Outside The Wall

Summary-S6 spoilers. Dean knew that Sam's wall wasn't stable but when a demon 'cracks' it, he isn't prepared to deal with the fall out. Beta'd by Floralia and Sendintheclowns.

A/N: I started this story right after Unforgiven but real life got in the way and I had to put it on the back burner. In the end I think I got a bit Kripked, but I feel like I still took a different path. A big thanks to my awesome betas.

Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

From Pink Floyd's Outside The Wall

Sam felt the demon's breath on him as she held his neck in a crushing grip. He could see Dean lying prone on the floor, conscious but disoriented from his flight across the room. They were so screwed.

The female demon looked a lot like Ruby, and that had proved to be just enough distraction to let her get the upper hand.

She leaned into his ear, her hot breath making him shiver as she spoke. "I could crush you and your brother right now, but what fun is there in that? No, I think I know of something that would prove to be sweet revenge for my fallen brethren. Have you ever heard the phrase, walls are made to be broken?"

Sam sucked in a startled breath. "No."

The demon laughed wickedly "Oh yeah, let's see. I think I know a Latin phrase that could do the trick if I add this."

The she-demon produced a vial from her back pocket and pushed the cork off using her thumb. Sam scrambled and tried to move away but she was too strong. Soon her fingers were pushing his mouth open as she emptied the sweet tasting liquid in his mouth. He was shocked when it fizzled on his tongue and evaporated, not allowing him to spit it out.

The demon looked at him in triumph as she spoke. "Foris parietis vos reperio vernum."

The words and meaning echoed in Sam's head. Outside the wall you find the truth.

He was unable to process what was happening as a blinding pain shot through his head. Before he could catch his breath he found himself surrounded in darkness.


Dean was in bad shape; his right shoulder was dislocated and there was a loud buzzing in his ears all thanks to the demon bitch that now had his brother trapped against the wall. Her tiny hands crushing Sam's neck.

It amazed him how many times Sam had found himself in that position. It was like his neck had a target sign painted on it. Dean hoped that Sam still had the demon killing Ginsu knife but no luck, he finally spotted it about two feet from where he lay.

He knew the bitch was whispering terrifying nonsense in his brother's ear from the look on Sam's face, but there was little Dean could do but use the distraction so that he could get the knife to end the bitch.

It was slow going but Dean finally had the knife in his hand and stood to use it when he watched his brother sag and slide down the wall. In a fury of anger he charged the demon but wasn't fast enough.

The demon smiled as she exited the battered lost body of the woman she had been riding. The meat suit made a sickening sound as it hit the floor. Dean could see the broken neck as he stepped over the body to get to Sam.

Dean raised his uninjured arm to find Sam's pulse and was thrilled when he found it. It was a bit fast but there. Sam's breathing was a somewhat ragged but he was essentially okay, well, okay for a Winchester on a hunt.

Dean lightly tapped on Sam's cheek, willing him to open his eyes. He was rewarded with a slow blinking as Sam slowly came back online.

"Dean?" Sam slurred the words out.

"Yeah, right here Sam." Dean gave him a reassuring smile.

"Miss me?" Sam moved his brother's hand from him and staggered to his feet.

Dean caught himself against the wall as the unexpected rebuff upset his balance. He winced as his shoulder was jarred. Part of him wanted to be angry but he knew that Sam was probably suffering from a scrambled brain due to a concussion so instead he gingerly stood trying to assess his injured brother.

Sam scowled under the examination. "Dude, stare much?"

Dean sighed; it was going to be a long night he could just tell. "Sam you okay? Did that demon scramble your brain?"

Sam chuckled. "Oh she did more than that. You don't get it do you?"

Dean felt his heart skip a beat as he responded. "What am I not getting?"

"Robotic is back. Like I said, did you miss me?" Sam was now full out smirking.

A cold chill crept up Dean's spine. No it couldn't be. Sam had his soul back, damn it.

"Did she take your soul?" Dean asked hesitantly.

"Did she take your soul?" Sam parroted back. "No Einstein, she cracked the wall."

Dean let out a breath, slightly relieved but still unsure of what was going on.

"So why are you back?" Dean asked tentatively, afraid of the answer.

"To save your Sammy from becoming a sobbing insane mess. I mean, if I wasn't here right now? Let's just say you wouldn't like what you'd be witnessing. When you re-souled me, against my will, I might add, I didn't disappear. I just went into hiding because I knew that Sam would need me. I knew you would blow it. And boy did you ever blow it! So you should be on your knees thanking me for the help." Sam moved forward and Dean found himself backing away.

Sam just stopped and shook his head. "Dude if I wanted to hurt you, then I wouldn't have played my hand. I would have let you believe I was your Sammy and then Bam!"

Dean flinched at the loud words and menacing tone. He was really wishing that this Sam would leave.

"Then what are you up to?" Dean mumbled out, not sure what to do.

"I was gonna fix your shoulder so we could get out of here before one of her friends shows up." Sam replied moving forward again.

Dean reluctantly let his 'brother' push the dislocated shoulder back in place. In an uneasy silence, they gathered their supplies and headed back to the car. It was a silent car ride back to the motel. Dean wasn't sure what to say to Sam, and well, Sam seemed content to smirk at him.

Dean let Robo Sam into the motel room he had booked just hours earlier with his Sam. It felt all kinds of wrong but Dean knew he needed to pull himself together. He needed to figure out what was going on.

Dean sat down on his bed and motioned for Sam to do the same. Sam sighed but complied.

"Sam, could you answer some questions? I'm still not clear on what happened back at the warehouse."

Robo Sam rolled his eyes. "You really are dense sometimes. That demon bitch, she cracked the wall."

Dean swallowed hard, dreading to ask more. "The wall that Death created?"

"What other wall would I be talking about? Geesh, how does he put up with you? So, yeah she forced some sweet tasting crap down his throat, used a Latin phrase that roughly translates to something like, 'outside the wall you find the truth', the dam broke and I rushed to the rescue before Sam – your Sam- was a drooling vegetable." Sam finished and stood, pacing.

Dean sat quietly trying to process everything the other Sam had told him. He guessed it might make sense after everything that had happened to his little brother, his personality might have fragmented into to two people.

"Don't worry, we'll figure this out, Sam." Dean replied still stunned by the news.

"No you don't get it. The deed is done, the cat is out of the bag. Maybe I need to paint you a picture, one that you can understand." Sam paused and snapped his fingers on his right hand. "I got it. I know just what to do. I'll give you the Sam you want, the one you really miss. Your favorite Sam. That way you'll get it and I'll get away from you. I tired of your stupid ass anyway."

Dean frowned in concern, not sure what to do. Sam was talking crazy and he was far from prepared to deal with it.

"Sam, just calm down," Dean said sternly, hoping to get this Sam to listen.

"Oh, I am calm."

Sam moved back to the bed and lay down, closing his eyes. A moment later he opened them with a gasp. Dean watched as his younger sibling slowly sat up, looking confused. Sam gently probed his throat and winced.

"Dean, what happened?" Sam asked quietly.

Dean took a calming breath before replying. "What do you remember?"

He knew that poking at memories after what the other Sam had shared probably wasn't a good idea but he wasn't sure how to proceed.

Sam swallowed hard and winced. "Uh, Dad wanted to hunt a pack of black dogs over spring break with some other hunter and he got us a cabin to stay in. This doesn't look like the cabin Dean, what am I not remembering?"

Dean tried to quell the panic that was threatening to over take him. Robo Sam had said he was going to give him his favorite Sam and now here he was face to face with a brother that had the memories of his fourteen year old self. That Sam was a great little brother, so helpful and still looked up to Dean and their dad even if he didn't share their love of hunting.

"Sam, there was more than black dogs in the woods and you ended up face to face with a werewolf. You took a pretty good beating and so Dad had me bring you to town so you could rest up."

Sam looked thoughtful for a moment and replied softly. "I got a concussion?"

Dean gave him a grateful smile, he was so happy that Sam was buying his story. "Yeah kiddo. So uh, it is kind of late are you hungry?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah but I don't think I could do pizza with my sore throat. Maybe some Chinese if there is a place here in town?"

Dean stood thankful to have something to do, something to concentrate on. He needed to help his brother but for now he would be content to provide for his basic needs. Once Sam was asleep he could work on the other problem.

Dinner was all kind of odd, with Sam peppering Dean with questions about their past life. It seemed like a thousand life times ago and so it was hard to answer. That and the emotions the past drug up made it hard to take.

When he wasn't being questioned by his geek boy little brother, Dean tried to quell the questions he had himself. Was Robo Sam telling the truth? Was the fact the wall cracked the reason for Sam's multiple personalities making an appearance?

The one thing that he was thankful for was the fact that the Sam he was stuck with right now, didn't seem to notice that he was a lot older than the 18 year old Dean he should be sharing a room with and he didn't seem to notice that he, himself had become a Sasquatch. It was like the kid was looking at the world through rose colored glasses and all was well. This made handling things a lot easier.

A full on delusional Sam did have some perks.

It was after two before Sam finally settled down and went to sleep. A sleeping Sam was something Dean was very grateful for, he had been worried that he might have to face another sleepless version.


Dean tried to get Castiel's attention and when that failed he called Bobby.

"So you're telling me that a demon cracked Sam's wall and now you are dealing with multiple personalities?"

Dean sighed. "Yeah."

Bobby answered Dean's sigh with one of his own. "So are we talking Sybil territory?"

"Don't know Bobby, so far there has only been two but who knows how many will appear."

"Damn it to Hell." Bobby huffed out. "Sam needs professional help. But how do you get that for a hunter?"

"Damned if I know. What I do know is that this has to be fixable, the kid has been through too much for it to end with him talking to himself in a corner somewhere." Dean could feel the anger building up in him at the thought of his brother suffering.

"Calm down boy. You'll do Sam no good losing your cool. I will work on my end of things to see if we can find a way to patch the wall. I'll also ask around to see if there is such a thing as a Supernatural Head Doctor. In the meantime, just humor Sam, whichever one appears and don't let him out of your sight even if Robo Sam pushes buttons."

Dean huffed a frustrated laugh. "That damn bastard might kill me in my sleep."

"No, he won't because he has a soul now. I think the Robo Sam you are dealing with now is just a defense mechanism. Sam's psyche has memories of how bad ass this part of him was. How that Sam was able to be strong no matter what the circumstances so it makes sense he would use him. Just try and be patient no matter what the kid throws your way."

"As long as he doesn't regress to a baby, we'll be alright. I'm not doing his diapers." Dean smarted off, feeling a bit better after talking to the older hunter.

It made him feel less alone and gave him hope to have Bobby working on fixing things.

"I hear ya there, boy. Don't even want to picture that one. So, I'll do what I can on my end and I'll be in touch."

"I'll watch the kid and continue to try and summon Angel Boy. Hopefully we'll get a handle on this soon."

"We will." Bobby replied in a sympathetic voice.

"Yeah." Dean replied quietly as he snapped the phone closed.

Dean moved out of the bathroom where he had hid to call his friend. As he opened the bathroom door, light bathed his younger brother asleep in bed. Sam looked so peaceful, so young; it made Dean's heart ache knowing that just under the surface his brother was battling Hell's memories.

It made Dean determined to save his brother – to save him from himself.


Dean had been reluctant to lie down but he was bone tired and he knew he needed to rest so that he would be able to look after Sam when he awoke. He really hadn't meant to fall asleep but he knew he had blown it when he awoke from a restless slumber to the sound of clicking on the laptop.

Dean slowly sat up in bed and spied his brother sitting at the small table in their motel room, his head buried in the laptop. Not wanting to spook his brother Dean cleared his throat and that pulled his brother's attention from the computer.

"Dean, hope I didn't wake you?" Sam had a concerned, earnest look and it made Dean want to think last night had been a dream, but he knew he was never that lucky.

"Nah, I'm good, how about you?" Dean hoped that he wouldn't have to ask many questions to figure out which Sam he was talking too. He figured stressing the kid out was not a good idea.

Sam shrugged. "Throats still sore but I guess that is to be expected. The shape shifter really did a number on it. But it is worth it to know that Zach is free and Becky is safe. I'm sorry about the murder rap dude, that is gonna make life hard."

Dean nodded, trying to come across as unconcerned while his insides were screaming Danger, Danger, Will Robinson. He was now faced with another 'Sam', this one post Jess's death Sam. Not the most stable Sam, but he'd he take him over Robo Sam anytime.

"So Sammy, what you researching?" Dean asked as he stood and stretched.

"It's Sam. I was checking leads on Dad and when that dead ended for the millionth time, I started looking for a hunt. I would have gotten breakfast but you seemed restless so I figured me taking a shower or grabbing grub might wake you."

Dean's heart broke a little remembering this time with Sam. A Sam so intent on finding Dad and Jess's killer. If they had only known the road they were on... Dean shook that thought away.

Dean said a little thank you to whoever was listening that his brother hadn't ventured out alone and decided it was time to nix this Sam's quest for a hunt. A hunt right now would be suicidal with his ever changing brother.

"Yeah, I couldn't get comfortable last night, I think I might be coming down with something and I'm pretty damn sore from my tango with my double." Dean made a loud wince as he popped his back.

At least he wasn't lying about the soreness. The demon bitch had done a number on him.

Sam studied him with a furrowed brow. "You sure you're okay?"

"Just peachy, but how upset would you be if we at least took a 24 hour break?" Dean held his breath hoping his brother would take the bait.

Sam blew out a slow breath. "I really want to find Dad and our hunts have just been distractions so I have nothing against taking a short break. It will give me time to run a few more leads."

Dean nodded his thanks. "Yeah, well I think I'll grab some grub, I'm starving. Why don't you get a shower?"

"Yeah okay. Just coffee and a soft pastry for me, I don't think I could get anything else down."

Dean nodded. "Sure thing, Francis."

Sam rolled his eyes as he stood from the table moving to grab his duffle bag. Dean patted himself on the back for being able to pull an old nickname from that time period. It was good to ruffle this Sam's feathers because even with the terrible loss of Jess, this was a Sam that still had hope of a normal life.

Dean grabbed his keys and wallet off the nightstand and reluctantly left his little brother to gather food. The next few days were going to be full of babysitting and he hoped his nerves were up for the task.


A/N: I have the whole story written and I'm just in the process of cleaning it up. I hope to post a chapter or two each week.

I also thought I'd point out a few things that threw one of my beta's. Ginsu knives are something that is advertised a lot during late night TV here in the states so I thought Dean might use that term. Sybil is the name of a movie made in 1976, that featured Sally Field, playing a character with multiple personalities.

Thanks for reading!