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I love this kind of anyways it mainly focuses on Naruto, a depressed boys point of view. Its during the academy days WARNING CHARACTER DEATH DONT LIKE DONT READ



It was always like this.

They hated me I ignored them...kind of.

Its hard to be the only one.

Its hard to be the only outcast.


Always alone.

I walked down the street seeing them all. The happy kids. The ones who hated me. They hugged their parents and waved their goodbyes. They skipped merrily smiling all the while.

I tried to hide my face. I was used to seeing them happy. I had already accepted I wouldn't, couldn't, be like them. I would try to be happy but it never worked. I knew it wouldn't. I tried to plaster a fake smile but all I got was a sting right behind my eyes. Tears were threatening to pour out. I blinked them a way fast. I didn't need another scar or bruised body.

They would hurt me if I cried. Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. If I cried they would call me weak.

I rushed to school in fear I would be late. I didn't need another lecture from Iruka sensei. I almost made it when I tripped and scraped my elbow. I sucked in air as the tears came. I tried my best to hold them but they came. I examined my scrape. It wasn't bad but it still hurt. I watched as it closed and sniffled a bit when a hand reached down. I took it without thinking and suddenly realized with a sense of dread who's hand it was. Sasuke Uchiha's.

I was jerked to my feet only to be pushed back down scraping another elbow. "whats wrong crybaby? Got a boo boo?" I looked down hiding my eyes in my hair. I stood up on two very shaky legs just to be pushed down again. "I pushed you down because I wanted you on the ground" I just looked down with a blank face. "Now what are you doing going to school? You got balls ill admit but you wont if you come back here." I looked up and anger filled my eyes then fear as he stood above me holding a kunai knife. "Please Sasuke I have to go to school to be a ninja." tears threatened as I felt a slight pinch and sting being my eyes. One tear slipped out and I turned deathly pale. "Oh? A tear? You know your a wussy Uzumaki." He spit in my direction and began walking away laughing at me. Then the tears flooded out.

I raced home to avoid the others. I knew I wasn't going anywhere big with my life so school wasn't important to me. Sure I wanted to be a ninja very very bad but it was not going to be easy. I guessed probably wouldn't be aloud to be a ninja so I didn't try. And then there was the problem with the village. They all, for reasons unknown, hated me.

I stepped into my apartment. The walls were covered in holes with small black charred pieces dangling off of them. The floor was covered in text books. Letters and drawings strewn everywhere. I stepped towards my bed and collapsed into my blood stained sheets as my body wracked with sobs. I curled my knees up to my chest and rocked slowly back and forth burying my face in between my arms I sobbed loader and loader until my throat was raw and all that came out was a choking noise. Then I just cried quietly to myself until I was asleep.

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