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By the time the boys left the water park, it was 8:30 at night. Kurt trudged back to the car, exhausted. He collapsed into the passenger's seat, and Blaine slid into the driver's side.

"This is the sad part of tonight. I have to take you home," Blaine pouted. "Can't I just keep you?" he laughed as he started the car.

"No," Kurt yawned. "I like you alive, and if you keep me another night, it's entirely possible my father will shoot you," he laughed.

"Boo, okay," Blaine reached for Kurt's hand. They drove in silence for a few minutes, and Blaine felt Kurt's hand go limp in his. He looked over to see his boyfriend asleep, his head against the window and his hair sticking up from the water. Blaine smiled and rubbed the back of Kurt's hand with his thumb.

The ride home should have been boring without anyone to talk to, but Blaine was enjoying being able to see his boyfriend in an extremely relaxed state, something he hadn't seen in a long time.

It was almost ten when they got back to the Hummel-Hudson residence. Blaine shook Kurt awake. "What?" Kurt mumbled. Blaine walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Kurt, allowing the boy to lean against him for support as they walked up to the front door. Kurt fumbled for his keys, and then opened the door.

Finn was sitting on the couch, playing some video game with Puck. When he saw the two walk in the door, he automatically paused the game and jumped up. "Kurt! You're back. Burt's been calling me for over two hours now. I keep making excuses for you, but I was running out of ideas. He and Carole went out. You were supposed to be back at eight. Call him, please." Finn shoved his cell phone at Kurt.

Oh crap! I forgot about that. Kurt thought to himself. "Well, what did you tell him?"

"I told him you were at 'Cedes house, then came home feeling sick, so you just went to bed," Finn bit his lip.

"You did good, Finn. Just play your little game, whatever it is." Kurt walked up the stairs and went into his bedroom. "Dad?" he spoke into the phone.

"KURT ELIZABETH HUMMEL! Where have you been and why did you NOT CALL!" Burt's voice came loud and gruff through the phone.

"Dad! I was at Mercedes house, but my phone was dead since I didn't it charge it when I was with Blaine last night. We got to talking, and lost track of time. You know how my 'Cedes is! And then I got really sick at her house, so she drove me home. By the time I got here, I was so sick it took all my energy to just get to my bed. I'm sorry I didn't call," Kurt finished.



"Your story actually matches Finn's, and he's incapable of lying. Alright, I'm sorry I freaked out." Burt kept talking, but Kurt wasn't listening, because suddenly Blaine was snaking his arms around Kurt's slender waist. Kurt nestled into the smaller boy's touch.

"It's okay, Dad." Kurt smiled.

"It's just, after you left, without telling anyone, and I got a call in the middle of the night with you crying and telling me you were staying with Blaine, I got kinda protective. You know, Papa Burt and all that?" Burt laughed lightly.

"I get it, Dad. And I'm sorry that happened. It's just, things happened, and I needed to get away."

"I know, Finn told me. And as long as running away to your boyfriend's dorm doesn't become a normal thing, I'm okay with it. Just tell me when you do it, alright, Champ?" Kurt's smile broke into a grin when he heard his childhood nickname.

"You got it, dad. You and Carole have fun, okay? I'll see you later." Kurt hung up the phone and turned to his boyfriend, resting his cheek on the smaller boy's chest.

"Off the hook?" Blaine asked quietly. Kurt hummed an affirmative, and then looked up to Blaine.

"Yeah, but you have to leave before they get home, or I'll be all kinds of dead. And I'll lose the ability to come to my boyfriend's dorm." Kurt laughed.

"Which would kinda suck," Blaine kissed the top of Kurt's head before standing. He opened his arms and Kurt hugged him tightly.

After a lengthy goodbye on the porch, Blaine left. "We'll work out how to get your car back tomorrow, okay?" he called over his shoulder. Kurt nodded and went inside after watching Blaine's taillights disappear down the street. He walked back inside to see Finn and Puck sitting on the couch, waiting.

"Can I help you?" Kurt asked, confused. He ran his fingers through his hair and giggled.

"Who was the mop-top kid and what did he do with Blaine?" Finn asked. Kurt smiled.

"None of your business!" Kurt grinned as he headed to the stairs. Once he was up in his bedroom, he turned on the radio and plopped down onto his bed. He opened his phone to see a text from Blaine.

BLAINE: Hey love. Miss you. Need you. See you soon (: (10:46 pm)

KURT: Text me when you're not driving, love.(: xoxo (10:47 pm)

Kurt grinned and plugged his phone in to charge. He stood and took a shower, washing the chlorine out of his hair. After that, he did his nightly moisturizing routine, and then climbed back into bed.

BLAINE: i'm back. it's cold and lonely without you ): (12:07 am)

KURT: aw, how will my blainers ever survive? (12:08 am)

BLAINE: Do i have to sing to you? I NEED YOUUU. (12:08 am)

KURT: maybe (; (12:10 am)

Kurt put his phone on his bedside table, and rolled over to fall asleep. Instead of silence, the sound of Teenage Dream filled the room. With a sarcastic groan, Kurt picked up the phone.

"Can I help you?" he said in his best bitch voice.

"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone, and I need you now. Said I wouldn't call, but I lost all control, and I need you now. And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now." Blaine's voice flitted through the phone, and Kurt felt the blush rising on his cheeks. "Do I need to sing more?" Blaine laughed.

"No, Blaine," Kurt smiled. "I wanna ask you a question. How is it that you can take a song that's about a drunken booty call, and make it so romantic that I want to sneak out and kiss you?" Kurt flopped back against his pillow.

"Because it's true. I'll always need you," Blaine said quietly through the phone. "And I love you."

"I love you too," Kurt grinned into the darkness.

"G'night love, see you later," Blaine whispered, hearing the sleepiness in his boyfriend's voice.

"G'night Blaine," Kurt mumbled before curling into a ball and falling asleep with a content smile on his face.