Richard entered the test chamber. It was test chamber 4 out of 22. There was a cube near him, a bottomless pit and a button on the other side. He had no portal gun and was supposed to put the cube on the button, so the door would open and a bridge appeared. "How am I…?"

"Come on, think. Weren't you in charge of the Repulsion Gel Project? You may have some good ideas." GLaDOS said. He looked again at the cube, then at the button. So he just jumped into the pit. "You are kidding me. If I wanted you to die this easily I would have flooded the chamber with deadly neurotoxin!" She yelled.

GLaDOS's tests weren't going well after she let her go. She used to complete the test chambers quicker than anyone, and had some…charm. None of the subjects got to test chamber 6 in three years.

Three years already. It looked like yesterday she was roaming around the condemned part of the facility in a potato battery. Not good memories, though. She thought many times of erasing those memories, but something inside her said it was best not to.

So, she needed a new test subject. Maybe someone involved in GLaDOS Project. Maybe the headmaster of it. When P-Body and ATLAS arrived, she was searching for anyone involved in the project. They were dancing, hugging and doing all the things that make GLaDOS wants to explode them.

She took a great look at them. "So… Orange is made out of a turret and blue, a defective core… Hm." She looked into the database; Fact Core and Adventure Core were still there. She just lost Space Core and… Well, that little moron.

"Orange, blue: Go into the Turret Redemption and bring me these cores." A giant monitor showed them the cores she wanted. "Also, prepare yourselves to go into space." They ran before she could explode them. She was getting good at it.


99999999…[units: unspecified] Days before.

"No! Dad, please…" Alyx cried. Gordon picked her up and took her into his arms. She was crying badly. The rebels finally arrived. Gordon took her out of that scene; she needed to calm down or would have a collapse.

"Why… I couldn't do… anything…" She just kept crying. Gordon held her, he wanted to say a few words, but nothing came out of his mouth. Since G-Man first arrived, he couldn't say anything. "Gordon… Are we gonna be ok?"

He looked deep into her eyes, wiping her tears with his fingers. His touch felt cold with those gloves, but Alyx smiled. "Please, just stay here forever." She whispered, and he held her stronger. It was the first time she saw him like that. He was really the man.

The next following days were blue. Even though they closed the portal, everyone could only think of poor Alyx, now an orphan. She was twenty years old, but everyone there still sees her as the little girl they met back on those days, at Black Mesa.

As soon as Barney heard of Eli, he ran to White Forest. Alyx was locked inside her room, not even Gordon could talk to her. "Hey, Gordon. Is it that bad?"

"Actually, she got better now." Kleiner said. "Sure, we are all said, but there's nothing I can… I just don't…" Kleiner turned around and went back to the lab. "If ,at least, I had my little Lamarr…"

"Let me go check on her, Gordon." Barney said, leaving Gordon on the main room.

Gordon felt weird. Almost as… Jealous of his friend. Sure Barney was interested in Alyx, everyone could see this, and sure, Eli wanted his daughter to be with Gordon. Now she was depressed and needed a friendly shoulder to cry and there Barney was.

So, the scientist that saved the world twice was not brave enough to go talk to a woman? Not that he didn't want to say anything; he just couldn't speak, really.

"Thank you, Barney." Alyx got off her room, wiping her own tears. "You just gave me the best advice ever!"

"I didn't mean that! You're not… Ok, just wait for me!" He followed her.

"Gordon! Gordon! Come on, let's go, we have a boat to find!" She looked much better, actually. He wondered what Barney told her. His words made a real miracle. He kept staring at her, was she really ok or just faking it? Well, experience showed she's bad at faking…

"Gordon, why are you looking at me like this? Let's go! We gotta find Borealis!" Alyx said. He looked again at Barney. He really wanted to know what he told Alyx to make her get out of that room and do something. "I know, I'm still sad about… But we need to do something! Otherwise, all of his work and your work will be in vain! And I don't want to waste any chances!"

Dr. Kleiner gave her the directions. They got into the helicopter, everyone was there, waving. Kleiner was crying again. "Have a safe journey, my dear! And Gordon, take good care of her!" So, another journey began.

"Not so far, Mr. Freeman." Everything turned black. G-Man appeared in front of them both. "I have another job for you."

Gordon could hear screams nearby, but they became further and further.


Present days, somewhere near the moon…

Wheatley regretted, every second of these past years, what he did to her. Space Sphere was already bored, so he kept the last two years complaining about space.

Wheatley tried to keep his thoughts away, he could barely remember all the horrible things he did to her, and, in fact, did not want to. If he could go back and undo everything, he would. He would have never tried to find the 'escape pod' lever. There was another way, there's always another way.

"I didn't even know her name… She… She never told me… No, I never asked…" He mumbled. She was the only one who ever paid attention to him. Even the nanobots screamed and called him a moron, but not her. She was a real angel, and he screwed it all.

"Wanna go to Earth. Wanna see the lady." Space Sphere said. It called Wheatley's attention. He also missed her. She's got something that catches the AI's heart. Well, that made AIs have hearts. She was a truly angel, he thought to himself.

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