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Chapter 11

Naruto groaned as he painfully opened his eyes, he could faintly hear the sounds of muffled whispers.

"Was that guy really that strong?" Naruto recognized Jiraiya's voice.

"Yeah…Naruto-kun and I stood no chance he was on a completely different level and I'm certain if Madara-sama hadn't shown up we'd be dead" Tsunade said in a shaky voice as she was still shook up that she had been face to face with her grandfather's killer and that he had almost killed her and Naruto.

"You mentioned he showed multiple bloodlines, how is that possible" Orochimaru asked he was curious over the fact there was someone who could use Moukton Jutsu and Jinton a deadly combination for any shinobi.

"Yeah…I don't know how but he was able to use my grandfather's techniques" Tsunade muttered while sighing.

"It's because he acquired your grandfather's heart" The three Genin's head snapped towards Naruto watching as he painfully sat up in the bed he was in to look at them.

Looking at the three of them Naruto smiled a little as he noticed they didn't seem injured Tsunade still had a bandage around her head but the other two looked unscathed.

"Naruto-kun, are you alright" Tsunade said jumping out of her chair and rushing towards Naruto bedside.

"Yeah, I'm still not used to the amount of chakra the Rinnegan uses though" Naruto said still feeling a little exhausted from his earlier battle he briefly wondered how Nagato had leveled Konoha and still have enough chakra to fight him, he quickly shrugged the thought off however as he reasoned that Nagato had decades to master the Rinnegan.

"Well you've seen better days that's for sure" Jiraiya joked getting a chuckle from Orochimaru, Naruto gave a slight glare towards the two before sighing it was still strange to see the two of them act friendly towards each other almost brother like, one thing for sure going back in time did really open his eyes he could appreciate now how hard it must have been for Jiraiya to fight Orochimaru.

"He's right all you ever seem to be doing lately is getting injured stop being so careless Naruto-kun" Tsunade said placing her hands onto her hips and glaring at Naruto making him shrink under her gaze.

"S-Sure" Naruto stuttered a nostalgic feeling sweeping through him as if he was back in his original time line where Tsunade had scolded him for being reckless on a mission.

Seeing her glare soften Naruto smiled and looked down towards his chest his right shoulder was bandaged from where he had taken Kakuzu's attack it wasn't a big cut however he was certain it would scar.

"Where's Madara-sensei" Naruto asked curious to where his teacher was it was unlike the man to not be around.

"He left saying he was going to take care of a pest" Orochimaru told Naruto before pulling out a scroll and reading it.

"Figures" Naruto groaned laying back down and trying to figure out the whole situation of the mission.

With Madara

"P-Please s-stop I don't know anything" Nezumi cried as he was pushed against a wall trying to pull away the hands that where around his throat.

"Stop lying, I don't know why but I know you're working with Kakuzu so I'm going to give you two options…one, you either tell me and perhaps your life will be spared or option two, you don't tell me I find out anyway and kill you right here" Madara growled in annoyance as he tightened his hand around the neck of Nezumi.

"I-I swear I don't know anything" Nezumi cried how could Madara know he had been careful not to do anything suspicious and was certain Madara was bluffing.

"So you choose option two then?" Madara said his eyes changing into his 3 tomoe Sharingan and stared straight into the eyes of Nezumi placing him into a Genjutsu.

"What was your goal in working with Kakuzu?" Madara asked still staring into the now dull eyes of Nezumi.

"I hired Kakuzu to assassinate Kairai and to use his death to become the leader of this village" Nezumi said in a stoic voice.

"I see…power was your goal, then why did you contact Konoha?" Madara asked the urge to kill this man rising after each passing second.

"So I could use the death of the Shinobi's to prove we didn't need Konoha's help" Nezumi said in the same stoic voice.

"You where that hungry for power you would try break away from Konoha and lose all the protection you had" Madara growled his eyes morphing into his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Amaterasu" Madara said closing his left eye.

Immediately black flames engulfed around the head of Nezumi killing him instantly before spreading around his body and reducing him to nothing but ashes.

"Hashirama…can there really be peace with people like this around?" Madara asked to himself looking into the sky and thinking about his once long gone friend and thought back to all the times they had talked about creating peace.

After a couple of seconds Madara looked back down and walked out of the alley he was in and walked down the road leading to where Naruto was, the village was still in a state however they could rebuild and start a new now that the root of the problems had been taken care of.

'That brat better be up or I'm going to kick his ass' Madara thought thinking about his blonde haired student.

With Naruto

"I still find it hard to believe this guy Kakuzu could of become that strong without anyone noticing" Orochimaru said frowning at the thought of someone being so strong and without anyone noticing it really sent shivers down his spine.

"Yeah, not to mention barely anybody knows anything about him I wonder what he's after" Jiraiya agreed with his friend also frowning.

"Whatever he's after he's certainly going to cause trouble in the future" Naruto summed up frowning as well as he tried to link similarities between the Kakuzu he knew and this one.

He of course knew of Kakuzu's ability to absorb hearts and gain the elemental ability that the owner of the heart had but could it be he had found a way to gain bloodlines, how had things changed so drastically to the point history was changing itself.

"Naruto-kun how did you know that was Kakuzu, I heard you say his name during the battle but you've never met him before have you how did you know what he looked like?" Tsunade said snapping Naruto away from his thoughts and looked towards the blonde haired girl.

"That's a question I'd also like to know" Naruto turned his head again at the sound of his sensei walking into the room and from his expression Naruto could tell he wasn't playing around.

"I-I the night Shodaime-sama died I checked the bingo books for Kakuzu you mentioned he was a missing-nin so I thought that would be the best way to know what I'd be up against" Naruto lied it was a quick answer and from the narrowing of his sensei's eyes he could tell Madara knew something was off however he was grateful the answer seemed to please Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade.

"Fair enough…but I want you to get ready where leaving the village in the next couple of hours" Madara stated throwing Naruto's clothes at him.

"Did we complete the mission?" Naruto asked putting his top on and quickly standing up not realizing he was only in his boxer shorts causing both Jiraiya and Orochimaru to snicker and Tsunade to blush.

"Yes there won't be any attacks on the village anymore" Madara stated his eyebrow twitching at his student's idiocy.

"Oh, that's good" Naruto said in relief turning around only to notice a snickering Jiraiya and Orochimaru and a blushing Tsunade, raising his eyebrow in confusion Naruto slowly looked down only to see his boxer shorts on.

"Okay..." Naruto started tightening his fists "WHO THE HELL UNDRESSED ME!" Naruto shouted and finally both Jiraiya and Orochimaru busted out laughing.

10 minutes later

The team from Konoha could be seen walking down the streets of the partially destroyed village the rebuilding had already started as workers where already starting to repair the broken houses and walls.

"I can't believe you undressed me Tsunade" Naruto muttered walking with his head down slightly to hide the blush that was painted across his cheeks.

"I-I had too, you had injuries all over your legs, if anything you should be thanking me" Tsunade replied a small blush over across her cheeks.

"What an idiot he didn't even notice" Jiraiya chuckled while Orochimaru nodded also sharing a laugh at Naruto's expense.

"WHAT ARE YOU, TWO STUPID WEIRDOS LAUGHING AT?" Naruto shouted towards them embarrassed that these two were laughing at him.

"Hey I'm not weird" Jiraiya shouted back.

"I'm not stupid" Orochimaru said quietly.

"Alright that's enough I need you four to shut up when we meet with Kairai-san" Madara said sternly.

Arriving at Kairai's office Naruto and the other 3 Genin's stood behind Madara as they walked in immediately Naruto noticed Kairai stood up looking out of his window a frown etched on to his face.

"Kairai-san" Madara said getting the attention of the man.

"Oh, Madara-sama I was expecting you I had received word you had completed the mission" Kairai said in a happy tone while Madara frowned.

"Nezumi is dead" Madara stated causing everyone but Naruto and Madara to widen their eyes.

"W-what! b-but how?" Kairai shouted in disbelief that his right hand man had been killed.

"I killed him" Madara stated again causing Kairai to back up slightly.

"Why" Kairai said dropping to his knees.

"Because he was the cause of everything" Madara said getting the village leaders attention.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the information he was receiving he knew there was something off with Nezumi everything about him shouted rat and his obsession of making people listen to his orders without checking with Kairai only seemed to make it worst.

"Nezumi confessed to me moments before I killed him, he told me he wanted your position…he was going to use your death as leap to power and he would use the chaos and confusion your death would cause to become in charge" Madara frowned as the words came out of his mouth.

"So he was planning on taking over but why" Jiraiya asked confused, to him the man was kind yeah he maybe a little creepy but the guy seemed harmless.

"Yes, he hired Kakuzu to assassinate Kairai-san but there was a problem" Madara continued

"Us" Naruto said getting looks from everyone and a nod from Madara.

"Ah, yes it was Nezumi's idea to ask Konoha for help why would he go through all the trouble when he could have just killed me" Kairai said.

"Ah, it would seem that way however he was the one to send for Konoha's help and classed the mission lower than what it should have been in order for any teams Konoha did send they would fail" Madara growled while Naruto couldn't help but feel a slight wave of déjà vu pass through him.

"Why?" Tsunade asked feeling more and more hatred towards Nezumi as she learnt more of his hideous acts.

"To break away from Konoha" Madara said getting gasps from everyone.

"He wanted to rule on his own and by showing that Konoha couldn't complete a mission he would use it against the village and possibly ally himself with another" Madara finished with a sigh before staring at Kairai.

"However that isn't the worst part" Madara said shocking everyone.

"You knew didn't you Kairai-san" Madara glanced towards the man only to see him looking down in shame.

"I-I had my suspicions…but I couldn't…I raised him since he was a boy treated him like my own and so I ignored my suspicions hoping he would change but I should of seen this coming ever since he was little he had a deep hatred towards Konoha" Kairai said and it was only now the Konoha team could hear the age in his voice he sounded tired.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked wanting to know why someone would be so angry at the village her grandfather had helped create.

"Because his parents were killed by Konoha ninja…it was an accident Hashirama-sama had messaged me immediately informing the boy's parents had been killed by a stray explosive tag and ever since then he had held a deep hatred towards Konoha in his heart" Kairai finished sitting down and placing his hand over his forehead mourning the loss of someone he had thought as family.

"I…see, so it was revenge I guess it always is" Madara stated as both himself and Naruto thought the same thing.

"Anyway I have sent a message to Hokage-sama and sent the appropriate payment you are free to leave whenever you want" Kairai informed.

However as he was saying the words Tsunade had noticed water droplets falling from the old man's eyes and stepped forward to check if the man was all right but before she could step forward again Naruto had placed his arm in front of her stopping her from moving.

"Naruto-kun?" Tsunade whispered looking at him while he shook his head.

"Let's go" Naruto muttered walking past Tsunade and out of the office.

"I agree we've spent enough time here" Madara said as the three Genin followed him out of the door leaving a broken hearted old man behind.

Later outside the village

The team from Konoha where stood just outside of the village the Genin's where staring at the village in sadness while Madara stared impassively.

Naruto sighed at glum atmosphere that was around it seemed no matter how this mission had went someone would of ended up hurt of course in his timeline he had been in situations like that constantly however it seemed like no matter what the timeline was there'd always be people who experienced pain.

"We should have helped him, how could we leave him like that" Tsunade said to the rest of the Konoha team snapping Naruto out of his thoughts.

"What could we have done?" Naruto asked looking at her.

"We could have said something at least, he's lost the only piece of family he had…Naruto-kun you of all people should know what that feels like" Tsunade said firmly causing both Jiraiya and Orochimaru to gasp and Naruto to widen his eyes before glaring slightly.

"What makes…you think you could understand how I feel; do you know what it's like to kill your own brother?" Naruto asked his eyes as cold as ice.

"Naru…" Tsunade started before Naruto cut her off.

"I've seen things you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy" Naruto muttered while Madara watched on.

"Nothing we could say to him would make him feel better…do you know what it must of felt like to be around the one's that where responsible for his son's death, our presence would have only made it more painful not many people have the heart to be around the one's responsible for their loved ones death" Naruto continued before turning around.

"Where not playing a kids game where a few simple words will make everything go away this is the real world you need to let go off any naive thought where everything will go as you planned as in this world you fail more often than you win" Naruto clenched his fists and lowered his head before walking.

"Wait Naruto-kun" Tsunade shouted trying to run after Naruto however was stopped as Madara placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Just leave me alone for a little while okay" Naruto said as he turned around and gave the Konoha team a small fake smile and disappeared in a yellow flash.

"I'm sorry" Tsunade whispered as tears fell from her eyes regretting bringing up Naruto's past and from the emotional stress she was suffering from the mission.

"Let's go I think we could all use some rest after this" Madara said with sigh signalling for Orochimaru and Jiraiya to come towards him.

"Grab hold" Madara commanded as the air started to twist around him and he disappeared in mid-air.


Naruto appeared in a yellow flash inside the Namikaze house, it was a pretty small house in all a 5 bedroom house with quite a bit of outside space, Naruto had actually given a large part of the Namikaze compound to Konoha as he wouldn't be needing it not to mention he was able to give homeless ninja's and civilian's places to live.

As Naruto appeared he immediately fell to his knees his hair was covering his eyes however the water tracks flowing down his face indicated he was crying.

'Why is the world like this, no matter what I do people are always hurt' Naruto thought clenching his fists his parents believed in him everyone did yet he felt he was letting them down constantly.

Quickly snapping his head up Naruto revealed his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan it seemed whenever his emotions took over him his Sharingan always came to life he wondered briefly if this happened to every Uchiha.

"I…I'm too tired to be dealing with this shit right now" Naruto said glaring into space before getting up and walking towards his bedroom and flopping onto the bed immediately going to sleep allowing all his fatigue to catch up with him.

Hokage Office

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed as he filled out another form it was a reply to Kumogakure informing the Nidaime Raikage that there would be three teams competing in the Chunin exams Kumogakure where holding.

The Chunin exams was still relatively new to Hiruzen as back in the days when he was a Genin there was no such thing and his sensei the Nidaime Hokage had only told him about them just before his death, Hiruzen scoffed at what Tobirama had said.

"To create bonds with other villages my ass, more like see who can show each other up the most" Hiruzen said honestly if it weren't for the fire Daimyo backing the idea he wouldn't even send any shinobi.

However his sensei did have experience on his side perhaps in time he would also come to see the importance of other villages coming together.

The sound of the air warping around in his office caused Hiruzen to look up and he sighed once he saw the familiar faces of his students and Madara.

"Ah, Madara I'm glad your back I heard you had some trouble in the mission" Hiruzen said however Madara noticed the question in his sentence and nodded his head signifying he would tell him later.

"Yes however other than the client lying on the type of grade the mission was it was nothing to worry about" Madara stated calmly and Hiruzen noticed that the Genin's seemed like they were going to say something however quickly stopped before looking down.

"That's good I was worried I'm glad to see you all in one piece" Hiruzen smiled giving his Genin a look over he could see that both Jiraiya and Orochimaru looked a little gloomy however as he looked at Tsunade he narrowed his eyes as she was completely pale and looked like she would cry the moment she was alone.

"There will be no training today you can have the rest of the day off to recuperate but I expect you in this office first thing in the morning no excuses got that?" Hiruzen said looking at the three Genin.

"Yes, sensei" The three chorused before walking out of the office leaving Madara and Hashirama.

"So…how bad is it?" Hiruzen asked all humour gone from his voice this was not the time for Hiruzen Sarutobi the sensei this was Hiruzen Sarutobi the god of Shinobi.

"Pretty…bad" Madara muttered thinking about the current situations.

"Is it true you bumped into Kakuzu?" Hiruzen asked clenching his fist at the thought of his Sensei's murderer.

"Yes, Naruto confronted Kakuzu and was completely defeated and it's not like Naruto's some pushover if you know what I mean?" Madara frowned leaning against the wall.

"I was wondering why Naruto-kun wasn't here did something happen?" Hiruzen asked concerned for the young Namikaze.

"The Senju girl brought up his past…but I think he was more frustrated over his defeat" Madara said.

"Ah, I see is there anything you can report about Kakuzu's abilities?" Hiruzen asked.

"Yeah…he's somehow managed to use multiple bloodlines the only ones I could confirm Jinton and Moukton" Madara replied causing Hiruzen to widen his eyes.

"Moukton!?" Hiruzen gasped.

"Yes it seems he's become quite capable in using it however he's not at Hashirama's level I still wonder on how Hashirama could be beat by that man something's not right" Madara scowled at the thought of his friend being defeated by Kakuzu and now there was someone out there using his abilities.

"Yes I agree Sensei was frightening I didn't think anyone could take him down" Hiruzen said sadly with Madara agreeing with him.

"Well I'm sure there's more to this that meets the eye but right now we have to be careful he could be setting his eyes on other bloodlines and if finds out about Naruto's Rinnegan" Madara stated causing Hiruzen to nod.

"He may also be after Mito-sama as well in hopes to control the Kyuubi inside of her" Hiruzen summed up knowing how devastating it may be if Konoha lost the Bijuu as they were form of power status in the other villages.

"Perhaps he wants to shift the balance of the villages and cause a war" Madara said mostly to himself however Hiruzen nodded with him.

"Whatever he's up to we can know for sure it's going to cause trouble" Hiruzen sighed it was going to be a long day that's for sure.

With Tsunade

'What could we have done?'

Tsunade closed her eyes as Naruto's voice rung through her head as she walked through the streets of Konoha ignoring the greetings she was getting from the population.

'What makes…you think you understand how I feel?'

Tsunade bit her lip as she saw her house, Naruto's words hit her worse than any physical hit could, she had thought she knew him a little they had been friends for years hadn't they…was he still hiding things from her didn't he trust her.

' Nothing we could say to him would make him feel better…do you know what it must of felt like to be around the one's that where responsible for his son's death, our presence would have only made it more painful not many people have the heart to be around the one's responsible for their loved ones death'

Tsunade sighed as opened the door of her house, of course she couldn't know what that felt like but it didn't feel right with her to just leave someone like that how could any human ignore someone crying.

'Where not playing a kids game where a few simple words will make everything go away this is the real world you need to let go off any naive thought where everything will go as you planned as in this world you fail more often than you win'

Walking upstairs Tsunade was grateful her grandmother and brother where out as the moment she fell onto her bed the tears she had been holding in all day finally started to fall.

Of course she knew Naruto's words where right but…these where people's lives was it really okay to just destroy one person's life and leave him like that.

Perhaps she was naive she thought as she buried her face into her pillow it's not like she meant to be after the deaths of her family and clan members she knew the pain of losing family members and knew it was a pain that took a lot to heal.

Then there was the whole situation with Kakuzu she was so frustrated that the killer of her grandfather had been right in front of her and she didn't have the ability to do anything about it and was nothing but a burden to Naruto when they were fighting.

"I need to get stronger" Tsunade said to herself before finally letting her exhaustion catch up to her and fall asleep.

With Orochimaru and Jiraiya

"Did you feel it Jiraiya?" Orochimaru said to Jiraiya as they both walked down the streets of Konoha.

"Feel what?" Jiraiya asked turning his head towards Orochimaru and scratching his head in confusion.

"Back there Sensei and Madara-sama where hiding something and it's probably about Naruto" Orochimaru summarized looking towards the sky for a moment.

"You think?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yeah, didn't you find it strange that Sensei got us out of the room as fast as he could" Orochimaru muttered.

"Well…I never really pay attention to that sort of stuff so I don't know don't you think your over thinking this" Jiraiya grinned as he saw a couple kissing.

"No…I'm certain anyway I'm going to the library to check on some things" Orochimaru said getting ready to turn into another street.

"You know your far to curious" Jiraiya said preparing to walk in another direction.

"I don't want to hear that from someone who spends most of his free time peeking on women in the hot springs" Orochimaru said grinning before walking off leaving a smiling Jiraiya.

With Naruto

Naruto painfully opened his eyes as he felt the sun rays blazing down onto him, he had been so tired yesterday he had forgotten to close the curtains and the sun was definitively annoying.

"Just another day" Naruto groaned as he sat up his clothes from yesterday still on him.

Sitting there Naruto went through the events of yesterday before sighing, he had been a little harsh to Tsunade as sometimes he'd forget this wasn't the legendary Sannin Tsunade but the Tsunade who was still green in the Shinobi world, this was a Tsunade who hadn't truly experienced the pain of loss yet.

However he still thought she was out of line for bringing up his past so they could try make an old man feel better, truth be told Naruto didn't feel that sorry for Kairai the man made the choice to protect Nezumi and in the process put his and the rest of his villagers lives at risk, so in Naruto's mind he didn't feel that sorry for him.

"Better get ready or Sensei will come and kick me out of the house" Naruto yawned slightly before standing up and making his way to the bathroom.

After an hour Naruto walked out of his house he was wearing a plain white T-shirt, black shinobi bottoms and a pair of black sandals.

Tying his forehead protector around his forehead Naruto smiled slightly as he saw Madara appear out of thin air.

"Hn, I was worried I'd have to drag you out of bed" Madara said amused.

"Yeah, well I figured you'd have something to say about yesterday" Naruto said in a annoyed tone remembering all the times Madara had kicked him out of his bed or the times when Madara had just punched him in the top of the head while he was sleeping.

"Oh, yesterday I have nothing to say about yesterday really unless you want congratulating for completing a C rank mission" Madara said.

"Don't you want to talk about my fight with Kakuzu?" Naruto asked confused.

"Not really, other than be careful in the future there's nothing more I can say is there" Madara replied before putting a serious face on.

"Now down to business, in two weeks' time you'll be setting off to Kumogakure to compete in the Chunin exams usually it would be a team of three however seeing as your my student I've been able to sort it so your competing by yourself besides it's not like you'll need a team" Madara said seriously while Naruto nodded thinking back to his last Chunin exam.

"Despite my feelings on this the Chunin exams is important as you'll be representing Konoha so forget all that bullshit Tobirama fed to you on how it's important for villages to bond this exam has one purpose and one purpose only…and that's to show which is the strongest village understood" Madara asked with a critical eye.

Naruto nodded causing Madara to crack a small smile.

"I'm sure you'll do fine seeing as you're my apprentice but remember there are people out there with unique abilities don't let yourself be taken off guard" Madara said finishing his lecture.

"Yeah I understand" Naruto nodded his head.

"Good I want you to continue your basic training however I want you to practice with the Sharingan and Rinnegan a little more your still releasing far too much chakra when it comes to using them" Madara said.

"Yeah it's becoming a pain in the ass" Naruto said sourly.

"Well, as long as you know what you're doing I'll let you get on with it" Madara said patting Naruto on the shoulder before disappearing into the air.

"Well, it seems I need to get stronger" Naruto said to himself.

"No shit" The Familiar voice of Kurama said popping into Naruto's head.

"Kurama, you've been unusually quiet" Naruto said.

"Well I could have mentioned something about your loss to that weirdo but I've known you too long to know that isn't something you want to talk about idiot" Kurama chuckled as Naruto face faulted.

"Bastard, I think I preferred you when you said nothing at all" Naruto said however all he could hear was the sound of deep laughing.

"Well looks like it's time to train" Naruto said activating his Sharingan.

With Hiruzen

"WHAT!" Both Tsunade and Jiraiya shouted while Orochimaru looked equally as stunned as they sounded.

"I said…that you three will be attending the Chunin exams Kumogakure will be holding in two weeks along with Naruto and another team" Hiruzen said while sighing at his students look of disbelief.

"Ah, Sensei do you really think where ready for this I mean we haven't been Genin for that long" Jiraiya asked.

"Do not fear Jiraiya you three are my students and I believe that the three of you will make Konoha proud" Hiruzen said causing the three of them to blush slightly at the praise.

"So get as much training in as you can this week as we'll be leaving at the end of it" Hiruzen explained.

"But why are we setting off so early it shouldn't take us a whole week to get to Kumogakure" Tsunade said.

"True however the three teams will not be going at the same time as we'll be a bigger target if someone were to attack us" Hiruzen said secretly worrying over Kakuzu attacking them all in a big group at least this way there was less chance of anyone noticing them.

"Also I'll be coming with you since it'll be a good chance for me to see what the other Kages are up to" Hiruzen continued.

"Alright I can't wait to see the looks on people's faces when they see my new skills" Jiraiya boasted proudly.

"Ah that's right the toads have taken an interest in you haven't they Jiraiya how about you two?" Hiruzen asked looking towards his other two Genin.

"Well the snakes aren't really training me but they have allowed me to use their summons…however I'm not allowed to use the boss summon though for some reason" Orochimaru said frowning.

"I'm sure in time you'll find out why Orochimaru, how about you Tsunade have the slugs taught you anything yet?" Hiruzen asked looking towards the blonde haired Genin.

"Well…nothing really they've gave me some tips but so far I can only summon them" Tsunade said.

"No matter I'm sure both you and Orochimaru will earn the trust of your summons eventually do the three of you have something to do through the course of this week?" Hiruzen asked getting nods from each of the Genin.

"Good, I'm sorry I can't spend too much time with you but it's my duty as H…" Hiruzen said.

"Your duty as Hokage to finish your paperwork we know you told us this on day one" Jiraiya said with a grin.

Hiruzen sighed as he watched his three Genin walk out of his office why did he have to be Hokage…right his Sensei had given him the position he couldn't exactly refuse especially seeing as it was his Sensei's last order as Hokage.

With Naruto

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the sight in front of him as five of his shadow clones where staring at him with their katana drawn.

Drawing his own katana Naruto bent his knees and placed the katana in front of him with both hands wrapped around the hilt.

In a sudden movement the five shadow clones were upon Naruto ready to go for the kill.

Seeing as he couldn't block all five Naruto quickly back flipped narrowly missing having his head getting taken off.

Quickly landing onto his feet Naruto reached out and grabbed one of the shadow clones hand and stopped its movements, sensing an oncoming attack Naruto spun the shadow clone around using the grip he had on its hand so it took the blow and exploded in a cloud of smoke.

Seeing the surprised look on the shadow clones face Naruto quickly swiped his katana outwards striking another clone and made it explode in another cloud of smoke.

Jumping forward Naruto tried to land a vertical swipe on a clone however was unsuccessful as the clone was able to parry his blade upwards leaving him vulnerable.

"Shit" Naruto expressed sensing the two clones behind him ready to land two vertical cuts onto him.

Using the momentum he received from the parry Naruto put his katana in a position protecting his back blocking both swipes; however a sudden pain on his torso caused him to cry in pain.

"Ah" Naruto grunted in agony as a thin cut appeared on his chest spilling some of his blood into the air.

Looking at the clone in front of him Naruto growled in anger before leaping towards it and grabbed the clone by the throat.

"Bastard" Naruto said before slamming it into the ground leaving a small crater.

Watching as yet again another of his shadow clones explode in a cloud of smoke Naruto slowly stood up before turning around to face the last two remaining clones as a look of fear etched across the face.

As Naruto stared at the clones his eyes widened slightly as their appearance changed into that Kakuzu causing him to activate his Sharingan unconsciously.

Closing his eyes Naruto tried to regain his composure before opening them again and once he did he sighed slightly in relief as the image of Kakuzu had vanished and his clone's appearance returned.

Taking a pause of breath Naruto channeled chakra to his feet before quickly dashing towards both clones.

The clones gasped as they watched the earth beneath Naruto's feet explode however they soon gasped as their eyes looked towards the side and where met with the cold gaze of Naruto's three tomoe Sharingan staring at them.

Using the momentary surprise Naruto gripped his katana in one hand and quickly did a 180 degrees turn in the process slashing both clones around the waist causing them both to explode in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto let out the breath he had been holding in and sighed he was getting sloppy to allow a clone to hit him was unacceptable he was meant to be getting stronger not weaker.

Growling in aggravation Naruto sheathed his katana and closed his eyes.

"Yo, Kurama…" Naruto said appearing in his mind in front of the large nine tailed fox.

"Naruto…it's rare for you to stop by here what do you need?" Kurama asked looking into his partners eyes.

"I was wondering you spent time with sage before he went crazy did you ever see him training his Rinnegan?" Naruto asked.

"Not really by the time he created us, he was already an expert with the Rinnegan…though now you mention he did meditate a lot while floating" Kurama said trying to remember.

" levitating, I've seen that before actually" Naruto said also remembering his battle with Nagato and how the Deva path was able to levitate.

"Yes, I remember that perhaps manipulating the gravity around you will help your chakra control when it comes to using some of the Rinnegan techniques" Kurama suggested.

"Well…I have nothing to lose I guess…thanks" Naruto said smiling holding out his fist causing Kurama to widen his eyes before chuckling.

"Well one of us has to be the brains" Kurama said with a smirk meeting Naruto's fist in a bump.

"Yeah keep it up" Naruto said opening his eyes in the real world before his Sharingan eyes turned purple and rings formed around his pupil.

'Alright now to manipulate the gravity" Naruto thought closing his eyes his Rinnegan still active.

Slowly Naruto noticed his body slowly rising up however he noticed the higher he got the harder it was to maintain especially if the sweat around his face was anything to go by.

'I see the higher I go the more I have to manipulate the gravity, so I'm constantly having to manipulate the gravity in the air around me' Naruto though in a quick analysis.

Dropping back to the floor Naruto panted slightly as the Rinnegan yet again quickly absorbed his chakra reserves.

"I've really got to get this down otherwise the Rinnegan will be useless in battle" Naruto said out loud to himself.

'I need to get stronger in 2 weeks' Naruto thought preparing himself again.

Unknown Location

Kakuzu grinned as he held the body of a Shinobi by his throat and watched in amusement as blood pooled in the Shinobi's mouth.

"With you this will make four" Kakuzu said and immediately vines appeared out of his body and sunk into the Shinobi's body and after several seconds the vines ripped out of the Shinobi's chest and in their grasp was a human heart.

Kakuzu's body immediately opened up a hole allowing the vines to recede back into his body along with the heart.

As soon as the heart entered Kakuzu's body he dropped to his knees in agony his veins on his arms bulged as the blood in his body pumped at an accelerating rate.

After several minutes of his veins bulging, Kakuzu panted slightly as he slowly stood up a grin slowly etching its way onto his face and that grin soon turned into full blown laughter.

"Ha-ha, soon I'll be ready soon I'll be ready to kill you" Kakuzu laughed manically before holding out his fist and watched in amusement as it turned to ice, quickly spinning around Kakuzu dashed forward and punched a giant boulder scaling at least twenty foot with his ice covered hand causing it to immediately explode into little pieces.

"Yes soon, I'll be ready to kill you…Uchiha Madara" Kakuzu said laughing as he walked off through the trees.

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