The Beginning

"He's staring at you" Bonnie giggled whispering in front of me.

"Is not" I smiled turning to look around as Bonnie grabbed me.

"Don't look" she laughed grabbing my shoulders as my eyes grew wide and we laughed.

"Why" I asked still smiling trying to look over my shoulder without letting him see me.

I looked at Bonnie and she didn't answer as she smiled like she was thinking hard.

"You'll thank me for this later" she smiled as she went back to looking serious.

"Thank you for wha-

Then all of a sudden something urged me to get up and as a chocolate milk was spilled all over my white shirt.

I groaned out in frustration ready to curse out whoever did that and I looked up to see Tyler Lockwood.

I looked into his big brown eyes and it was almost like all the anger left my body immediately.

"I'm so sorry" he said looking at the big stain.

I felt myself blushing and I nervously covered it and then turned around to head to the bathroom.

I groaned as I looked down at my shirt racing to the bathroom.

He followed as I heard his feet pitter patter behind me and as he called my name.

"Caroline, I said I was sorry!" he yelled down the hall as I went into the girl's bathroom, where he wouldn't dare enter.

I tried my hardest rubbing the stain out but it just wouldn't come out.

Becoming frustrated I decided to just leave it.

I raced out the bathroom hearing the second bell then bumped into none other than Tyler himself.

"Look I just wanted to say again, I'm sorry" he said looking me in the eyes inches from my face.

"It's ok" I said looking down feeling myself blush.

He looked down at my shirt "If you want I could drive you home to change your shirt or you could use one of mine" he smiled almost as if Tyler Lockwood was flirting with me.

Then I looked to see Matt walking towards me and Tyler.

I looked down and backed away from Tyler he noticed my sudden behavior and looked around and saw Matt coming and moved his hand from leaning and sucked his teeth.

"Hey Care" he said giving me a kiss and looking at my shirt.

"What happened?" he asked looking at my shirt.

"Oh just some jerk spilled there milk on me" I laughed looking up at Tyler who was narrowing his eyes laughing to.

"Want me to take you home to change it?" Matt asked looking back at Tyler who was eyeing me.

"Yeah sure" I smiled as he put his shoulder around me.

I looked over his shoulder and mouthed "I'm sorry to Tyler".

Tyler turned around and left but that second I felt like I heard "It's ok"

In my head but I simply ignored it thinking I was going crazy.