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Lemon Soup

To say Johan was stressed would be an understatement. First, he saw Judai flirting with another girl. Then, he realized that he was late for class. After that, he received a D on his project. Yes, he was extremely stressed. Right now, he wanted to just lie in bed and sleep for a while. That would be good to him.

To say Judai was stressed would be silly. First, he's been trying to make Johan have sex with him for the longest time. Johan wouldn't understand his signals though. First, he tried making him jealous by flirting with some girl. He tried to make out with him, but Johan rushed to class, realizing he was late. He even distracted him that it might affect his grades, and Johan still won't do anything! He just wanted to calm down his sexual frustrations. Easier said than done.

Judai blushed as he made sure no one was home. He quickly locked the door to his room and stripped down to just his pants. Blushing, he gently stroked his member while his eyes were shut. To him, Johan was slowly preparing Judai for a night of wonders.

Johan sighed as he opened the door to Judai's house. He needed to talk to Judai about him flirting with that girl. Out of everything, that was bothering him the most. Judai has been acting strange lately, Johan thought. That's when he heard it. It was quiet, but it was still there. He heard someone moan his name. He gasped and quickly ran upstairs. Was Judai in trouble? He finally reached Judai's door only to realize it was locked. Panic ran though him as he tried to think of some way to open the door.

"J-Johan, aaah," Judai moaned. "R-right there!"

Johan blinked before pressing his ear against the door. Judai was moaning but not from pain. From… pleasure? Johan carefully listened as Judai continued to moan his name. Johan's eyes slowly widened as he realize something. Judai was… masturbating while picturing him!

Johan wanted to have sex with Judai, but he didn't know of Judai was ready or not. Now that he thought about it though, Judai was sending him strong signals that he wanted to have sex. Now that Johan noticed, he nearly slapped himself. Carefully, Johan walked into the bathroom, pulling out an object he knew would help him unlock the door. He carefully unlocked it only to find himself staring at a beautiful sight.

Judai was lying in his bed, completely naked and eyes shut. His hands were on his member as he continued to moan. Johan could feel himself grow hard at the sight. Without a single thought processing through his mind, he carefully climbed on the bed and squeezed Judai's member. Judai gasped, but he refused to open his eyes. Johan stared at him. He couldn't wait. He really couldn't. Quickly, Johan slammed his lips against Judai's, causing the boy to open his eyes. Johan was… kissing him? A dream, he thought. I must have fallen asleep.

Still though, he moaned as he wrapped his arms around Johan's neck. Johan bit the bottom of his lip, demanding entrance to his mouth. Judai opened his mouth eagerly. Johan's tongue shot into his mouth as they battled for dominance. Johan won easily as Judai let him roam his mouth. His hands began to explore Judai's body. He suddenly stopped when he found Judai's nipples, hard and erect. Johan slowly moved down from Judai's lips to his neck.

"Mine," he growled before biting down on Judai's skin. Judai gasped as he bit his lip, shaking from the pain he earned from Johan biting down on his skin. Once Johan tasted Judai's blood, he stopped and ravished his mouth once again. His fingers slowly pressed down on Judai's nipples, making Judai squirm underneath him. Johan grabbed Judai's sides, holding him in place as his tongue began to slide down his body until it reached its destination: Judai's nipples. Judai gasped when Johan began to lick, suck, and rub one. Once he was done, he repeated the process with the next one.

Judai growled as he grabbed Johan by the shoulders, flipping their positions.

"My turn," he whispered into Johan's ear, causing shivers to be sent down his spine. Judai ripped off Johan's shirt, pants, and boxers without hesitation. He took a second to admire his body before he grabbed his already hardened member. He smirked as he stroked it before his strokes became faster and faster. Johan gasped.

"I-I'm gonna-" he gasped.

"Don't you dare," Judai glared at him. Judai glanced at Johan's neck. Johan marked him, so shouldn't Judai mark Johan?

With that thought in mind, Judai attacked Johan's neck. His tongue created circles around his neck before he bit down. He didn't taste blood, but he knew that there would be a mark there.

"Trying to play vampire?" Johan smirked. Judai blushed before he pressed his lips against Johan's. Judai's grip on Johan's wrists softened as he began to put more emotion into the kiss. Johan grabbed Judai by the waist and threw him down on the bed. Johan held out his finger with a smirk. Judai understood immediately as he took them in his mouth, sucking on them. Johan smirked as Judai obeyed him. Finally, Johan turned Judai around to his backside. He slowly began to stick one finger inside of Judai. Judai shifted a bit, but he nodded. Johan placed the second finger in and began to slowly scissor him open. Judai bit his lip, not allowing a single sound of pain to escape his lips.

Without warning, Johan stuck in his third finger. Judai began to pant a bit, but he nodded, his face bright red and sweat on him. Johan nodded before slowly entering him. Judai gasped with pain as tears came to the edges of his eyes, some even daring to fall. Slowly, Johan began to move. Judai bit his lip in pain as Johan slowly thrust into him. Until Johan hit his spot. Judai gasped as he arched up.

"J-Johan! Hit that again!" he panted. Johan nodded and thrust a bit faster into Judai, hitting the same spot from before. Judai moaned as he urged Johan to go faster. Johan nodded as he began to thrust into him faster and harder. Soon, he found himself slamming into Judai as he begged for more.

"Aaaaah, Johan!"


"I'm going to come," Judai shouted as he felt himself drawing near to the end.

"Just wait. Hold on a bit longer," Johan shouted. Finally, both of them came. Johan slowly slid out of Judai as he fell on top of him, his body covered in sweat. Judai smiled softly before closing his eyes. What a hot dream.

Judai slowly opened his eyes only to yelp. Johan was laying on his bed completely naked.

That caused Johan to wake up. "W-what…?"

"Last night wasn't a dream?" Judai whispered.

"If it was, then that was some mighty good dreaming you had," Johan grinned. Judai slowly smiled back before pressing his lips against Johan.

"I love you," they both whispered at the same time before giggling.

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