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Naruto's POV:

I was conscious this time. But I pretended to sleep. Iruka had to be literally pushed out the door to go teach thus I was alone. I examined my state of body. It was bad. I had long gashes running up and down my arms from where I ripped my cords out. My knuckles were swollen and black. They were broken. I felt a cracked rib and a broken ankle. It hurt. Not just physically. But mentally. Then I got the idea. One I knew would be greatly celebrated. My death. Suicide. I tried to find a reason not to but every time I came close I found more reasons to continue. My hand slowly slipped to the long IV cord in my right arm. I slowly slid it out beginning to chuckle a bit. Once out I held it against my wrist. I held it there contemplating a bit. Before I could change my mind I slowly pressed it into my veins. Sliding it across I stared at the scarlet blood flowing out of my wrist. It was beautiful. It was my end. Like little red rivers snaking out of my arms. After every drop I felt more free. I felt safe. I lifted the needle and brought it down once again. The blood flowed out quicker now and with it my life. I began speaking curses to Sasuke, to the villagers, to Iruka, to happiness. I pressed my finger into the blood and began writing things on the sheet. I guess in all the excitement I didn't notice a nurse rushing towards me. She snatched the needle away from me yelling for help. I began laughing hysterically and yelling "It's all over! I'm finally free." I had tears running down my face as my loud laughter ended in body shaking coughs. The nurse was crying as she attempted to bandage my wounds. A large breasted woman rushed in and shot healing chakra through my wrist. I began screaming at the top of my lungs as I realized I was going to live. Iruka rushed into the room tears streaming down his eyes. I forced my body to roll of the bed and began banging my head as hard as I could against the tile causing blood to smear with my tears. I began shouting profanities at the large breasted medic. "NO!NO! NO! I WANTED TO DIE! NO!NO!" I was screaming as she lifted me with ease. I jerked and squirmed. The wounds had been closed. I was crying uncontrollably. Weezeing words of profanity. She strapped my arms on each side of me doing the same with both of my ankles. "Naruto I'm sorry that it has to be like this," she said with tears flooding down her eyes "I'm so sorry." With that she left and Iruka stepped forward. His face was soaked with tears and his eyes blood shot and red. I could tell he wanted to say something but just couldn't. Fresh tears rolled down my face. I began coughing roughly. My body began to shake and I could feel the blood spilling out of my mouth and trickling down my chin and neck. I couldn't breath. I had just noticed Iruka rushing back into the room with three medic ninja flanking him. I also saw the man in the mask squeeze in not far after. He was saying something but I couldn't hear anything over my coughs. My vision began to fill with red. Was I dieing? Was it finally over? The red slowly faded to black and I was unconscious.

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