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Prologue: Tears and Gunshots

Evelyn and I were in the closet. It was dark and all I could hear were my mother's muffled cries. The smell of nicotine burned my nose. As the night progressed so did my mother's sobs. Grunts filled my ears, I heard my father yell. The sound of a gun went off and it made my ears ring. My sister awoke and she started to howl. As I watched the hot tears roll down her face, I could already fell them washing away this terrible night that I would forget by sunrise.

Tragedy- an extremely sad or fatal event or course of events. I knew almost every different meaning of the word. After all, it's the story of my life. I lost all of my remaining family by the age thirteen. I've suffered more grief than the average person and I'm still not over it.

My mother became Elizabeth Masen, 27 years old, when she married my father, Edward Masen Jr., in 1983. Ten years later, I was born, making my father, Edward Sr. Then my sister, Evelyn, was born in 2001.

My parents were murdered in cold blood in 2002. (I was nine. Evelyn was barely one.) I have no recollection of the night they were murdered. All I could remember was the police in our house and the investigation that occurred afterward which hit an abrupt dead end a year later.

Evelyn and I were adopted by the Cullens. Esme was the only living person we were related to. She's our mother's half-sister, whom my mother never talked to after she married my father. Evelyn and I didn't even know our mother had any siblings. Still, without ever hearing or knowing about us, Esme welcomed us into her home with open arms. We were eternally grateful for that. And so we became a family.

But, of course, tragedy struck once again when my five-year old sister went missing in 2006. Grief was imminent. All hope was lost without a trace of evidence. It's been five years since I last saw my sister. I hate myself for it every day, for losing Evelyn.