I walked into my crazy school, Hollywood Arts. It is the best school I could ever go to. I walked up to my Make It Shine locker. Did I mention how much I loved this school? "Hey" I hear Beck's familiar voice. I turn around, giving one of my closest friends a big hug. "Hey" I squealed. "I got a date with jade" He said excitedly. "Great" I exclaimed. He had been crushing over this girl for a while now. I was truly excited for him. Andre, Cat, and Robbie didn't have any classes in the morning with Beck and I, so when the bell rang, we didn't get a chance to see them, so we just walked to our class that we shared for first period.

Beck's POV

Seeing Tori was fun, but hearing the comment about her being glad about my date with Jade, kind of upset me. I had a small crush on Jade, but I was truly head over heels in love with Tori Vega. In Stage Fighting, I kept glancing at her, she was smiling and laughing because Steve Robin's, a football player/singer/actor just got mugged by an old women, and she beat him to the ground. Not literally of course, because Annabel Davis would've gotten in trouble, it was completely fake. She didn't even really hit him. But its not like I WOULDN'T have enjoyed seeing THAT. Steve Robin's was a jerk, but all the girls had a huge crush on him, even Tori, just a little.

Tori's POV

The bell rang, signaling lunch time, and Beck was just sitting there staring at nothing. I walked over to him, waving my hand in front of his face. "Beck, Earth to Beck" I called giggling. I snapped my fingers in front of his face. He snapped out of his trance, looking dumbfounded at me. "Welcome back to earth" I giggled grabbing his hand. Something shot through my hand and up my arm. Electricity? I don't know. I pulled him out toward the pavilion where we eat lunch. We got our lunch, (Panini's YUMM) and we sat down by Andre, Cat, and Robbie. "Hey guys" I said opening my Panini box. "My brother scared me" Cat exclaimed in a giggly mood (as always). "How" I asked curious not knowing what CRAZY story this would lead to. "He ha-ha, he came up behind me, ha-ha, and was like hey Cat, where's the mustard, ha-ha, and then he said, I've been looking in the shower all over for it, and I said, ha-ha, mustard isn't in the shower, its under your bed, duhh, ha-ha" She giggled through the story. I didn't bother asking. She just was weird like that. "Hey sweet cheeks, pass the ketchup" Rex said. Did I mention Rex? He is Robbie's puppet that insults all of us. But Robbie chooses to believe he is real. I threw the bottle at Rex. "Hey! Oww, don't be hatin' on the puppet!" Rex exclaimed. "I thought you hated that word" Robbie asked Rex. Weird. "Its ok if I say it" Rex replied. "Okay… SO Andre? You're the normal one! Besides Beck, but I've already talked to him. So, what NORMAL is up?" I asked looking at my best friend. "Ha-ha, Tori, you've been here long enough to realize, NOTHING is normal here" He laughed. We got up, threw our trash away and all walked to our next class, Sikowits.


In Sikowits's class we all acted out our plays that we pared up on. It was Cat and Tori's turn. "Taylor! Taylor no, don't die, don't please don't leave me!" Tori screamed falling to her knees next to Taylor, (Cat) as she writhed around with a "knife" stuck in her heart, suddenly she went limp. The scene ended with Tori laying over Cat's body crying. It was an excellent scene. We all clapped and got our bags ready to leave because Sikowits's is the last class of the day. Tori walked with me to my car. "Hey can you give me a ride? Trina is going to her friend's house." she asked me with puppy dog eyes. Trina is Tori's older sister, I don't have a clue how she got into Hollywood Arts because she is not talented. Maybe they thought she was auditioning for comedy? I don't know. I smiled, "Of course Ill drop you off at your place." I told her, she gave me a hug and electricity ran through my body. We got in my car, and she turned up the music, we sang all the way to her house. She had such a beautiful voice. When we got there, she leaned over and gave me another hug. "Bye, and thanks! Text me later and tell me how your date went with Jade!" she scrambled out of the car giving me one last wave as I drove away, to my trailer to get ready for Jade and I's date.