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The footsteps momentarily paused as the loud boom of the book hitting the ground, and Jacob could hear the steady, determined breathing of Riccardo, he assumed. Then the footsteps continued, head straight in his direction, and Jacob started to run, deeper into what seemed like a never-ending maze of bookshelves. Lanterns lined the bookshelves on the floor, dimly lighting the floor enough as to where Jacob could see where he was running.

And Jacob's foot collided with one of the lanterns, sending it spinning and smashing on the floor, lamp oil soaking the tile, and immediately blazing into a wall of flame, prohibiting him from turning around. He continued on, hoping Riccardo wasn't crazy enough to leap through the wall of flame, and he ran straight into the back wall. There weren't any doors or anything; Jacob was stuck at the back of the library, pinned down by a wall of flame. He frantically pulled books off the shelf that lined the wall, hoping for some sort of secret trap door or something, but all books came off and nothing happened.

"Damn it!" Jacob screamed, and another lantern exploded at his feet, sending more flames sprawling across the bookshelves. He fell back and scooted away from the impending wall of heat, and the floor collapsed in on itself, sending Jacob sprawling into empty space. He felt time slow as burning rafters scraped his face and he fell further and further, and he struggled to turn himself around in midair. Jacob felt cinders burn his skin and melt the fibers of the skintight surgery-gown, and he hit the dirt floor. Hard.

The air escaped his lungs, and Jacob could feel it compress into the nearby air, leaving him breathless. He struggled to pull in a breath, violently wheezing and gasping as if his life depended on it. And he laid there, dazed, letting cooling air penetrate his lungs, he stared blankly at the ceiling. The footsteps echoed in the distance, slowly getting quieter, and he watched the flames slowly die down. Jacob slowly pushed himself up from the floor, hesitantly examining his surroundings.

He appeared to be in some sort of underground greenhouse or garden room; he'd landed in a corner surrounded by ferns that obscured mostly everything from view. The ferns were unbelievably large, they reached about nine feet in the air, and each leaf was about two feet wide. There had to be a path that led around the garden somewhere outside the ferns, Jacob needed to find it and get out of there. He pushed through the ferns, stepping over the bases of them and he stumbled out onto cracked stone path.

Many types of assorted trees and shrubs surrounded the path, and the path ended at a red door about 20 feet away. He hastily walked towards the door, cautiously twisting the knob and hurrying through, emerging into the most enormous planetarium he'd ever seen. A gigantic solar system model floated in the center of the room, emanating a shimmering blue aura. A humongous telescope stood stalwart on an elegant balcony above Jacob's head, with a spiral ebony staircase on a solid gold platform leading up to it. The atmosphere nearly took his breath away, but he was rather hesitant to let happen again.

Jacob assumed that the solar system model was magnetically levitated, as there was no other way it could've been suspended there. This room must've cost like a billion dollars, it was truly unbelievable! He stepped forward, examining the walls for another door, and he noticed a barely audible chiming in the air. It was strangely relaxing, considering the situation, but it didn't matter now. There was a door on the adjacent side of the room, painted with the same gold-leafy pattern as the rest of the room, as if it was designed to blend in.

The only thing that gave it away was the door handle and enormous plaque on the door. The door was locked, unfortunately for Jacob, he would have to go back to the garden, but then he read the plaque. "The key to proceeding lies in space." He read it aloud thinking hard if the statement was literal, was the key actually in space? He kept thinking about the probability and other possibilities, and he walked over and leaned against Saturn, which was the closest to the floor in the levitating model.

"Or…" he thought, and he slowly gazed up at the sun model. The key slowly spun in levitation, about 30 feet in the air by the sun. Jacob sighed and pushed himself into a sitting position on Saturn, swearing silently in his head. He carefully stood up and looked for another planet to jump to, and he spotted Jupiter. He tensed himself and jumped, praying for the miracle that he would somehow be able to climb up on it, and he landed up to his armpits, feeling himself immediately start to lose traction. Jacob desperately struggled to pull himself up, kicking off the bottom of the planet, and quickly pushing up.

He took a brief moment to catch his breath, and he saw that there was only way to the sun, and it looked quite difficult. He jumped and kicked off Mars, coiling his legs and he landed on Venus and he kicked off Mercury landing unsteadily on the sun. Jacob's feet slid out from under him and he landed on his side, struggling not to fly right off. The key floated lazily in midair, it probably being magnetically levitated as well, and he prepared himself, tensing up and putting his arm out, ready to catch the key. He jumped, feeling as if he was actually flying through space, and he grabbed the key and plummeted to the ground, landing in a sloppy roll.

Jacob dusted himself off and walked to the door, feeling wildly happy with himself for not dying. He inserted the key into the lock and muttered, " Fiona, I'm coming to help you."