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Title: Deeper Love

Summary: Shou decides to finally ask out the one he likes only to get the answer that his heart belongs to another.

Pairings: Angelshipping, spiritshipping

Deeper Love

Shou blushed as he sat on the beach, staring into the sky. Tomorrow would be the day. He would finally confess to Judai. He liked Judai for so long, and he wanted Judai to say yes. Sure, Judai may have been dating Johan, but that didn't mean he couldn't confess. That didn't mean Judai didn't have small feelings for him. Besides, Johan probably really liked Jim anyway.

"I can't wait," Shou whispered to himself.

"What are you doing here?"

Shou blinked, turning around to see Manjoume standing there, his arms crossed.

Shou glared at him. "I'm not allowed here?"

"Exactly," Manjoume mumbled, sitting down next to him. "What are you excited about?"

Shou blushed before turning to the sun setting. His face glowed in the light. "N-nothing much… you'll think it's stupid."

"I probably will," Manjoume answered. "Just tell me anyway though."

Shou sighed, "I… I'm going to tell Judai I love him."

Manjoume scoffed, "Good luck with that."

Shou's eyes widened before he glanced down, staring at the sand. "At least I'm telling him."

"And? I've told Asuka I liked her," Manjoume answered.

Shou blushed, a strange feeling taking over his body. "Oh…"

Manjoume sighed, "I don't like her anymore though. It's pointless, like your love with Judai."

Shou gasped, standing up, staring at Manjoume. "Are you saying I'll get rejected?"

Manjoume laughed harshly as he stood up. "I'm saying you'll never date him."

"And why not?" Shou shouted. Manjoume grabbed his chin, titling it up. A smirk was on his face as he slowly leaned down, capturing Shou's lips in a kiss. Shou's eyes widened as he found himself kissing back. The kiss was passionate, pouring love out. Shou closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around his neck. At the need for air, they parted, both panting.

"Because I won't let you date anyone else but me," Manjoume whispered in his ear.

Shou blushed, "I don't think I'll date anyone else but you."

"Good," Manjoume smirked, kissing Shou once again.

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