards him and turning him over so he was laying on his back and his head in her knees , she quickly passed her hands over his chest her hands glowing green as his wound slowly closed however his panting never.

"Thank y-you Tsunade-chan" Naruto said as he closed his eyes letting darkness take him, Tsunade's eyes widened as he passed out she was about to try wake him before she heard Madara's voice.

"Let him rest, he's over exhausted himself from using the Sharingan and from the looks of things the Rinnegan as well" The old Uchiha said as he grabbed both Tsunade's and Naruto's shoulder and disappeared to an empty room in the village and laid Naruto on the bed tomorrow they could leave and Konoha would send a building team to help with repairs.

Madara smiled slightly as he saw Tsunade holding Naruto's hand as she sat next to his bed it was quite ironic how his newest greatest accomplishment and his rivals granddaughter where crushing on each other.

His thoughts turned slightly sour at the thought of Kakuzu of course he had seen the pieces of wood lying around but how did he get Moukton it was thought impossible perhaps there was more to the story than he had first thought, also why was he looking for him was it a clue did he just want to kill the founders of Konoha.

Sighing he vanished again to tell Jiraiya and Orochimaru the plan that they were leaving tomorrow and that they could get some rest.

He didn't know what it was but he could feel trouble brewing up ahead and he did not like it.

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